Too many Tweeple following you?

Since this post is about Twitter, please feel free to follow me on Twitter if you like. ;-)

I caught a tweet earlier from someone saying that he had so many people starting to follow him that he couldn’t keep up with the follow emails and so wasn’t able to check the people out to see if he actually wants to follow them. Here’s my suggestion. . . Use Tweetlater to auto-follow people, who follow you, and then, once a week or so, use Mytweeple to go through and comb your follows.

This can get pretty difficult if you have thousands of followers and/or tweeple you’re following, but it’s very useful if you, like me, choose not to follow more than 100-300 people because it gets too difficult to keep track of the conversation threads.

Here’s a related post for all those not particularly familiar with Twitter.

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