#Twtrcon: MySpace vs Facebook vs Twitter

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  • http://www.flybymusic.com/ Arianna O'Dell

    Great first video blog! This is a topic that I constantly hear much debate over. I would have to agree that Facebook is a place to “monitor” friends. Sometimes I'm shocked to find out that friends that I have not spoken to in months seem to be completely updated on aspects of my life merely from “stalking” my Facebook profile.

  • http://www.activerain.com/blogs/kennywagner Kenny

    Good 1st post Eric. I'm currently in the Seattle area and you're right about the weather. Your topic is spot on. At least I agree with it. As I get to know these different mediums of social networking they stand out in different ways and I think you've hit it on the head. So with that said, be careful on what you put on FB or any other social site and keep in mind the persona that you want to portray especially if you have a business.

  • http://www.ericpratum.com Eric Pratum

    Thanks, Arianna. Yeah, I can tell that people feel werid now and then (and I do as well) when we see each other, they ask “what have you been up to,” I explain a bit, and then, they say, “Oh yeah, I saw on Facebook that you stayed at a beautiful resort here or there.” 0_o

  • http://www.ericpratum.com Eric Pratum

    Thanks for the heads up, Kenny. Hopefully, you're surviving in the heat. :-)

    Yeah, I don't tend to use FB in a private way, so there're very few pics of me, and my conversations are always PG. You might check out Derek Johnson , at Tatango, if you want to see some hardcore blending of professional and personal life.

  • http://twitter.com/thinkmaya thinkmaya

    Great first video post Eric!
    Twitter is certainly the channel to connect with people you do want to know or you want to learn from, I think. Twitter is a super learning tool for me. It is the only tool of the three that can be both powerful as a personal tool(real connections) and a not so personal tool (just learning). Even the non-personal value can eventually be encashed in a personal relationship a number of times ….
    My thoughts on your great post :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=696565643 facebook-696565643

    Hey Eric,

    As one who never did a MySpace profile, I agree with what you said about Facebook and Twitter. Also, your take on MySpace is inline with the commentary I've read other places and heard from all my friends that have made the MySpace to Facebook exodus. Twitter is very powerful for it's easy and speed of use. Facebook, for me, is for mostly personal use, and thus I have not added many of my co-workers. They read my blogs, but the day to day updates and joking around, I keep to those I know more personally on Facebook.


  • http://www.ericpratum.com Eric Pratum

    Thanks :-)
    Good point. There are so many uses not just for Twitter, but for the networks as well. I think Twitter though is a perfect medium for connecting with a niche without any large commitments… in that it is more of a one to one connection, whereas let's say you want to connect with PETA on Facebook. If you do, you really become parts of a group of fans. On Twitter, PETA might not really pay attention to you, but you're subscribed to its tweets and not those of its other followers necessarily.
    Anyhoo, just a thought your comment brought up.

  • http://www.ericpratum.com Eric Pratum

    Hey, Josh. That's definitely understandable. Do you find yourself doing more monitoring or engaging on Facebook? I feel like a lot of people, even if they use FB only for close friends and family, mainly monitor on there. Yes, they chat, like, and comment, but they also having a lot of FB friends that they don't really have interaction with.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=696565643 facebook-696565643

    Probably 65% monitor, 35% engaging on FB. I agree that their are a lot of FB friends I don't interact with regular, but I will occasionally, but that's life. No once interacts with more than 10% of their friends regularly off line. At least monitoring on FB you stay up with them more than you would've otherwise.

    Then their are times, like yesterday, where a high school friend commented on something I wrote, we commented back and forth on blogs, and then he emailed me to keep talking. We had only liked a couple status updates on each other in the month we had been reconnected on FB, then all the sudden we're talking enough to take in off FB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=696565643 facebook-696565643

    Oh funny, I just went back to FB and see someone wrote this:

    “just caught up with reading facebook stuff for at least 3 days. love keeping up with my friends!”

    They are a 95% monitoring person. Perfect timing!

  • http://www.ericpratum.com Eric Pratum

    That definitely makes sense. I guess, it seems to me that this confirms that, yes, Facebook is for people you used to know, but it is also for people you want to keep in contact with… whether you used to know them or have gotten to know them more recently (as in the case of adding a new friend).

  • http://paolojr.blogspot.com/ Paolo

    This thesis assumes that all of the people you do or don't want to know are all connected or can be connected to online. It speaks to a very limited demographic. Makes sense that it was promoted at a conference where there are a lot of like minds with like behaviors. Not everyone is on all three or even two of the networks. It is an interesting thesis for people on those networks, but I'm always annoyed by the assumption that a) everyone is connected and b) people know what they're doing when they're connected. Most don't fit both criteria.

  • http://www.ericpratum.com Eric Pratum

    Good point/s, Paolo. You're absolutely right that this is all predicated on people being available when/where you wish to build a connection. If that is not the case, you're forced to innovate on, or adapt from, your normal actions… Of course, I guess that's probably one reason that some people (but only a small group as you point out) find Twitter to be so stimulating. Being a constrained environment with few options for information exchange, it forces you to become creative with what you do as you cannot act as you would in email, on Facebook, or face-to-face.

    Thanks for you comment, Paolo. Very well put.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Barr/1123331784 Eric Barr

    Sounds like a decent argument. Facebook is simple and not all the hype the media portrays twitter to be. Facebook is doing just fine without any big name advertising.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mhmood-/1010596299 Mhmood الرموز
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