Why I Click on Ads

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I have ads on this page. . . In fact, I have ads on every page of my site. I make chump change off of them, but luckily, I’m not at all dependent on the ad revenue. However, I do appreciate it when I check Adsense and see that the amount has gone up by even just a few cents. Why? It’s a small sign that either: A) Google placed an ad that someone felt was relevant and therefore confirms in a small way that my site is that much more of a resource, or B) someone out there just wanted to be nice and give me a sort of thank you for posting by clicking on an ad or two.

I used to use the Firefox add-on Adblock to filter ads out. However, I dumped that out of consideration for the people who write great blogs and create great content that I really learn a lot from. Now, whenever I go to a site and enjoy what I find, I make sure to click on one or two ads as a way of showing my appreciation.

Sure, I’d love it if you all clicked on 1, 2, 5, 10 ads when you came here, but really, today, I just wanted to write about how I give my little bit of thanks to the people that make my online experience just a little bit better.

And, to everyone else that also showsgoogle their appreciation in this way, thank you very much.

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  1. wtf Says:

    Hi… I did not clicked on any of your ads

  2. nate Says:

    Nice read you seem like a real honest guy keep up the good work.

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