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Last night, my band played a really fun show with at Hot Shotz . Scary Parking Lot Club – Bug Jerome’s (Evan Williamson of Murder Mountain ) new band – canceled on us at about 6 PM because they apparently just did not feel like playing the show. That was much appreciated since they did not offer to help find a replacement, but in reality, it was no surprise – given that at our last show with them, they were supposed to start the show at 7 PM, but did not start playing until 8:20. Again, something else that I greatly appreciated. I scrambled, looking for another band, but alas. . .

Luckily, Mysterious Chocolate puts on an awesome show, and they’re cool guys, so that part was really fun. And, Mikiech threw me a T-shirt. Awesome! Then, we went on at about 11:30 and decided to play two short sets, rather than one long set. We played 3 or 4 songs that we have not even practiced for months, but we pulled them off. In addition, the pay at Hot Shotz is usually pretty good, and the people that run the place (owners, booker, bartenders, etc) are always very cool.

That show was potentially our last show because it is very likely that I will be moving out of town in June or July. I have been a little burnt out on music lately, but I still love playing with my band. We have worked very hard on this for a long time, and when strangers come up to you to say that they’d never before seen your show or heard about your band, but that you were awesome (as they did last night), it’s a reminder that you really have something good here. Hopefully, things will work out so that we are able to keep playing, but if not, it has been a great ride.

If any of y’all would like to hear our music and/or buy a CD ;-) , head over to .

Oh yeah, and we were reviewed in this month’s What’s Up Magazine if you want to check that out. The review was very positive.

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