No song this week – 52 Song Project

Another week has come and gone, and I did not post a song. I’ve made my decision to halt this project at this point.

It was a pretty big undertaking for someone like me, who has played one instrument or another for most of his life, but who had also fallen out of the habit of playing in the last 6-12 months. I do believe that I could have continued, but it was becoming more difficult every week to really plan out songs, so I had to rely on moments inspiration that, while great, also produced poorly thought out songs.

Luckily, this project did get me back in the habit of playing every day…even when I am just fiddling around on my guitar, not playing anything intelligible. As well, I think it gave me motivation to take lessons again, which I will likely start next month with someone I consider to be a guitar hero :-)

Once my summer slows down – I’ve been to a gazillion weddings, a few birthdays, and on one or two work trips – I’m going to start documenting one of two projects that I believe align better with my life and career goals…which one it aligns better with of course depends on the one I choose. ;-)

Despite my readership halving during the period of this project – likely due to the fact that I used to mostly talk about social media and self-promotion – I appreciate all of your comment, critical and not, and hope that you will continue to give me your feedback and also let me know where I can give you feedback.

PS – I did actually record a new version of Home, so if anyone wants to hear it, let me know ;-) And soon, I will likely post one or two collaboration songs that are in the works as a result of this project.

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  • Marshall_Macias
    I enjoyed following your project and completely understand the need to focus more on other goals. From what I understand, you have some pretty exciting things coming your way ;)
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