Why I chose this design

I had to get away from my theme. I just had to.

Did you ever notice that I had to use a ton of bullet points to either start paragraphs or break up paragraphs? That was because, either by design or some fault of mine, the theme would not recognize html line break or paragraph tags. Not knowing how to fix that myself, and not paying for someone to do it, it just felt very lazy and amateurish to me at times.

Plus, I had the same theme from the time that I was blogging heavily about social media to more recently, when I’m more likely to post about my life here and post about social media, marketing, career development, and more either on Grizzard.com or in guest posts….One of the many reasons it’s best to follow me on Twitter if you like those posts, but don’t care to hear so much about my life 😉

I’ve developed more than a passing interest in SEO in the last year.

Admittedly, I know very little. I’m probably somewhere is the middle-beginner to advanced-beginner phase when you look at the range of SEOs with experience out there. Nonetheless, I know enough to be dangerous, to speak intelligently about it generally, and to know what is good and bad SEO for a blog.

So, you might be asking yourself, “Why’d you choose a home page with no text on it?”

I liked this theme. Plain and simple.

I’m still considering whether to add a dedicated home page column or row for copy and/or graphics that lets new visitors know what I am about, but looking at my analytics over the last year, well under 10% of my traffic comes through the home page, and while the majority of inbound links come to the home page, the anchor text they use is primarily “Eric Pratum.” My guess is that I have little need to be competitive in search for my own name since I’m the only Eric Pratum around.

Nonetheless, you might be saying, “Yeah, but you want to be found for search terms relevant to you, right?” Correct!

But, that being said, I connected with my current boss through Twitter because we were both attending the same conference. I found my previous job through Linkedin and was coincidentally connected with a few employees at that company through Twitter. And, I met an employer from even further back through a personal introduction. So, my feeling is that, if I want a new job opportunity (which I don’t, I’m perfectly happy where I am, thank you very much), it’s going to be initiated by my interactions with others and not by my blog.

I’ve been deeply involved in social media for personal branding and promotion since some time in 2006 or 2007.

Having a blog, being on Twitter, writing guest posts, and the like are all spectacular for building a network, demonstrating your thought processes, and improving your skills. But, in the last year, I’ve switched away from working so hard on those things for myself and have instead focused on helping clients and dedicating a lot of that time and effort to my job because I’m doing something I love, for people I enjoy working with, and clients that I care about.

As this change has happened, I’ve been less concerned with what has been on this blog and have instead shifted a lot of effort into writing guest posts and writing on Grizzard.com, so if you’re most interested in reading about social media, nonprofit (or just smart) marketing, and personal or career development, follow me on Twitter to get notifications of that, check out the Grizzard.com blog, or take a look through my guest posts.

But, if you’re interested in continuing to read my (infrequent) but always insightful 😉 commentary on life and things that just don’t fit in guest posts or on Grizzard.com, please please please update your RSS reader or email subscription. You know that I would love if you did that :-)

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