Dear, Blog: I’m sorry I neglected you

Dear, Blog.
I’m sorry I neglected you. I’ve been so busy recently…working, consulting, practicing guitar, trying to attend the sixteen thousand weddings it seems like my friends and family had this summer, and more. I’ve been so busy that I may have forgotten just how important it is that you and I see each other now and then.
Now, I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m just going to disappear again, and when I eventually turn up, I’ll make you change. Suddenly, you’ll be a blog about dieting or fly fishing or some other activity in which I do not generally partake, but am “trying to learn.” But, that’s not true. At heart, you’ve always been the same to me. You are a place where I can work out my thoughts, where I can connect and interact with new people, and where I can demonstrate that I have some valuable experience above and beyond what might be demonstrated in a Linkedin profile or Twitter account, and I will not change you. I promise.
Oh, Blog, from this day forward, I promise to be a better man for you. I will touch base more often, and maybe, we will even explore some new territory together…but only if you want to of course.
Please take me back. Yours truly, Eric.

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  • So glad to see that you're still out there. I had started to think that this blog had come to an end. I'm glad that you do not have intentions of changing the initial intent of the blog. I had actually started wondering if you were doing that with the whole guitar thing.

    You have some smart ideas regarding personal branding that make me excited whenever you have a new post. But, I also like seeing applicable knowledge relating to others areas of life too. Basically, as long as posts are interesting...I'll keep reading. :)
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