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Seattle: Week 2

Sunday, July 27th, 2008
Things this week have gone well. I was approved for my new place on Mercer Island and was able to sign the papers yesterday, so I pick up the keys on the 1st and head up to Bellingham so that I can meet the movers the next morning. They'll pack my things, move them down to my new place, and then unpack all in the same day, which will be pretty nice. . . only taking a day to move. At work, we had two regional directors visiting this week. It was really interesting to be included in those meetings, lunches, dinners, etc. As well, I went through new hire orientation and got a kick out of it when the HR director showed us something like an org chart,… Read More

Sunday, July 6th, 2008
During the Tour this morning, I worked on some of the pics, but thus far, I have only posted some from a trip my fam took down to Seattle June 16th and 17th. Visited a Mariners game, and then, I grabbed lunch with Kami before headed over to sign some papers with my new bosses. Pics can be found in the Flickr section on the right or here .

Happy Mom Day, everyone!

Sunday, May 11th, 2008
I hope that you have called your mom or planned to see her today, send her something nice, etc, etc. I should be seeing mine later. My mom is pretty great. I usually see her about once a week since my parents live so close to me. I usually laugh a lot and have an all around good time around her. IMHO, she did a nice job with me. Thanks, Mom. Happy Mothers Day! Here's an old pic of us. . . from when she came to see her son do his spot-on Al Bundy impersonation. :-P