I work with individuals and businesses to help them learn how the social web aligns with their goals. Having advised companies for nearly three years now and individuals for more than ten, I have spoken in front of nearly every imaginable type of crowd interested in self-marketing, new media marketing, and social media measurement.

My presentation style is engaging, interactive, energetic, humorous, entertaining, and enlightening. This style stems largely from my significant experience teaching music and sports and my time spent teaching at Portland State University.

I prefer to deal with my speaking topics in an educational matter, receiving commentary and questions as I go so that I can adjust my presentation on the fly to the comprehension level and interests of my audience.

Eric’s Speaking Topics

      How does social media align itself with your company’s goals?
      Using the social web to promote yourself, your business, and your ideas
      Measuring the ROI of social marketing
      What young people need to know about the social web in order to get ahead
      You’ve got a start up. Will investors be interested?
      Many more topics, all related and unrelated in one way or another.

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