Nightmare State – Song #6 in 52 Song Project

Hit play and then start reading. Or, just download the mp3 HERE or from my .
Notable things this week:

  • By EOD Wednesday I had put in more hours in the office than most people do in a normal work week, so I had had no time to record. I had a great idea (imho) for a rock song, but since I didn’t have the time, I elected to go with a guitar and vocals track that I wrote, recorded, mixed, etc in less than 2 hours. As a result, I find it lacking, but honestly, not more so than the previous 5 songs that I have posted. I feel like there is the beginning of a great song here, but it needs be worked out over a much longer period. Does it sound too bare, poorly written, anything else to you?
  • I didn’t think I had used my Telecaster yet, and it has mostly just hung on the wall since I got it last fall, so I used it for this song instead of the acoustic, which seems like a more obvious choice to me.
  • I played with Logic’s pitch correcter this week. I think I can hear it getting a bit choppy, but I’m not certain. Can you hear it?
  • At least 4 people now have mentioned that I sound like David Byrne, and all I can think of is

    Pretty frequently, I get asked if I’m Australian or maybe from the south. No and no. Maybe now, I need to start listening to some Talking Heads so I can do a better imitation?

    Again, please tell me what you think… the good and the bad ;-)

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  • Hannah
    I like it- I like your telecaster. This song had some complexity that made it fun to listen to, despite the short production time. It's definitely a keeper to work on later.

    I'd love to hear you write a song with lower-pitch vocals. It often sounds like you are singing in a range that is a little bit higher than your comfort zone. Of course, I know almost nothing about singing so I could just be BS-ing, but that's the impression I get.

    Uh-oh. This song is stuck in my head now. (That's a good sign, right?) :)
  • Thanks, Hannah. :-)

    I definitely agrees with you on the vocals. I'm hoping this next week will give me a bit more time to think about and write something better fitting to my voice :-)
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