52 Song Project

To mark my birthday, I attempted to write, produce, and release one song every week until my following birthday. I honestly had no idea how difficult it wouldl be, and while I hoped to make it an entire year, I recognized that it might be too large of an undertaking to do so. I concluded the project before a year was completed, but came away with a lot of new insight into project planning, working under a severe time crunch, and just how much time even amateur musicians must need to spend on writing and recording.

A little background: I have been semi-serious about music for over a decade and have gone from percussion, to violin, to piano, to vocals, and eventually guitar and bass. I also led and wrote 99% of the music for a fairly successful local act over a 2.5 year period. My goal with music has never been to become rich and famous, rather to continue doing something I love while also improving my skills.

I found myself drifting away from music simply because I was too busy… which goes completely against what I often preach about prioritization and making time for things that are truly important to you whether in your personal or professional life.

So, I attempted to write and release a new song every week for a next year. ;-)

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