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Social Networking Conference to Be Held on Eastside in March

Monday, January 26th, 2009
Almost three full months ago Eric had asked for people to write guest posts here and I volunteered - and then did nothing.  Except I did save the login info with full intention of following through.  Now 90 days later, the login info still sits in my email inbox - but I have decided to announce here before anywhere else that and Eastside Entrepreneurs will be putting together a Social Networking conference here on the Eastside in late March/ early April. I'm hoping that Read More

Don’t park your SUV in a compact spot!

Thursday, September 25th, 2008
I took these pictures yesterday at about 7pm, while leaving the Bellevue Galleria parking garage. On the way in, I saw at least 6 cars parked like this. One, these SUVs shouldn't be in compact spots. Two, if they're going to take up two spots, they should have to pay twice as much as me. I have a small car, but even I can't fit in a space that has 25% of it taken up by the careless… Read More

The guys that stand on the sidewalk with business signs

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
How much do these guys get paid? Before having a professional job, I just assumed that these people weren't needed for the moment in their stores, restaurants, etc, so they're managers sent them out to wave signs during slow afternoons. Now that I've been working for awhile and have actually talked to some of our city zoning people about signage, I know that sign laws are so strict in a lot of places that this… Read More
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