Ford Digital Snippets – I’m getting a Fusion Hybrid

fusion Quite a while back, my buddy Derek Johnson over at Tatango was contacted by Ford (yes, the car company) about test driving a Ford Fiesta. I can only assume this is because he’s a successful entrepreneur and moderately well-known internet personality. I can’t recall how long he’s going to have it, but I think it’s about 6 months. I don’t know much about the Fiesta program, but I believe the test drivers have to complete some sort of missions. Otherwise, there are no strings attached to the opportunity, what they can or cannot say, etc.

I thought that that was a really cool opportunity and kinda wished that I had had a chance to participate as well.

Well, lo and behold, I was contacted last week and asked if I would like to be part of the Digital Snippets program because I have some visibility online, and my guess is that I am in one of Ford’s key demographics groups.

I selected a 2010 Fusion Hybrid over a Lincoln MKZ because I’ve never driven a hybrid and am very curious to see Ford’s take on hybrid technology. I’ll only have it for a short time – June 4th-8th – but a friend is getting married out of town that weekend, so I’m hoping the drive will put the car to the test and show the differences between that and what I’m currently driving.

Have you had any experience with this or similar programs? What do you think about large companies like this reaching out to social media people?

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  • Ford is thinking outside the box and realizing the importance of word of mouth advertising, or in this case web 2.0 ;-) I think it's an excellent idea and will be eagerly anticipating what you may "tweet" about their new hybrid. You have to hand it to Ford on this one. Have fun with your test drive!
  • Yeah, I definitely think this is a great idea. I mean, I know that if they were to do this with, say, 10 people in each of the 50 largest markets in the US or Canada the cost be pretty noticeable for them, but I feel like this is a really big step for large companies... especially given the continual rise in importance of social media and the effect that word-of-mouth can have.

    If I recall correctly, Chris Brogan blogged a few months back about a company (maybe Panasonic?) letting him borrow a few cameras while he was at a conference. What a cool idea.

    Thanks for commenting, Heather. :-)
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