Social Networking Conference to Be Held on Eastside in March

Almost three full months ago Eric had asked for people to write guest posts here and I volunteered – and then did nothing.  Except I did save the login info with full intention of following through.  Now 90 days later, the login info still sits in my email inbox – but I have decided to announce here before anywhere else that and Eastside Entrepreneurs will be putting together a Social Networking conference here on the Eastside in late March/ early April. I’m hoping that Eric will be on at least one of our panels (about Twitter ?).   The plan is still being formulated and I’m looking for a great space to hold the event (200-400 people?).  I’m thinking it should be a half day seminar with a few different panels (FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and specialized social networking groups, with networking at the end.  Ideas for venues, partners, content or speakers is welcomed and appreciated.  What would make you want to go?

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  • I would be honored to participate in any way possible.

    Andru Edwards & Chris Pirillo would be good speakers as well in my opinion. Maybe some corporate bloggers or twitterers as well. I can't think of any specific ones at the moment, but there must be some from Costco, Starbucks, Boeing, etc.

    Some random ideas for topics: social media for personal interests, social media for building a network, social media for job hunting, social media for charity, social media for businesses... social media for narcissists. j/k on that last one.
  • Laughs Comedy Spot in kirkland is a good place to host the event. They have the full system set up + lots of space. Found your post on the eastside biz journal.
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