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On the way to work today, I heard Janice Dickinson on the Adam Corolla show talking about some modeling show she runs (Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency maybe?).  At one point, she was apparently asked to do a modeling show for plus size models, and she said she seriously couldn’t make it through one day of auditions because she feels she can’t represent fat people.  I don’t blame her.  At the age of 52, she made a point that she was on a morning radio show and had already been to the gym that day, and to her, that seemed to be the difference between the waifish girls you see on America’s Next Top Model and those you see on the top floor of Sak’s.  Her suggestion, thin girls work out; other girls don’t.  Obviously, it’s not an adequate explanation.

Regardless, her comments got me thinking.  For the most part, who complains most about female body image?  Women, right?  And, for the most part, who watches things like America’s Next Top Model?  Women, right?  I don’t know if there’s necessarily any correlation, but it just seems to me that you shouldn’t bitch about rail thin models perpetuating an unhealthy image of beauty if you’re going to turn around and then support it by watching shows with those women on them.  If you didn’t support these negative images of beauty, Janice Dickinson wouldn’t have a show and wouldn’t be on the radio talking about it.

I don’t know.  Like I said, there may be no correlation, but this is what Janice Dickinson brought to mind.

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    I read a simliar post just the other day by Sandra Kosineck but yours is much better.

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