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Two things I wish I had realized

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Courtesy of roctopus

Back when I was doing my MBA, I wish that I had realized two things:

1. It’s a lot easier to get strangers to help you with things you need if you approach them waaaaay before you need anything and then just begin a relationship, rather than approaching strangers only right when you need their help. Contact in little bits here and there can go a long way toward giving them an idea of who you are and what your skills and interests are.

That is one area where Twitter has been extremely useful. I wish I had known about it before January 1, 2008, when I signed up, or Summer 2008, when I finally started really using it.

2. If you have a skill, it’s a lot easier to work now and then to keep it up than it is to try and come back later and patch it back together. I’m realizing this now more than ever, when my language skills have degraded a bit. They were awesome at one point.

I just wish I had realized this earlier and hadn’t let myself get distracted by other priorities

Did you used to have something that was really important to you that just doesn’t seem so anymore? If you knew it might come in handy at some point in the future, would it be worth it to you to spend a few minutes on it now and then just to make sure you don’t lose your familiarity?

I realize now that it’s worth it to me.

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Last night, I slept 2.5 hours.

Today, I graduated from Western Washington University with my MBA. I am happy about that.

One hour ago, I said goodbye to two friends, who I think do not realize we will probably never see each other again, and – by extension – to a whole host of related people that I will not be able to get in touch with due to this.

50 minutes ago, I started walking home. It was a beautiful night.

40 minutes ago, I was enjoying the walk wonderfully, but realizing that I was developing blisters on my feet.

30 minutes ago, all that I could think about was the phrase “It’s time to go home.”

20 minutes ago, I was feeling happy that I chose to stick to the streets and not to walk through Whatcom Falls Park.

10 minutes ago, a raccoon bolted at me out of the pitch black into the little bit of light I was in.

I Just Finished My Last Final of My MBA

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

At 10:30 this morning, I started the last final of my MBA program. I was the first to finish. . . took me roughly 30 minutes, and when I stood up, I got a number of are-you-serious, you’re-actually-done-this-quickly looks. My answer – Yes, I’m done. I looked at the questions and knew all of the answers nearly by heart. It was prettty easy.

At the moment, I’m feeling an immense amount of satisfaction, relief, euphoria, and a million other emotions and sensations. I had a very similar feeling when I finished my first MA, but I was unable to share that with anyone because no one around me had ever gotten an MA, and I was the first in my program to finish. I’m really happy that I get to share this time with my classmates this time around.