Eric Pratum

Eric is currently an E-Commerce Manager for Hilton, as well as a member of The Side Project . He is also a frequent contributor to The Hotel Experience .

Previously, he has worked in pre-IPO investing for the Bellingham Angel Group , in executive search consulting for Parker Remick , in sales for New Balance and , and as a German professor at Portland State University, in addition to founding and leading .

Eric’s avocation is his music.  He can often be found playing five nights a week in one place or another spread between Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC.  He claims guitar as his main instrument, but is now and then seen playing others.  As well, he is an avid athlete, having competed since a young age in multiple sports and having founded his universities triathlon team.

Eric’s expertise in self-promotion stems largely from personal interest and a long history of being willing to experiment with new forms of communication and social interaction. He credits his personal development drive to his parents and his education in the online realm to Seattle’s vibrant tech community.

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