Don’t Let Pics of You Like This Get Out

Found these on pixdaus this evening.

I am trying to have this come across as uncritically as possible, but frankly, I was a little surprised by this person’s choice of costume.

If you have any aspirations of being taken seriously in life, you probably should not dress like this for Halloween, or ever for that matter. At the very least, if you are going to dress like this, you better make damn sure that no one takes pictures, but if they do, I strongly suggest that you be absolutely certain that those pictures will not get out to the internet.

***UPDATE*** I’ve made the links from the pictures to pixdaus inactive because a reader alerted me to the fact that someone went onto pixdaus and posted personal info about this guy. I wrote the post to make a point, not to out him to a future employer or anything of that nature. It can be debated whether or not someone in a power position will ever find these pics and judge him negatively due to that, but trying to make that happen just isn’t cool.

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26 Responses to “Don’t Let Pics of You Like This Get Out”

  1. David Says:

    LOL, don’t you recognize Borat???? What planet are you from? The costume is brilliant!

  2. Says:

    [...] unknown wrote an interesting post today onSelf-Promotion for Smart People: Don't Let Pics of You Like This …Here’s a quick excerptIf you have any aspirations of being taken seriously in life, you probably should not dress like this for Halloween, or ever for that matter. [...]

  3. ericpratum Says:

    Ha. I do think it’s funny. . . in a way, but really only if he has no concerns about who sees it. A friend mentioned that you see girls wearing just as revealing clothing, but I did not comment on that. That’s correct, but my point was not that this is inappropriate for a man. My point was that it’s not advisable if you’re at all concerned about what, let’s say, a potential future employer will think when they google you and see this.

    And, in the words of another friend, “These people gotta learn.”

  4. Jay Em Dee Says:

    holy shit you guys, you have no clue. this guy probablly got laid like 5 times that night. this is by far the most epic costume ever. and for you to shame it… well you guys are douches. just cuz you dont have the balls or popularity to pull off something like this. so go back to your halloween parties and dress up in jeans and a tshirt and be the biggest fags on the block.
    GO BORAT!!! very nice!!!

  5. Eric Pratum Says:

    Hey Jay,
    Thanks for the intelligent contribution to the discussion. ;-)
    So, tell me. Were you cool enough to pull this off? Or, were you also in your tshirt and jeans?

  6. Chelsea Says:

    HAHA! This costume is killer!!! It can’t get much better than this on Halloween! :) Love, Love, Love it! ;)

  7. KT Says:

    It’s halloween man pull the mousepad out of your ass. It’s a pretty funny costume and the fact you’re talking about it makes it well worth it. I bet he has it linked on his facebook page right now.

    So, go back to watching anime, blogging about warcraft and living in your parents basement. In the words of another friend….live and let live.

    And, just so that you know, I watch anime, blog about warcraft, live in my parents basement, and never touched a girl I wasn’t related to.

  8. Eric Pratum Says:

    Hey KT,

    People still use mouse pads?

    And, that’s great and all that you watch anime, blog about warcraft, and live in your parents’ basement. Anime’s not really my thing, but that’s cool. I’m not much of a game player, so I’ve seen Warcraft, but never played it, and I haven’t lived with my parents (or any relative for that matter) since I graduated from high school, but I don’t judge you because you do. As far as the girl thing goes, don’t worry. It’ll happen with time. . . one would think.

    Thanks for the comment, man.

  9. to remain annonomous Says:

    i just showed this to my friend, and she died of laughter. said the kids got balls bigger than all the people who are criticizing this.
    for you jay, grow up and stop using baby language you picked up on the playground.
    and for you eric, perhaps its time your balls drop…

  10. Eric Pratum Says:

    Annonomous, let’s assume that that guy is in his last year of law school. When he applies to various prestigious law firms, they do some online searches for him, and these pics pop up, do you think many hiring managers are going to think, “Oh, what a hilarious costume!”? Now, I know that every hiring manager is different, but considering that I used to work in recruiting, I can tell you that this will have a negative effect on him for every single company that finds these. With the speed that information moves across the internet, employers want to know that they are hiring someone that will not embarrass them or themselves.

    I agree that it’s a ballsy costume, and in a way, it is funny, but allowing himself to be photographed was a bad choice if he’s at all concerned about his reputation.

  11. L A Says:

    This is my friend and the costume was amazing and these are my pictures that I took. Maybe some people don’t need to be taken seriously in this world to do what they want to do? Look at all the other people that do crazy things and people just eat it up because it is entertaining and it is bold and it’s typical that people would critisize this.

    And you should’ve seen my costume and you know what? people still respect me.

  12. Eric Pratum Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Christal. How’d your pics get on pixdaus?

    You’re right that some people don’t have to be taken seriously to be successful. What percentage of all people do you think that constitutes? Your friend may have a good shot at being one of them. . . if the percentage is not too small of course. Did he pull off the character? Impressionists are always popular.

    If we assume that your costume was equally as revealing as your friend’s costume, what do you think will happen when you go looking for a professional job and a savvy recruiter thinks to look you up on facebook, myspace, etc? Will she respect you enough to hire you once she sees that you let pictures of you like that get out?

  13. L A Says:

    Of course because people like me and “borat” always know what we’re doing. Some people of course will look down on this but people look down at you for making this blog. Everyone will not be happy at the same time for the same things no matter what we do but us wearing our costumes did and i’ve seen more outrageous things and frankly, smart people that are looking into our past will see it as a fun story, not our bottom line.

  14. Eric Pratum Says:

    Thanks, Christal.

    How very aware of you to always know what you’re doing. I congratulate on that. Of course, it is an inherent human ability. If you need references, check or .

    I’m curious to know though how you will judge who is smart and who is not. If a former Nobel prize winner turned Borat down for a job due to seeing his lack of foresight, would that person not be smart? How about someone with two MAs? A doctor? A self-made millionaire? Where does the subjectivity end and the objectivity begin?

    And, whether they’re smart in your mind or not, isn’t the savvy recruiter the one with the power, the one deciding whether or not you get that high dollar dream job? No matter whether you like it or not, that person will have to make a judgment call, and wouldn’t it sting just a a little to know that you could have gotten the job had you chosen a different costume?

  15. Eric "Speedcat Hollydale" Says:

    I do “self embarassing” things to myself all the time on my blog … THIS???


    Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”’s last blog post.. Pooh Bears Honey and Tigers Twitter

  16. Eric Pratum Says:

    Ha. I think I might describe your blog as self-deprecating, wacky, goofy, etc, and definitely funny due to the fact that you have a talent for humor.

    Good to hear you won’t be posting mankini pics anytime soon. ;-)

  17. justin Says:

    that is epic and the only thing i am going to say is this is my best friend! and i am proud of it!!

    and by the way who r you to say whats morally ethic or not?

  18. Eric Pratum Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Justin, but that’s actually 3 things, not 1. I’ll count them: #1 “This is my best friend.” #2 “I am proud of it.” #3 “Who r you…” Regardless, good for you for having a best friend. We should all be so lucky.

    I’m not sure that I can answer your question since it doesn’t make sense. Would you like the chance to reword it? If not, I take it that you were trying to say, “Who are you to say what’s ethical (or moral) or not?” Well, you tell me. Your comment was the first time morals or ethics were mentioned on this page. Again, my point was that actions like your friend’s can come back to hurt you in the future, so it might be best to avoid them. The decision though is up to us each as individuals.

    Again, thanks for the comment, Justin. Let me know if I interpreted your question correctly. ;-)

  19. 9er Says:

    Yeah it could be a bad decision in life, but thats not for you to decide on. im sure youve had your fair share of fun times but bad choices in other peoples minds. But give the guy a break dude. Dont judge. peace

  20. Steven Says:

    Eric Pratum, you blow my mind.

  21. flowero Says:

    this is an amazing costume. its halloween…which entitles someone to dress however they want. and its absolutely hilarious that someone has the confidence to do this. not to mention, the guy is incredibly sexy. :)

  22. flowero Says:

    i agree about dressing however you want, whenever you want. and someone who is confident enough to dress this extravagantly, clearly doesn’t care what others think. that includes people who will be employing him.

    theres no way this will affect him negatively, because theres no way anyone who views the pictures will think its innappropriate. they will know that it is a halloween picture, and think its hilarious, and probably think he’s sexy. lets just be honest…you have to agree that hes sexy.

  23. gypsy Says:

    Eric… although you are trying not to…. you are def. one of “those” people who is trying not to sound judgmental but is very judgmental…which is totally cool, i think that everybody here would appreciate it if you just came out with it and admit you have a personal problem with borat’s costume. For whatever your reasoning is, you should stop spending so much time worrying about such stereotypical and shallow matters that has nothing to do with you. Because all in all, if Borat had the balls (which we can see he did.. literally) to wear this costume out he obviously does not give a rat’s ass about what you or anybody else thinks. As for his future it can only better him. while you are busy worried about what your peers are thinking about you, he is living it up care free. you only live once and its def. not forever. So the real question is eric, why did you take all this time to post these pictures and and gossip like a little school girl? if thats how you roll then thats cool, thats you, but i bet most people would agree that being shallow and consumed with other peoples lives is a far worse characteristic then wearing a scandalous costume, so you should think about that since you seem to be so concerned about what everybody thinks. Its okay Eric, you don’t have to be afraid. “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind” -Dr. Suess
    Gypsy 1

  24. justin Says:

    oh, sorry cool guy. my grammer is not up to par to yours! at least we kno how to have fun and live the ONE life we have!

  25. Eric Pratum Says:

    Thanks, Justin. You’re right that it’s not, but just a heads up for you. . . Grammar is spelled with two As, not one . That’s a pretty simple mistake to avoid. Unless, of course, you’re talking about this guy . In that case, I’d probably just capitalize it.

    I congratulate you on knowing how to have fun. Keep it up.

  26. Eric Pratum Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Gypsy 1. You might want to check out The “Blog of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks , and you also might want to work on your reading skills. I wrote that I was trying to have the post “come across as uncritically as possible,” not that I wasn’t making a judgment based on the costume. I have no personal issues with it, nor with the person wearing it. I’ve never met, and don’t know anything about, him other than that he wore this costume, so I have no reason to judge him as a person. I simply used the pictures to make a point about decisions and how they can affect you in the future.

    Since you say that you think I’m spending too much time on this, how much time do you think that actually is? I’m curious. I can safely assume that you’ve never run a blog so would really have no frame of reference.

    What exactly do you mean by stereotypical and shallow? If something is stereotypical, it has to be stereotypical of something.

    This can only better him? Is he going to become an exhibition artist? If you follow current events, you’ve certainly seen professionals have their careers and lives ruined by lapses in judgment, whether current or historical. It can happen to anyone.

    Why did I take the time to post the pictures? I didn’t. I found them on pixdaus. I stated that in the original post above. See the third paragraph in this comment, or take a look through the rest of the site, to see why I would write about it.

    Gypsy 1, I’m glad to see that you’re reached the intellectual level of using Dr Suess to back up your philosophy and life lessons. When your reading skills improve, try , “In judging others a man laboreth in vain; he often erreth, and easily falleth into sin; but in judging and examining himself he always laboreth to good purpose.” Try actually reading what I wrote and not just imagining things before you begin making your accusations. I live the standards that I set here and therefore do have a frame of reference from which to judge.

    Marcus Tullius Cicero , “He cannot be strict in judging, who does not wish others to be strict judges of himself.” This blog is written as a way of helping my readers to improve their lives and avoid the pitfalls of others. I can and do judge, but I do it based on what I know and have experienced. If you don’t like that, I welcome you to go set your own standard somewhere else. If you’re going to pass judgment, that’s fine, but first find an example of where I have fallen below my own standards. I’ll wait here while you search.

    Here’s a final quote for you, “Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold — but so does a hard-boiled egg.” The judgment was based on the action, and I will say it again. . . Anyone else, who sees pictures like this and does not know you only has the ability to judge based on the actions. Try taking a look at my experience , and tell me if I’ve had enough to know that decisions like wearing that costume can potentially cause problems for a person.

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