Australia Trip: Pt 6

I took my rental car down south of Canberra before heading east to the coast. I was amazed at how similar the Australian coast looks to the Oregon and Washington coasts.

Of course, this is another of the shots where I set the camera down and let it snap away while I walked around. I don’t even know how many of these types of pics had nothing in them because I was just walking around off camera.

At one point, it was so windy that my car was getting blown around on the road, so I stopped to take a break.

Don’t tell my rental car company, but I took the car off road for a few miles so that I could get to Pebbly Beach. There, I ran into my friend, Parrot Herbert, and a couple of his buddies.

I also saw some kangaroos just kickin it on the beach.

I didn’t touch them though because they have claws that look sharp, and I didn’t want to tempt fate.

During one of those times when the camera was snapping away, I turned around to see my jacket (with cell phone in pocket) blow into the ocean.

After returning to Sydney, I stayed one night again with Chris and his family, who are by the way awesome people, and then, I flew out for Vegas.

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