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I decided to begin archiving my tweets here. Twitter would only let me go back one year, so unfortunately, I do not have the first ~7,000. The tweets below are in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest).

  1. This search finds people admitting they cheated on something & reminds me of when I Twitter searched “hate my job” ;-) via CoTweet
  2. Lol. Kids, this is really what you need to do to cure hangovers for your parents via CoTweet
  3. Ha! Kitten vs Watermelon (via @ RL_Wood ) cc: @ x_atomic via Seesmic
  4. @ nsmitha heh. I bet those things are like giant ovens when the sun is out though ;) via TweetDeck
  5. @ RalphBassfeld thanks for the RT. Nice server down message, no? via TweetDeck
  6. I agree. This is the best “server down” message ever via CoTweet
  7. Go to sleep tonight in a gigantic beer can via CoTweet
  8. This Delta flight is playing a Simpsons episode while we board. Awesome via TweetDeck
  9. @ ChandraLee lol. Thank you via TweetDeck
  10. Flying somewhere fascinating. Grow bigger ears, people! <– doin my best @ chrisbrogan impression via TweetDeck
  11. @ Inspirationblvd thanks, Terry. You got the day kicked off perfectly. Don’t enjoy Miami too much ;) via TweetDeck
  12. @ thanks for the RT. You know u liked it ;) via TweetDeck
  13. @ macartisan thank you ;-) via TweetDeck
  14. @ x_atomic I haven’t had a chance to watch the stage yet so shhhh *plugs ears* lalalalala I can’t hear you via TweetDeck
  15. @ DavidCrandall ha! via TweetDeck
  16. @ julesac thx for the RT. Weird stuff, huh? via TweetDeck
  17. @ ChandraLee ha! Thanks. Lots of early morning reading of the social news sites mostly ;) about 21 hours ago via TweetDeck
  18. Hey @ x_atomic . Calm down, man. Chill out. via CoTweet
  19. A very interesting way to get yourself a job using Google AdWords. via CoTweet
  20. This is for all of you Lost fans & @ of course via CoTweet
  21. If I’m not following you back & you think I should be, let me know. It’s time for me to connect & re-connect. via CoTweet
  22. Friday Caption This & it’s a doozy via CoTweet
  23. This guy’s entire YouTube channel is vids of different horns & alarms. Curious… via CoTweet

  24. Guy has 180 videos on his YouTube & all of them are of him flushing different toilets. What the deuce?! via CoTweet

  25. Wake up to your new favorite cover of the techno hit Sandstorm ;-) via CoTweet

  26. The delta air security video lady’s face appears to be way over-botoxed. Interesting. It makes her look very mannequin-like via TweetDeck

  27. Just got on my ATL-MIA flight w/@ & @ inspirationblvd . I may get to shoot some flip video for Terry when he works his magic today via TweetDeck

  28. Oh & the guy in front of me in security is hiding something under his shirt. That or he has a serious case of man boob. “His name is Bob” via TweetDeck

  29. Going through security at the airport reminds me of 1 of the biggest asses I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, a customs agent in Sydney. via TweetDeck

  30. @ ungaro definitely. The heat was really surprising this early in the morning via TweetDeck

  31. Wow. It’s not even 5am & I’m sweating while walking to MARTA. It’s f-in hot! via TweetDeck

  32. I gotta say that today’s Giro d’Italia was one of the best stages I’ve watching in a really long time. Awesome finish via Seesmic

  33. That movie “Get Him to the Greek” has such a short trailer that I have to assume it’s a bad movie. via Seesmic

  34. The jig will be up for russell tonight because he’s gonna vote for someone with immunity. via TweetDeck

  35. If Russell wins Survivor, he is without a doubt the best Survivor ever. He just needs to learn to keep his trap shut now & then via TweetDeck

  36. This just in! On Survivor, Rupert’s wife hid an immunity idol in his beard via TweetDeck

  37. @ MsStallings Good point. I was trying to hold back & not stop in today, but was asked to get juice on the way home. ;-) via Seesmic

  38. @ x_atomic nope. Not aware of any wildlife on the news here as of yet via TweetDeck

  39. I just ousted @ msstallings as the mayor of Fresh Fare by Kroger on @ foursquare ! via foursquare

  40. Lol. An oldie, but a goodie. A good short laugh. CC: @ x_Atomic , @ , @ via CoTweet

  41. @ MsStallings This @ foursquare mayor ousting means war! Well, maybe not really war…more like ! via Seesmic

  42. @ VBalasubramani Hmmm…I don’t know. They could make him really interesting, but I feel like he became a little too 2 dimensional via Seesmic

  43. @ VBalasubramani I don’t know honestly. I’m really curious about Jacob & the man in black though. You? via Seesmic

  44. @ VBalasubramani And, what the deuce was in that hole in the last episode? via Seesmic

  45. @ VBalasubramani Did u c the interview where a producer said the final would bring up more unanswerd questions? via Seesmic

  46. Ha! RT @ SpringCreekGrp : If there were a movie made about our office kitchen, it would be called “Forkless in Seattle”. via Seesmic

  47. @ VBalasubramani Thanks for the RT. Some pretty cool pieces in there via Seesmic

  48. @ TheDerekJohnson If that’s true, that’s awesome! via Seesmic

  49. Wowie wow wow wow. Fans of Lost display their tribute art. Some awesome….some freaky via CoTweet

  50. @ IanBragg You’re very welcome, and thank you via Seesmic

  51. @ IanBragg Yeah, reminds me of the video of the kid tearing his clothes off because his mom cut him of from WoW. via Seesmic

  52. If this video doesn’t show you how addicted people are to WoW, not much will via CoTweet

  53. @ chrisbrogan People used to say Seattle was the place you moved if you wanted money. Portland was where you moved if you wanted happiness. via Seesmic

  54. Wow. This is amazing. An animation of all of the world’s air traffic during a 24 hour period via CoTweet

  55. I’m baffled and a little ashamed that Glenn Beck is still allowed on the air in the US via Seesmic

  56. joelbraswell

    a vending machine that dispenses gold? yeah, that exists now: via web Retweeted by you

  57. Not 1 of those middle class to poverty stories that has a silver lining. But, why does the lady still have pets?! via CoTweet

  58. @ IreneKoehler Pretty good. Just prepping for a presentation of a social media study tomorrow. How about you? via Seesmic

  59. @ CristinaBehrens Done and done ;-) via Seesmic

  60. If I’m not following you back & you think I should be, let me know. It’s time for me to connect & re-connect. via CoTweet

  61. Interesting RT @ RL_Wood : Just when you thought the Lady Gaga military remake was enough, here’s another great one! via Seesmic

  62. @ IreneKoehler Morning via Seesmic

  63. @ x_atomic Yeah, that was an awesome finish. via Seesmic

  64. Like I said, these theories are unending (see my previous tweets for context) via CoTweet

  65. Wow! That was a great finish to today’s Giro stage! via Seesmic

  66. Oh, wow. The scientific theories & papers about balls & hair are unending (see my previous tweet for context) via CoTweet

  67. @ StevenMatsumoto @ jasonmancebo Ha! Thanks ;-) via Seesmic

  68. Lol. I have no idea about the paper, but the title is Awesome! via CoTweet

  69. @ X_Atomic Hungry? via Seesmic

  70. It’s the morning, so why don’t you start thinking about dessert. Granny’s chocolate cobbler via Seesmic

  71. Sad. ’s The Big Picture: The Gulf Oil Disaster via CoTweet

  72. This lady sounds like the mom of the year to me. She writes about people abusing & judging her son for being gay via CoTweet

  73. @ x_atomic Ha! Nice find via Seesmic

  74. This guy living with cancer literally gambled on his life & finally lost. The story is both inspiring & sad via CoTweet

  75. Hahaha! The dude with the chest, shoulders, arms, & neck implants has a Facebook Fan Page! via CoTweet

  76. Sure, you’ve know about the doughnuts, but how about the other Top 10 Simpsons Food References? via CoTweet

  77. New research calls into question the viciousness of giant squid. They could just be really lazy blobs ;-) via CoTweet

  78. @ PhillyD Getting a database error when trying to get to your site through that last link via Seesmic

  79. Hmm…The NASA spacecraft Voyager (launched 33 years ago) has begun sending back messages in a new format. Interesting via CoTweet

  80. @ geekgiant Yeah, just getting used to the beautiful, sunny days before it turns hellishly hot in the summer ;-) via Seesmic

  81. Good, and you? RT @ geekgiant : How’s everybody doing? via Seesmic

  82. @ rethinkmonday Ha! I feel like it’s eating it’s way to the outside 0_o via Seesmic

  83. Crazy! John Tyler, America’s 10th president, has 2 living grandchildren via CoTweet

  84. It’s offensive, but I still got a chuckle out of it…1 difference between the left & the right via CoTweet

  85. @ Kort heh. No actually, I just ate the whole thing minus the core & outside. Normal for me, but this 1 really upset my stomach via Seesmic

  86. Oh, man. My stomach hurts. I really shouldn’t have eaten that whole pineapple. I mean really, who eats a pineapple whole?! via TweetDeck

  87. Ha! A new dad puts post-it notes to work in his job as a stay-at-home dad via CoTweet

  88. sheatsb

    If there were an Illuminati, Lady Gaga is the head of it. via Tweetie Retweeted by you

  89. @ AndrewDumont Only these, I think ;-) via Seesmic

  90. Finally finished last night’s episode of Lost. What the deuce was in that cave?! via CoTweet

  91. @ Shih_Wei What is it they say? “You’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached to your neck.” via Seesmic

  92. @ musicbizkid Good point. Methinks not on Jupiter :-P via Seesmic

  93. Jupiter loses a stripe, and the intergalactic hunt begins! via CoTweet

  94. @ rethinkmonday Good to know. @ does appear to have a pretty slick website. via Seesmic

  95. That’s why I chose an Impreza :-P RT @ jeffdaviscourt : 90% of wrx drivers = dbag via Seesmic

  96. @ Ha! Good point & thanks for the shirt link via Seesmic

  97. @ rethinkmonday Situation rectified & thank you. Only been here 2.5 months, but it’s nice so far :-) via Seesmic

  98. If I’m not following you back & you think I should be, let me know. It’s time for me to connect & re-connect. via CoTweet

  99. For all you Star Wars fans out there, here’s something that was too big to fail via CoTweet

  100. @ mattsingley Translation: “I think this guy next to us has Swine Flu.” “Really?” “Yep, Swine Flu. Definitely Swine Flu” via Seesmic

  101. Hahaha! Ever forget why you broke up with someone? This guy remembers now via CoTweet

  102. @ I can’t imagine he’s doing anything other than looking down the barrel, right? ;-) via Seesmic

  103. Heading to Miami Friday for a client meeting. Kinda bummed that it’s only a day trip since I’ve never been there before via TweetDeck

  104. Anyone know if there’s a free live audio or video stream for the d’Italia in English, German, French, Swedish, or Norwegian? via Seesmic

  105. Apparently, foreign militaries do things a little differently. Isn’t it common knowledge that this is extremely stupid? via Seesmic

  106. Ha! Philosophy, cloning, & engineers all in one comic. Nice via Seesmic

  107. If you record biggest loser & skip commercials on playback, you can save 40 minutes. 60 if u skip every time Ashley falls off the treadmill via TweetDeck

  108. For my west coast friends who’re biggest loser fans, here’s a sneak peek for tonight…Michael goes a little crazy & eats Daris as a snack via TweetDeck

  109. Hahaha. Nice find. Rt @ x_atomic : @ ericpratum I almost forgot…… via Seesmic

  110. Thanks to @ MagnusBackstedt for finding the pic of David Millar’s carbon chainring fairings. Very interesting via Seesmic

  111. @ MagnusBackstedt Do you have a pic of that? via Seesmic

  112. @ jeffdaviscourt Probably Brazilian or Portuguese. via Seesmic

  113. Ziggy Marley & John Popper performing “No Woman No Cry” Awesome via Seesmic

  114. @ KevinUrie Sounds like you might have yourself a social media spoiler there ;-) via Seesmic

  115. janedevin

    Well, we may not be able to clean up an oil spill or fix the economy, but at least we can get Girls Gone Wild as a reality show. via UberTwitter Retweeted by you

  116. This is fake, but imagine if some company like Blackwater was really training a sort of youth gestapo via Seesmic

  117. @ PhilLiggett Looked like a bad crash, but I know we’re all really curious though to know if he’ll be back for the tour. via Seesmic

  118. Wow. Father saves his baby from an out of control car via Seesmic

  119. @ claire_sf Hmm…nice friend, huh? via Seesmic

  120. @ geekgiant Ha! I feel like we’ve got everything buttoned up, but that there’s still always something little that can be taken care of. via Seesmic

  121. Now inside 90 day mark to getting married. Is it normal to feel like you’ve got lots of little stuff to take care of in the last month or 2? via Seesmic

  122. geekgiant

    Heh… RT @ SamHowat : Want to see the ugly side of people? Make your free service unavailable for 1 minute. via Seesmic Retweeted by you and 1 other

  123. Good luck man RT @ ChristianVDV the collarbone is in three pieces! Throwing a plate on that bad boy in a few hours. See you on the other side via Seesmic

  124. AndrewDumont

    The Art of Business Development – via TweetMeme Retweeted by you

  125. If I’m not following you back & you think I should be, let me know. It’s time for me to connect & re-connect. via CoTweet

  126. Wow. Is this really what love looks like in America today? Sad via Seesmic

  127. Amateur video of the oil disaster in the Gulf. This is horrible. Please retweet via Seesmic

  128. @ AndruEdwards Either I have an abnormally large thumb or I don’t spread my teeth near far enough to smile for pictures via Seesmic

  129. First, the stock market has a fat fingered trade, & now, Twitter has a fat fingered update. What’s next? via Seesmic

  130. @ x_atomic You mean, I can’t follow you anymore? :’( via Seesmic

  131. @ mcewenrobbie What’s the feeling in the field re: the crashes? Just been too much traffic furniture or poor race planning? Both maybe? via Seesmic

  132. AndrewDumont

    Spotted: Facebook’s Check-In Functionality And New “Places” Tab via TweetMeme Retweeted by you

  133. interesting. “Blue states” have lower divorce & teenage pregnancy rates than “red states” via Seesmic

  134. @ lancearmstrong Yeah, what’s w/all the crashes today & yesterday? Is it just all of the road furniture or poor race planning? Or both? via Seesmic

  135. @ sweide Pretty good. If I was home, I’d watch it on tv, but I settled for the RAI Sports video & cyclingnews ticker in the office. via Seesmic

  136. @ sweide You have to pay to watch it online, don’t you? via Seesmic

  137. Hopefully, Christian Vandevelde heals up quickly. Just saw he dropped out of the Giro d’Italia. He was on my fantasy team :-( via Seesmic

  138. Are there any English language online audio feeds for the d’Italia? via Seesmic

  139. If I’m not following you back & you think I should be, let me know. It’s time for me to connect & re-connect. via CoTweet

  140. Wow. I don’t even really drink soda, & this video made me want 1 via Seesmic

  141. @ codykeith *raises hand via Seesmic

  142. I’m getting annoyed by this announcer Schlanger for the on Universal Sports. He just called it the “Gira”. via Seesmic

  143. Why do the guys on Universal Sports keep calling Tyler Farrar “Tyler Fera”? via Seesmic

  144. I just ousted @ msstallings as the mayor of Fresh Fare by Kroger on @ foursquare ! via foursquare

  145. @ nsmitha very nice via Seesmic

  146. @ x_atomic oh pish posh. He’s good. Just not good enough ;-) via Seesmic

  147. @ x_atomic He hasn’t historically performed well enough, so I think you’re better without him ;-) via Seesmic

  148. @ DjanuF Why is that? via Seesmic

  149. Anyone know what channel the is showing on in the US? via Seesmic

  150. I’m looking forward to the Giro d’Italia getting started today :-) via Seesmic

  151. me? Why, thank you. RT @ chrisbrogan : you. via Seesmic

  152. @ IreneKoehler Hmm…I wonder if he had been reading something like this :-P via Seesmic

  153. Oh wow. Guy washes his hands in a urinal. Be patient. The important parts are in English via Seesmic

  154. I’m all signed upfor the fantasy Giro d’Italia on . Our league looks pretty strong, but more are welcomed. Who’s interested? via Seesmic

  155. @ DavidCrandall Yeah, quite odd via Seesmic

  156. A few months back, I tweeted a video of this guy with chest, bicep, & shoulder implants. He’s back & wtf via CoTweet

  157. @ unmarketing Or, “Can you recommend my work?” Me: Who are you again? I didn’t even realize we were connected until now ;-) via Seesmic

  158. @ unmarketing My favorite is “Please send me a connection request. I’m running low on mine, but would add a lot of value to your network.” via Seesmic

  159. @ dbroward Hey, you ride, right? Any chance you follow pro cycling? via Seesmic

  160. Sooo, pole dancing is apparently as dangerous as they say via Seesmic

  161. @ @ @ x_Atomic You gotta check out this song via Seesmic

  162. How is it that I’ve come across all of these awesome science, auto-tuned songs this morning? via Seesmic

  163. Hey @ neiltyson . Have you seen this video of you and a great group of other folks auto-tuned to be singing? via Seesmic

  164. I understand the arguments against net neutrality, but have been wondering…who out there is actually against net neutrality? I’m for it via TweetDeck

  165. @ damn straight. Too bad I’ve regressed from vp to associate director tho ;) via TweetDeck

  166. 1st the mine explosion & then the oil rig explosion. If a nuclear power plant goes next, I’m gonna be sooooo pissed via TweetDeck

  167. @ Gotta tell you…That shoe was a bit underwhelming ;-) via Seesmic

  168. @ judithalamance I think @ geekgiant had a good name for it… via Seesmic

  169. @ CristinaBehrens I was almost expecting them to call out the fail whale…but I guess they can’t do that after 2:30 via Seesmic

  170. Is the stock market poised to become the next Twitter…constantly down? via Seesmic

  171. adrianpike


  172. @ AndrewDumont I guess that I’m lucky that I have mostly debt & no savings. A bit of inflation will help me pay that back ;-) via Seesmic

  173. geekgiant

    So, what are we calling this? ? via TweetDeck Retweeted by you

  174. What the deuce is going on with the stock market?! via Seesmic

  175. Just got off the phone w/@ idealware . I hadn’t heard of them before, but after checking out their work for nonprofit orgs, I’m very impressed via Seesmic

  176. Best cover letter ever via Seesmic

  177. Completely nonscientific but an interesting short discussion of possible reasons atheists have higher IQs than theists via CoTweet

  178. What are you listening to this morning? Oddly, it’s a Bushido morning for me for some reason. Those are rare. via Seesmic

  179. Wow, this dog rules. It hasn’t missed a riot in Greece since 2008 [pics] via Seesmic

  180. @ tallin32 yeah, I haven’t seen one in years via TweetDeck

  181. The guy next to me has a pager clipped on 1 hip & a blackberry on the other. I think it’s some sort of 90s/hipster/business real life mashup via TweetDeck

  182. Thought we’d try out this place for Cinco de Mayo. Ppl next to us are making fun of a homeless guy that walked by. No class via foursquare

  183. @ tallin32 Oddly enough, I just watched this yesterday via Seesmic

  184. @ briancrouch Yeah, reminds me of this via Seesmic

  185. @ NoahJS Yeah, reminds me of this via Seesmic

  186. wtf! Worst friends ever! Guy dies after his friends stick an eel in his rectum when he’s passed out drunk via Seesmic

  187. Lol. If you skip down the page a bit, this is one of the funniest comment threads I’ve seen on Reddit lately via Seesmic

  188. @ jessejanderson The video or the magazine cover? Because both were pretty awesome if you ask me ;) via Seesmic

  189. Wow. This is quite the pregnancy announcement video via Seesmic

  190. Haha! The cover of a 1983 German computer programming magazine via Seesmic

  191. @ michaelreuter What does that thing do? via Seesmic

  192. Just in case I didn’t say it earlier, Happy Cinco de Mayo! via Seesmic

  193. ronschott

    Happy b-day to @ aaronjoseph ! via TweetDeck Retweeted by you

  194. @ LeviLeipheimer I’m very jealous. I burn through my strawberries way too quickly via Seesmic

  195. @ thinkmaya Good luck via Seesmic

  196. @ mattsingley The Stills “Oceans Will Rise” started my day…well, after I caught up on last night’s Lost on the trip into the office :-) via Seesmic

  197. @ dogwalkblog @ arianna One of the reddit comments on that was “Did we just watch a kid find an excuse to rub himself with his shorts?” lol via Seesmic

  198. Watch this kid dancing and tell me you didn’t laugh via Seesmic

  199. @ StevenMatsumoto Who played you? via Seesmic

  200. @ michaelreuter Yep. Er, well…around the computer…not SF, that is. I’m in Atlanta. via Seesmic

  201. @ michaelreuter Very nice. via Seesmic

  202. @ michaelreuter Nice. You there for work or play? via Seesmic

  203. @ michaelreuter Thanks, Michael. Where are you traveling at the moment? via Seesmic

  204. Is anybody else doing the Fantasy Giro on @ velogames ? I’m putting together my team tonight, I think. via Seesmic

  205. dbroward

    @ ericpratum 10.05.04, National Grammar Day, when syntactic rigor is recognized, applauded and (annoyingly) sung about: via Brizzly Retweeted by you

  206. @ dbroward Ha! Well done. That’s what I was looking for. There was a close try with “Fry day.” ;-) via Seesmic

  207. @ michaelreuter Hey, Michael. Would you be able to recommend a decent German language news podcast? :-) via Seesmic

  208. Riddle of the day: What day is a command? via Seesmic

  209. @ sabalong Ha! Thank you. I try to keep it up-to-date. :-) via Seesmic

  210. @ sabalong Nope, not as of yet. Just moved to ATL at the end of Feb :-) Still trying to find my way & meet everyone via Seesmic

  211. @ sabalong Thanks for checking :-) It’s a marketing agency focusing on non-profits. via Seesmic

  212. @ DavidCrandall Thanks via Seesmic

  213. @ DavidCrandall Thanks. I’ve been scratching my head for an hour over why it doesn’t look right for me in FF via Seesmic

  214. @ VBalasubramani Thanks. I can’t figure out why it won’t display properly for me in Firefox :-( via Seesmic

  215. Someone visit & tell me if it looks like it’s displaying correctly. It’s messed up in Firefox for me, but not in Safari via Seesmic

  216. @ x_atomic Watch yourself when you hit the slopes via Seesmic

  217. @ arianna Ubuntu via Seesmic

  218. BradNitzWSB

    Wind damage from possible tornado just west and just north of Milledgeville, trees down, possibly on structures via Tweetie Retweeted by you and 2 others

  219. @ garyvee lemon tea with Stewart Mountain Honey :-) via Seesmic

  220. KeithOlbermann

    RT @ JElvisWeinstein Maybe if people wouldn’t have brought up Boston Tea Party again, British wouldn’t have felt need to retaliate with oil. via Twitterrific Retweeted by you and 69 others

  221. @ paolojr Congrats, man! via Seesmic

  222. RE: @ mashable It is a moving video, but at only 315 views currently, it seems to be less than teetering on the edge of… via DISQUS

  223. @ DavidCrandall Thank you, and you are very welcome. Did the rain storms hit your area or was that just further east by us? via Seesmic

  224. I am very impressed by the design and name of this site from @ davidcrandall via Seesmic

  225. Lol. Ever had a problem with club bouncers? Check out this video via Seesmic

  226. @ x_atomic I think I recall seeing that on tv once. That lady might have a strong accent, but she’s got all of her genitalia down via Seesmic

  227. That movie “Dear John” would have been a half decent flick if they’d fired the lead actress or just made the movie about the dude & his dad via TweetDeck

  228. Thank you @ reddit_feed for showing me the face of Jesus. Now, how do I get the coffee out of my keyboard?! via Seesmic

  229. @ AndrewDumont You wanted to, but sounds like you didn’t…you heartless, man, you :-P via Seesmic

  230. @ smellycents Good luck via Seesmic

  231. @ RL_Wood You did hear about the new “Don’t Ask, Don’t Telephone” law, right? via Seesmic

  232. @ ljharb ha! I had that song stuck in my head today because of that video :-) via Seesmic

  233. ljharb

    1. Cut a hole in a box. 2: put your Disney in that box… /via @ jasonmancebo @ ericpratum via web Retweeted by you

  234. @ IanBragg How long until Disney or some other company puts out the kids/family movie “Surfs Up Sheep”? via Seesmic

  235. @ karabaic Yeah, pretty quality and big undertaking for that kid. I’m impressed via Seesmic

  236. Wow. This is the best Make-a-Wish ever, and it was in Seattle via Seesmic

  237. Lol. I think this comic is relevant to a lot of people’s jobs via CoTweet

  238. Seinfeld fans, unite! This is an awesome video via Seesmic

  239. I found my next smart phone. Way better than the droid, iphone, blackberry, etc via Seesmic

  240. Who wouldn’t support surfing sheep?! [vid] via CoTweet

  241. @ ronschott insert a “this” into my last tweet @ you ;-) via Seesmic

  242. @ ronschott I think guy may have tried it ;-) via Seesmic

  243. I’m not mother…not even a parent…but breastfeeding your child until he’s 5 is plain weird via CoTweet

  244. RE: @ unmarketing I’ve been lucky enough to attend, and speak on social media at, 2 recent nonprofit conferences. One c… via DISQUS

  245. RT @ GrizzardComm : Finally getting chance to watch @ unmarketing ’s nonprofit social media success video. It is very good via Seesmic

  246. @ CoolGuyGreg Welcome. If you need any specific contacts there, just let me know. via Seesmic

  247. @ CoolGuyGreg I don’t know if they’re looking for anyone, but she might check with @ springcreekgrp if she’s interested in social media via Seesmic

  248. This is kinda cool. Chatroulette speed painting video via Seesmic

  249. @ X_Atomic It’s like I’m constantly running up hill via Seesmic

  250. billmaher

    Every asshole who ever chanted ‘Drill baby drill’ should have to report to the Gulf coast today for cleanup duty 4:50 PM Apr 29th via web Retweeted by you and 100+ others

  251. @ dbroward Something like this? via Seesmic

  252. I have @ to thank for sharing the Interior Crocodile Alligator with me. My life is complete via Seesmic

  253. @ Twittelstaedt Funny thing is a coworker has to take the train 30 minutes each way to go to Chase b/c there isn’t 1 anywhere near here ;) via Seesmic

  254. RT @ innatthemarket : Retweet this for a chance to stay here for FREE! via Seesmic

  255. Why is there, what appears to be, a military helicopter flying over the Five Points? via Seesmic

  256. @ smellycents Yeah I’ve tried a few of those big cubes…didn’t enjoy them. Now, some of the smaller boxes have been decent in my opinion tho via Seesmic

  257. Wowie wow wow. Check out this 5th wheel trailer for a VW Beetle via CoTweet

  258. @ KeithOlbermann Kicking myself that I don’t get ur show on tv anymore :-( How can I miss a full Twitter segment? Any way to watch online? via Seesmic

  259. @ mattsingley Nah, they’re just making sure they have at least 1 of these guys at every store to make things fun ;-) via Seesmic

  260. @ Courtneyfiona lol. Yep. Crazy, huh? via Seesmic

  261. Connect these dots and DIE INFIDEL via Seesmic

  262. So, you’re just working away one day in the office and you hear a crash outside… via Seesmic

  263. @ StevenMatsumoto Why do you say that? via Seesmic

  264. @ x_atomic Don’t mess with me, buddy via Seesmic

  265. @ x_atomic ha. Predictable, but still very funny :-) via Seesmic

  266. ouch! RT @ sassyassy : nosering fell out during the night and i can’t get it back in. now i have a safety pin in my nose to hold open the hole via Seesmic

  267. Lol. This is the best “Dick in a Box” parody I think I’ve seen via Seesmic

  268. What the deuce is this chubby little baby doing on the floor?! via Seesmic

  269. I think I just vomited in my mouth RT @ mattsingley : 1 soda/day can make u 10lbs fatter in 1 yr. To remember, watch this via Seesmic

  270. Lol. A list of the 25 most ridiculous album covers ever. #20 really cracked me up via Seesmic

  271. So… this “Universe” special on the Discovery Channel is like a not-as-good version of two recent Nova episodes & those had no commercials via Seesmic

  272. I’m happy to be in the census, but when I know I filled out the form correctly, do you have to keep me on the phone for 10 mins checking it? via Seesmic

  273. @ Forian Good luck. A friend of mine has blonde hair & keeps it pretty short. It gives him more of a masculine look in my opinion via Seesmic

  274. @ Forian lol. As long as it’s somewhat even, keep it pretty short and go for a sort of long stubble look. via Seesmic

  275. @ KeithOlbermann Yes via Seesmic

  276. @ Forian Go for it via Seesmic

  277. @ bpw Spike Jonze must have just rammed this through any studio/distributor opposition. I feel like I’ve seen quite a few bad 1s recntly tho via Seesmic

  278. @ craigthomler This feels like someone made a movie just to make one & didn’t care whether it was good or made sense via Seesmic

  279. @ craigthomler I’ll give you the point that rom-coms often lack compelling storylines, but generally, they feel like a story is being told. via Seesmic

  280. @ jessejanderson If I recall correctly, I think we used vistaprint for our “save the date” cards. They were cheap & fast via Seesmic

  281. suffering through “Where the Wild Things Are.” This really is a kids movie. There’s little to no cohesive narrative or compelling storyline via Seesmic

  282. @ x_atomic I made this for you. I swear via Seesmic

  283. @ thelittleidiot I’ll see your Rio & challenge you with Luzern, Switzerland ;-) via Seesmic

  284. @ unmarketing *raises hand* I would love to be notified via Seesmic

  285. @ cpedraza lol. Yes, but he wasn’t a very nice doctor ;-) via Seesmic

  286. Interestingly enough, the doc MSNBC just said killed his wife was the 1 who examined me when I broke my nose in high school via TweetDeck

  287. MSNBC is 1 of my favorite stations but the special they’re showing right now is slandering a friend of mine. He did everything he could via TweetDeck

  288. I’ve become a stereotype. My fiance is out of town. I tried to do laundry, but was confused by the all the knobs & buttons on the washer via Seesmic

  289. Jiminy christmas, this movie Shutter Island is going to give me nightmares via Seesmic

  290. Saw a bum cleaning up grafiti. Is he taking pride in his neighborhood? If so, cool. If he’s doing it for some other reason, I’m curious why via TweetDeck

  291. @ KennedyIAm Nice via Seesmic

  292. @ KennedyIAm Just thought of this…maybe also check with @ TheDerekJohnson & @ Twittelstaedt on lunch recos since @ Tatango is based in Bham via Seesmic

  293. @ KennedyIAm Very welcome. Pretty good. A little warm for my blood though ;-) How’s biz in WA? via Seesmic

  294. @ KennedyIAm Pretty good Thai place called Busara next to REI off the Sehome exit. Several good places down Fairhaven Parkway too via Seesmic

  295. @ mattsingley lol. I think @ andrewdumont & @ Twittelstaedt actually do start and end the week with that song ;-) via Seesmic

  296. This is an awesome picture of Jim Henson & Frank Oz doing their thing on Sesame Street via Seesmic

  297. Something tells me this lady is seeing her god in a few places he probably is not via Seesmic

  298. A very good post about the benefits to marketers of the new Facebook Like button. (pointed out by @ daveiam ) via Seesmic

  299. LarryTenney

    RT @ DarenHoward @ invisiblepeople : Want to piss off Glenn Beck? Participate in National Volunteer Week! via TweetDeck Retweeted by you

  300. Breaking news: As the Icelandic volcano prepares for a 2nd round, airlines and the volcano fight over which can pollute the atmosphere more. via CoTweet

  301. @ KeithOlbermann I always imagine the person saying that left a noun off the end of the sentence. Kinda like this via Seesmic

  302. Crazy. Gizmodo just leaked ANOTHER Apple product [video] via Seesmic

  303. @ HeyPeterman lol. I like it here so far…only been here 2 months though. Just some funny things & people here…& dangerous crosswalks ;) via Seesmic

  304. 2nd, 2 professionally dressed middle age women in front of me on MARTA are screaming “f**k you” & “you’re a dumb bitch” at each other. Nice via TweetDeck

  305. You crazy, Atlanta. You crazy. 1st, I was nearly run over yesterday for the 2nd time in the same intersection. via TweetDeck

  306. Lol. 1 kid’s holdn a book as if readn but is instead watchn kid next 2 him play iPhone games.Woman behind em is pluggn ears b/c it’s so loud via TweetDeck

  307. MARTA should make a car just for school kids. So loud & stinky in here & I’m so tired via TweetDeck

  308. LOL. During rain delay, the reenacted the shake weight commercial, pro wrestling, & more via CoTweet

  309. I’m so tired this morning that I nearly fell asleep on MARTA (the train/subway for everyone from out of town) via Seesmic

  310. lol RT @ GregClayman : OH: Iceland goes bankrupt, then manage to set their island on fire. Insurance scam written all over it. via Seesmic

  311. @ x_atomic I think a muppet and a troll doll had a baby via Seesmic

  312. A buddy of mine did a cover of a T-Rex song. I was impressed. Thoughts? via Seesmic

  313. @ lol. “Everything should taste like bacon.” via Seesmic

  314. @ jasonmancebo lol. Yes, in college, I had that sort of drinking problem. I was the guy constantly spilling coffee on himself. via Seesmic

  315. think I’ve an eating problem. Bit my lip for the 5th time today. You’d think w/yrs of practice I’d get it right. via Seesmic

  316. @ dbroward Better wait for this then via Seesmic

  317. A very cool, free, online calorie and exercise tracker/counter via Seesmic

  318. Happy foursquare day. (@ MARTA – Buckhead Station) via foursquare

  319. I just ousted @ as the mayor of MARTA – Buckhead Station on @ foursquare ! via foursquare

  320. RT @ thederekjohnson : Who would sign up for wine recommendations via SMS from @ garyvee ? RT if YES via Seesmic

  321. I am still baffled about how newspapers are supposedly a conversation via Seesmic

  322. Lol. This tweet came from a local tv news station. Nice wording via Seesmic

  323. @ arianna Don’t say that :-P Sorry, I couldn’t help that one via Seesmic

  324. @ dbroward o rly? via Seesmic

  325. @ Kort Yeah. I mean, plenty of ppl struggle with weight, but to just accept it is mindblowing to me via Seesmic

  326. Seriously, obesity is morbid. 100 yrs ago, if you were fat, you would have been a circus sideshow freak via Seesmic

  327. Happy foursquare day. (@ Grizzard Communications Group, Inc.) via foursquare

  328. TheDerekJohnson

    RT @ crazywtf : Feds bust bestiality operation near Bellingham, WA. Customers came from all over the world. via HootSuite Retweeted by you

  329. ShitMyDarthSays

    “When does it stop being a Sex & the City sequel and start being a Golden Girls prequel? Carrie looks like the Emperor.” 11:45 AM Apr 16th via Tweetie Retweeted by you and 100+ others

  330. @ geekgiant lol. I felt bad for the guy. I realized a few minutes later that he must have had some mental retardation or something via Seesmic

  331. So many people. So much stink in the subway via TweetDeck

  332. Blog Post: How are newspapers a conversation? – Three quotes from this video: “Puts you in the center of the… via HootSuite

  333. Now that I’m back from & , want 2 say big thanks 2 4 her book.Only just cracked it open but am quite impressed :-) via Seesmic

  334. Awesome speech by John Hodgman. It’s 14 minutes long, but hilarious via Seesmic

  335. @ artezonline Thanks a million for that retweet. Hopefully, the post was useful :-) via Seesmic

  336. @ carlosjmorales Thanks for sharing on & retweeting my & post. Much appreciated via Seesmic

  337. @ rethinkmonday lol. I just got back from a conference & I think she hid all the chocolate while I was away ;-) via TweetDeck

  338. My fiancé just had me eat an amazing amount of food just to see if I could do it. I don’t feel so well now :-( via TweetDeck

  339. I just became the mayor of AAA on @ foursquare ! via foursquare

  340. Lol. I like how this comic writer/drawer/etc thinks via Seesmic

  341. RT @ GrizzardComm : As promised @ & @ ericpratum have a & followup & list o free social media tools via CoTweet

  342. I followed up & my presentation with a commentary & promised list of free social media tools via CoTweet

  343. Look at this guy’s calf to ankle size ratio. They’re huge! Like gigantic drumsticks via TweetDeck

  344. The view from the Hilton Baltimore fitness center where I’ve been working out. Watchin the orioles via TweetDeck

  345. @ GordonJayFrost Yeah, we will hopefully be able to put that up sometime soon. :-) via Seesmic

  346. [email protected] & I gave an @ GrizzardComm presentation on the DNA of Net Mktg. We posted the slide online via CoTweet

  347. I’ll be honest. The speakers r unending.All well & good but I’d bn under the impression Desmond Tutu would speak for longer via TweetDeck

  348. About to see Bishop Desmond Tutu speak @ conference & I’m in 1 of the front rows. Hopefully he’s as good a speaker as everyone says via TweetDeck

  349. I find it amusing I’m eating breakfast in a bar. The bartender asked what I wanted to drink & was surprised I didn’t get alcohol via TweetDeck

  350. Found out I don’t need 2 stay an extra day in Baltimore. It’s a cool town, but it’d be nice to go home too. Too bad the flights are sold out via Seesmic

  351. Lol. Someone in my presentation just thought I didn’t know how to turn off repeat in iTunes. I was tired of hearing the same song via TweetDeck

  352. RT @ GrizzardComm : @ ericpratum serves wine in the 1:15 pres. on online marketing in rm 317 via TweetDeck

  353. Good session by @ seanforoakland & @ niccinoble . They definitely need a bigger time block though via TweetDeck

  354. @ niccinoble no worries. That can be in question time :) via TweetDeck

  355. The “followin” grid on ur Twitter profile is random groupin not top followers. If u wanna show top following, u shld create a list. via TweetDeck

  356. Just FYI, to the best of my knowledge, twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey (@ jack ) did not found @ foursquare . He founded Square. via TweetDeck

  357. I’m glad that @ niccinoble mentioned FB insights, but imho, post quality is a really poor FB kpi. via TweetDeck

  358. I feel like @ niccinoble totally glossed over the differences btwn FB profiles, grps, & pages.Most of these ppl probably don’t know. via TweetDeck

  359. Did I miss something or is there not free wireless at ? via TweetDeck

  360. Wow. This is the view from the hotel fitness center this morning (oriole stadium FYI) via TweetDeck

  361. @ dbroward the group’s at Mo’s & wants to know what to get ;) Suggestions? via TweetDeck

  362. Just touched down in Baltimore. Check another city off my list :-) via TweetDeck

  363. A little taste of home (Seattle) all the way down here in Atlanta via TweetDeck

  364. @ cyansocialmedia You’re very welcome. Got your email. Will follow up in a day or two if that’s okay. I’m running off to another conf via Seesmic

  365. @ cyansocialmedia Ooooh, good & tough ?. Want to follow up w/me here &/or thru email so I can gather some info? eric.pratum @ .com via Seesmic

  366. .sns, in my experience, IT generally disregards &/or has zero interest social media. via Seesmic

  367. Awesome point. RT @ ntenhross : @ ericpratum yea. I think socmed makes us appreciate nuance like never before. .sns via Seesmic

  368. @ ntenhross Thx ;-) Lots of nuance to this though, so the level of bar definitely changes with the interpretation/definition via Seesmic

  369. .sns, the more niche ur cause, the more it lends itself to a house network b/c ppl r less likely 2 know others interested in real life via Seesmic

  370. @ ntenhross The bar is higher than FB b/c ning is smaller & less ppl have accts but it’s still easy enuf 2 join a ntwrk if u have a ning acct via Seesmic

  371. @ ntenhross If you include things like ning or other customizable platforms, the bar to commitment is low b/c you might already have an acct via Seesmic

  372. @ musicbizkid congrats via Seesmic

  373. .sns, I agree with @ Commonknow . Someone joining a house social network does not signal a high commitment level. Ask me why… via Seesmic

  374. From what I gather, @ ronschott might disagree ;-) RT @ Hamburglar : This is better than owning an iPad [re: Twitter for BB]. via Seesmic

  375. If we met @ , .SNS or & didn’t exchange cards find me on FB or Linkedin via Seesmic

  376. .SNS, orgs are behind on this. There’ve been plenty of social media titles in for-profits for years. via Seesmic

  377. .SNS Nonprofits that have 2+ dedicated to SM, social networks, etc report the greatest ROI. via Seesmic

  378. The .SNS room is much too small ;-) Everyone knows this is valuable. We just can’t squeeze them all in the door. via Seesmic

  379. @ geoffliving Howdy. I feel like I heard you mentioned in an earlier session…can’t recall the context though at the moment unfortunately via Seesmic

  380. @ geekgiant Gonna have to hunt down @ geoffliving now. :-) via Seesmic

  381. I really want to know what accounts the panel feels do SM well in each channel regardless of , etc via Seesmic

  382. Net donors repeat which is great but they donate much smaller amounts than “traditional” donors which can be a problem, rite? via Seesmic

  383. You have to show value with your content. Just a note on that posting twice a day point ;-) via TweetDeck

  384. I imagine that Robot Blogger Andrew Sullivan must take over for real Andrew Sullivan when he has to sleep. via Seesmic

  385. First, the microphone & now the sex quote. Andrew Sullivan is a dirty man. :-P I kid. I kid. via Seesmic

  386. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a newspaper, and I read quite a bit. via Seesmic

  387. “Blogging is fatal.” – Andrew Sullivan at . You heard it here first, folks. :-P via Seesmic

  388. @ MountainDan Thanks. My bumbling photoshop skills haven’t improved in years unfortunately ;-) via Seesmic

  389. I’m really tempted to have a “beard off” with Andrew Sullivan. Unfortunately, I think he’d win…by a small margin. via Seesmic

  390. Another attendee just laughed at my Twitter background because I said I’m hilarious. *casts eye downward* :-( via Seesmic

  391. I don’t believe “broadcast” is the right word for a blog. . To me, that suggest one way communication via Seesmic

  392. jimmyrey

    Whoa, 4 followers till I have 1500. Tell your friends they need to follow me…hahahhaha via TweetDeck Retweeted by you

  393. I want to see my tweet on the screen. HI EVERYONE! via Seesmic

  394. @ amyrsward What area are you in? We’re way up front to the right of the stage. Lots of empty tables up here. via Seesmic

  395. Getting breakfast and waiting for the plenary in international ballroom F. Empty up here at the front. via Seesmic

  396. Most MARTA passengers r nice. Not him It’s rush hour. Asked him to move in. He just stared at me via TweetDeck

  397. Headed to tomorrow. If anyone wants to meetup, shoot me a line. via Seesmic

  398. @ NuclearStr1der I’m sorry. I couldn’t get through more than 5 words of that tweet. Got distracted. Can you send it in segments? :-P via Seesmic

  399. Just got a question, what are you wearing to the conference? Casual? Suits? Zoot suits? Overalls? via Seesmic

  400. Everyone in the office is getting a free massage courtesy of @ GrizzardComm . I just got mine. FYI, it was awesome. via Seesmic

  401. @ amyrsward Awesome! Looking forward to meeting up & excited about the book :-D via Seesmic

  402. @ x_atomic Thanks. Yeah, sorry. I’ve been waving to you from way over here via Seesmic

  403. Lol. This guy insists his Chinese friend uses his full name when sending him packages via Seesmic

  404. Wow. This toddler might have a stronger punch than I do via Seesmic

  405. Very glad I attended . Thanks, @ alliancetheatre . The show was very worth it via TweetDeck

  406. What the deuce?! The Cheshire cat in this play wears 2 pairs of sunglasses inside. via TweetDeck

  407. This tea party might only have folding chairs but its hosts got the entire audience clapping to the beat. via TweetDeck

  408. As a fan of puns, I approve of this performance. Bravo via TweetDeck

  409. Tweedle Dee & dum might be making this show for me. The music, beatboxing, dancing, crowd involvement, & showmanship. via TweetDeck

  410. Tweedle dee & dum are putting on quite the show. How does Alice dance in those ruby red slippers? via TweetDeck

  411. The red queen just came on stage sleep walking on a huge red ball. Wowie wow wow. via TweetDeck

  412. Sound man just shut Alice down. Sorry, lady. Your playing was hurting our ears ;) via TweetDeck

  413. Awesome caterpillar. 3 actors as 1 character. . The caterpillar is very childlike. Constantly questioning via TweetDeck

  414. Using the stage as a chess board & representation of alice’s journey while the Cheshire cat narrates. Great voice for the cat. via TweetDeck

  415. The red queen is really working the stage & the audience. I’m impressed. Very entertaining. via TweetDeck

  416. Red queen, nice placement of your teacup. I’d probably keep it on my hip too if I could. via TweetDeck

  417. Lol. The red queen is quite a sight. Her hips must be 4ft wide & she’s probably a good 15ft tall. via TweetDeck

  418. Ha! The talking bottle shrank Alice to the point that a ball of yarn was half her size via TweetDeck

  419. The 4th wall (the right phrase?) has been broken. Lewis Carroll joined Alice on stage. via TweetDeck

  420. They’ve made impressie use of the stage mirror. The 2 actors are doing a great job mirroring. via TweetDeck

  421. People, turn down the brightness on your phones. just started & it’s bright back here via TweetDeck

  422. Simple stage. Black curtains. White fireplace/mantle with large rectangular mirror on top. Chess board & tiny piano on the floor. via TweetDeck

  423. I was just asked, “Why don’t you call it a tweeter?” Lol. Good question, but it is twitterer regardless of the logic via TweetDeck

  424. Something tells me the AT&T network might go down with all of the iPhones in this theater. via TweetDeck

  425. Ha! The usher told us we were in row 2 of the balcony. Turns out we’re in the last row. No big deal. Funny though ;) via TweetDeck

  426. Nice atmosphere in the theater @ . Medium size theater. Comfortable seats. Good view from 2nd row of the balcony via TweetDeck

  427. Arrived @ . via TweetDeck

  428. On my way to dinner before . Looking forward to this show via TweetDeck

  429. @ NuclearStr1der ha! Yeah, that was a last minute addition via Seesmic

  430. – Working on a presentation. How does my “About Me” slide look? via TwitPic

  431. Crazy! This kid’s skiing to the North Pole for a foursquare badge (via @ MichaelReuter ) via Seesmic

  432. Some pretty crazy ideas for the future. Really interesting graphics via CoTweet

  433. @ SkydiverKate ha! Thanks :-P via Seesmic

  434. That is crazy! Look at the pattern. You’ll see it via Seesmic

  435. Wowie wow wow. Pretty amazing shot twitpic’d by the ISS astro/cosmonauts via Seesmic

  436. Great, scary short story “Russian Sleep Experiment” via Seesmic

  437. Blog Post: Conference Season Gets Going – I’m in my second month in Atlanta and my second month as Associate … via HootSuite

  438. @ skydiver filibuster via Seesmic

  439. Tomorrow, I’m going to courtest of @ alliancetheatre . Looking forward to it via CoTweet

  440. @ x_atomic lol. Nice find via Seesmic

  441. Commented on @ amyrsward ’s blog earlier. Looking to talk about “social” in fundraising via CoTweet

  442. Wow. This video showing how to light a candle just blew my mind via CoTweet

  443. Lol. This chicken video is pretty funny…interesting too via CoTweet

  444. Just watched “Fantastic Mr Fox.” Didn’t like it. There were funny parts. It was well done. Just not my cup of tea via Seesmic

  445. @ What was that? You just heard me? via Seesmic

  446. 1 verdict on the Apple iPad after 1 day of use – Essentially a demo of something that could be awesome in the future via Seesmic

  447. Haha! A very sarcastic guide for for women on how to end their marriages via Seesmic

  448. lol RT @ Twittelstaedt : Awesome Burger King tv ad – admitting that they are just ripping off McD’s: via Seesmic

  449. Watching the movie 2012 right now. MOST EXAGERRATED SPECIAL EFFECTS EVER. via Seesmic

  450. @ TriumphCIO My fiance made fun of all of mine ;-) Have fun dying your eggs! via Seesmic

  451. Just dyed Easter eggs & now about to enjoy some genuine Glühwein. Yeah, it’s not Winter, but we went for it anyway via Seesmic

  452. Just dyed some Easter eggs with my fiancé :-) via TweetDeck

  453. Lol. Nice way to sneak over the border via Seesmic

  454. @ BattleshipMatt yeah, it was too difficult to keep up with a full time job, girlfriend, and my lack of skill ;-) via Seesmic

  455. @ joshgroth Welcome. Hadn’t seen your tweet, but it was well worth the read. Very clever. Think I found it on Reddit via Seesmic

  456. Clever…Fresh Prince theme song cover letter. All you job seekers take note! via Seesmic

  457. @ jeffdnyla Bacon time ;-) via Seesmic

  458. Screw Chatroulette. Catroulette is the newest thing! via CoTweet

  459. @ AndrewDumont Nice. I’m jealous. via Seesmic

  460. @ AndrewDumont Pretty good. Window seat on the 14th floor. Beautiful 80 degree day. Relaxed atmosphere. Goin 2 2 conferences next wk. Urs? via Seesmic

  461. @ smellycents yeah, it’s about 84 here too :-P via Seesmic

  462. @ geekgiant Dude! I carry the 2nd one to work IN the 1st one :-P via Seesmic

  463. @ geekgiant Does someone need a doggy bag? Or, maybe just a dog bag? via Seesmic

  464. @ musicbizkid I need a mewt point :-P via Seesmic

  465. @ BattleshipMatt Haven’t really recorded or played much in about 8 months via Seesmic

  466. @ BattleshipMatt Was doing a project where I wrote, recorded & released 1 song every wk 4 a while. Time crunch = bad quality unfortunately :( via Seesmic

  467. @ BattleshipMatt My old band Was songwriter, guitarist, etc. Heh, only crappy recordings of myself via Seesmic

  468. @ BattleshipMatt Eh, fun xperience w/right ppl but nothin special in & of itself.Hopin this wknd’ll b relaxed.Need 2 get out & do an open mic via Seesmic

  469. @ BattleshipMatt Not too much. Fiance & I will probably dye some eggs. Do you all do that there? via Seesmic

  470. @ BattleshipMatt Going well. Haven’t checked out the link yet. How’re things there? via Seesmic

  471. Were these 2 separated at birth? via Seesmic

  472. This is a no brainer. Comic books on the via Seesmic

  473. @ AndrewDumont snipping tool via Seesmic

  474. Lol. I’m quite impressed by this new offering from Hootsuite via Seesmic

  475. Yeah, this video was funnier than it should have been via CoTweet

  476. That site was underwhelming RT @ chrisbrogan : I’m sad that I’m only #2 on DoucheRank – I’m coming for you, O’Reilly via Seesmic

  477. Hmm…Don’t know if I’ll keep up with this dailybooth thing. I’ll give it a try for a while though via Seesmic

  478. Ah, crap. I think Skype broke my internets. Why would it work on wireless, but not on wired? via Seesmic

  479. Watch out world. Soon you will be able to store ANYTHING in Google Docs…even physical objects via Seesmic

  480. DEATH – by cucumber. lol via Seesmic

  481. Oh, man. I am so getting myself one of these coffees at Starbucks today via Seesmic

  482. @ Kort lol via TweetDeck

  483. Less than 5 weeks and my mason jar of honey is pretty much gone…I’ve only used it for coffee :-( via Seesmic

  484. @ BattleshipMatt Awesome. Good luck on the gig via Seesmic

  485. @ BattleshipMatt That’d be cool via Seesmic

  486. You ever watch what a person consistently posts online and from afar think “Yeah, this person’s having a breakdown & we all get to watch”? via Seesmic

  487. @ princesshaley Heart and brain surgeons, take note :-P via Seesmic

  488. Lol. This last proposal story cannot be real via Seesmic

  489. @ RMalayeri Only checked it out briefly. Haven’t really used it yet though via Seesmic

  490. Hey @ .Nokia looks slick but Motorola’s deadly U should get a real phone via Seesmic

  491. Hmm…those are some interesting duck feet via Seesmic

  492. @ loic Now, you’ve got me curious. @ andrewdumont told me to expect something big ;-) via Seesmic

  493. @ What’re you getting? via Seesmic

  494. @ musicbizkid Resolve is good, but so is an 80/20 or 90/10 rule ;-) via Seesmic

  495. @ Kort Somewhere, far off, I hear someone yelling, “NERD. NEEEEERRRRRDDDDD!” at all of us who think those are kinda cool ;-) via Seesmic

  496. @ BattleshipMatt Let me know when your album’s out. I’ll spread the word ;-) via Seesmic

  497. @ musicbizkid pourquoi? via Seesmic

  498. My fiance made gluten-free pizza for dinner last night, so what am I having for lunch today? Hells yes! Pizza! :-) via Seesmic

  499. @ jimmyrey Ryan Air…way cheaper than either Southwest or Jet Blue though via Seesmic

  500. Lol. I like the chart this lady made to illustrate the pain her boyfriend was in via CoTweet

  501. wtf. Who would let someone do this to them? via Seesmic

  502. Save us both on phone costs and contact me on Skype instead of phone: ericpratum via Seesmic

  503. Wow, this is an amazing picture of a drought via Seesmic

  504. @ briancrouch True via Seesmic

  505. Ahhhh! My dad was right. Star Trek technology is almost here! via Seesmic

  506. @ benparr For apps, sometimes. For music, no. via Seesmic

  507. @ jessejanderson I was thinking that as well via Seesmic

  508. Oh, come now. You don’t like Mr Fantastic?! RT @ : Quite possibly the 10 biggest Superheroes ever via Seesmic

  509. That would be pretty cool RT @ aboyer : Is there a list somewhere of all the players in the who have Twitter accounts? via Seesmic

  510. @ BattleshipMatt Voted for you. Good music imho via Seesmic

  511. BattleshipMatt

    @ ericpratum hey man any chance you could help a bro out? i need votes to support bfs via Echofon Retweeted by you

  512. Jiminy Christmas, there’s pacman in a moon via CoTweet

  513. The 3 women next to me are talking about how much they hate social networks…oh & the fact that Ricky Martin is gay via TweetDeck

  514. I made the mistake again of wearing a white shirt & bringing lunch w/a red sauce. Crossing my fingers I don’t spill (like normal) via TweetDeck

  515. @ EricOverman Ha! Thanks. I was so rushed & underprepared ;-) via Seesmic

  516. @ rethinkmonday ha! I found it on in response to another picture. It was a real serious thread until someone posted that ;-) via Seesmic

  517. @ lol. That would be awesome via Seesmic

  518. @ ha! Nice. That was a pretty good one via Seesmic

  519. Okay, seriously people? If you don’t know by now that some of your online profiles should be private, you’re a dumbass via CoTweet

  520. On 2nd thought, I’d rather see use this opening sometime before the end of its run via Seesmic

  521. I would like to see use this opening theme sometime before the end of its run this season via Seesmic

  522. A great post about the Oscars for the Guardian by one of my favorite authors Neil Gaiman (@ neilhimself ) via Seesmic

  523. haha. I was not expecting this picture via Seesmic

  524. Honestly, I’m glad I don’t have a 17″ Mac Powerbook anymore. They’re too big via TweetDeck

  525. Great white buffalo via TweetDeck

  526. @ there was a panoramic shot in there? via Seesmic

  527. Lol. Watch out what you post online. Your employer could be watching via Seesmic

  528. @ wanderlust5 The sales staff’s priorities were switched to social media outreach via Seesmic

  529. @ dbroward You’re the mayor of world pain? via Seesmic

  530. @ AndrewDumont lol. Yeah, would be okay if it was Twitter related or even if their mascot was a bird. Doesn’t look like either. via Seesmic

  531. Tell me…Does the blue bird on this site not look suspiciously like the Twitter bird? Yet, I see no mention of Twitter via Seesmic

  532. But, WHAT do you do with them, @ x_Atomic ? via Seesmic

  533. Just a quick one for @ via Seesmic

  534. @ musicbizkid I’m used to a gym membership, but since we moved, we’re exercising at home.Got a chin up bar & some bands. Seems to work so far via Seesmic

  535. @ musicbizkid Pretty good actually, but I don’t have a sweet tooth. She’s also allergic to gluten, so I don’t eat that either, which helps via Seesmic

  536. This looks legit. I’d click it via Seesmic

  537. @ musicbizkid Nice. I dropped 18 pounds in Feb & seem 2′ve kept it off by not havin anythin sweetened.Fiance hates that I won’t eat sweets ;) via Seesmic

  538. @ musicbizkid lol. I still have a lot to learn ;-) Still doing the no soda thing? via Seesmic

  539. That mashup of Sesame Street & Lady Gaga is quality via Seesmic

  540. @ musicbizkid haha. Nah, it’s some dude with funky glasses, saying that young marketers don’t know anything via Seesmic

  541. In the post I’m currently reading, this guy makes a lot of good points. Too bad that his picture really makes me dislike him for some reason via Seesmic

  542. Lol. I just got a ‘rejection’ email because I signed up for a competitor’s free webinar :-D via Seesmic

  543. I got tickets for the Atlanta Braves series against the Cubs at Turner Field. Never been to Turner Field, but looking forward to it. via Seesmic

  544. @ RMalayeri I’ve heard good things. Don’t know much about the story though…just the way I prefer it ;-) Thanks for the recommendation via Seesmic

  545. lizzwinstead

    2 consenting adults of the same sex want to commit Holy Matrimony=sin. 1 consenting adult rapes 200 children = job transfer. NoDefenseNone via Seesmic Retweeted by you and 64 others

  546. My fiance and I got a set of exercise bands a few days back. I broke one yesterday…now, we need a good set, none of this cheap stuff via Seesmic

  547. @ larrysa Yeah seemed like it might’ve been an entertaining book it was based on tho. There were funny parts, but overall not worth the time via Seesmic

  548. Watched “The Men Who Stare at Goats” yesterday. Skip it. Could have definitely been better. via Seesmic

  549. Wow. Amazing pics of sleeping insects with dew on them via Seesmic

  550. I normally laugh at this comic strip, but I think this 1 went too far via Seesmic

  551. Haha. This post about why 3D TV is just a gimmick made me laugh quite a bit via Seesmic

  552. Stewart Mountain Honey in Bellingham, WA makes the best honey. Went great w/my @ this morning via TweetDeck

  553. Hmm…2 interesting church signs in 1 day. Why am I not surprised? via Seesmic

  554. Lol. This is one of those church signs that really make you scratch your head via Seesmic

  555. Just watched ‘Hot Tub Time Machine.’ Laughed my ass off. I wouldn’t suggest it for everyone, but everyone in the theater seemed to love it via TweetDeck

  556. @ musicbizkid ha! He was quite nice. Although the hair put me off a bit ;-) via Seesmic

  557. @ jasonmancebo lol. Despite the bad hair, I must that he was extremely nice. Of course, it seems like most cops here are via TweetDeck

  558. I didn’t know cops were allowed to have bleach blonde mullets. Must be an Atlanta thing via TweetDeck

  559. @ seattlewinegal Just following the blog for the time. Not too involved in SEA activities since I’ve moved to ATL ;-) via Seesmic

  560. RT @ mashable Aims to Support Universal Location Checkins [INVITES] via TweetMeme

  561. @ StevenMatsumoto No worries. Didn’t bother me. Just looked like spam at first due to the new avatar ;-) via Seesmic

  562. @ StevenMatsumoto wow. RT overload via Seesmic

  563. Aha ahahaha. Nice. So, he’s back from the dead [pic] via Seesmic

  564. If you’re a contractor or a vendor, ALWAYS use an email signature. If I have to hunt for your phone #, I’m going to stop using your services via Seesmic

  565. RT @ skydiver : Finish this sentence: I’m waiting for someone who’s already 20 mins late. When she shows up, I should…not be there anymore via Seesmic

  566. Have you ever been this guy? via Seesmic

  567. @ @ x_atomic @ frenchtron300 My future’s so bright. I gotta wear shades via Seesmic

  568. @ x_atomic Murphy’s Law of Cycling via Seesmic

  569. Here’s a cool and easy way to tell how many hours of sunlight are left in the day via Seesmic

  570. @ SkydiverKate Gonna have to be thru the phone. He’s on the other side of the country :-( via Seesmic

  571. I just found out my best friend’s dad passed. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him, so I don’t know the details. What do I say to him? via Seesmic

  572. [email protected] Twittelstaedt This is an artist’s rendering of @ thederekjohnson at :-P via Seesmic

  573. Check out my new iPad Pro courtesy of @ GrizzardComm via Seesmic

  574. Are we connected on Facebook? How about Linkedin? Or, foursquare? via Seesmic

  575. Cats love attention, and who doesn’t love lulz? cc: @ & @ x_Atomic via Seesmic

  576. lol. That’s awesome! RT @ SpringCreekGrp : SCG Global World HQ unveils new business model. via Seesmic

  577. watched Invictus yesterday. Clint Eastwood did a good job of taking a great story & not making it dramatic or engaging. via Seesmic

  578. @ amberh Things get pretty busy during playoffs normally? Have a favorite kind of coffee? via Seesmic

  579. @ amberh Nice. What’re you webmastering up this morning? via Seesmic

  580. Going for that 2nd cup of coffee already. Yep, haven’t been sleeping enough. via Seesmic

  581. I would have to agree that AT&T’s service is lackluster & it seems to be trying to pull one over on us via Seesmic

  582. Creamily cromulent for @ x_atomic & @ via Seesmic

  583. I think Redman’s car would fit in the back of @ ’s via Seesmic

  584. Nietzsche would have a problem with a lot of this “Us vs. Them” that’s going on via Seesmic

  585. Literally RT chrisbrogan: 99.95% of all declarative statements are exaggerated. via Seesmic

  586. @ adrianpike ha. I was told that pepper works in beer and doesn’t change the taste via Seesmic

  587. @ musicbizkid it does?! Awesome! Time to…wait a minute. I think you’re pulling my leg. I’m gonna have to keep my eye on you, buddy. via TweetDeck

  588. Been told that putting a pinch of salt in your gets rid of bitter flavor, & it also keeps the head on your . Is this poppycock? via Seesmic

  589. Crazy. Who knew there were so many groups that use the acronym “NPF”? via Seesmic

  590. @ Thought you might appreciate this via Seesmic

  591. Good for you. Congrats RT @ unmarketing : Worked out 2 days this week so far, which is 2 more than the past 8 months. High five! via Seesmic

  592. @ AndrewDumont Taste of home. Did I catch your earlier tweet correctly? Tried going the morning without coffee? via Seesmic

  593. Oh, man. These beans from @ smell delicious A nice taste of awesome via Seesmic

  594. @ geekgiant If I recall correctly, there’s something called edublogs…or something like that. A few of those are good via Seesmic

  595. @ edythemighty That sucks via Seesmic

  596. @ edythemighty pics or it didn’t happen via Seesmic

  597. edythemighty

    Career advice from Jon Stewart via web Retweeted by you

  598. Great job protecting anonymity FOX 28 News :-P via Seesmic

  599. @ geekgiant I heard you need bigger buttons via Seesmic

  600. @ dbroward Don’t get me started :-P via Seesmic

  601. @ RMalayeri heh. Yeah, I checked that out last night. Pretty interesting stuff via Seesmic

  602. @ x_atomic @ Call Doogie Howser, who’ll bring his copy of Grey’s Anatomy and maybe take him to the ER if he’s suffering from Trauma via Seesmic

  603. @ RL_Wood errr…. *came, not can via Seesmic

  604. @ RL_Wood I’ve had that happen too. The item can though luckily via Seesmic

  605. Lots of love going out to ’s @ . Just got my beans in the mail :-D Best joint ever! via TweetDeck

  606. Yay for summer! This pic/s is worth a look via Seesmic

  607. BuckleUpNetwork

    Win a signed copy of by @ briansolis at @ socialmouths – Details here: via CoTweet Retweeted by you

  608. Wow. Amazing shot of the space shuttle from the ISS via Seesmic

  609. Dear, airlines. I have a very simple request. Please put “add this to your calendar” buttons in confirmation emails. That would be awesome via Seesmic

  610. Wow. This girl covers Irreplaceable by Beyonce with her voice & 3 iPhones via Seesmic

  611. @ NuclearStr1der Awesome. Thanks. I think I’m finally going to start making use of delicious ;-) via Seesmic

  612. Pretty good post from @ claymcdaniel on Lagunitas & our jobless recovery via Seesmic

  613. I need a Delicious add-on for Firefox. Suggestions for the best one? via Seesmic

  614. When Germans talk about US , it sounds like they say . Somehow, that seems appropriate via TweetDeck

  615. [email protected] TheDerekJohnson Psshhh. I just batted 1,000 on your job application. What do I win? via Seesmic

  616. Enjoying this ABC News Nightline Face Off between Deepak Chopra, Sam Harris, etc via Seesmic

  617. interesting article on WiFi @ one of the earliest Wifi spots in Seattle. via TweetDeck Retweeted by you

  618. CoolGuyGreg

    I’ve finally finish my show. It airs tonight, if you’re in Seattle area, Comcast ch. 27 at 6PM if not watch online at via TweetDeck Retweeted by you

  619. Carl

    Hey, Atlanta is apparently finally a top-ten city! via Tweetie Retweeted by you and 4 others

  620. AndruEdwards

    This is THE worst pro-order bonus, product tie-in, ever. EVER. No, seriously. Ever. (thanks @ ericpratum ) via Tweetie Retweeted by you

  621. @ AndruEdwards If you can’t giveaway a Bugatti, you could always give these away ;-) cc: @ geekgiant via Seesmic

  622. @ lol. and the bippin and the boppin via Seesmic

  623. Jiminy Christmas, this guy really does deserve the grandfather of the year award. He’s helped save 2.2 million babies via Seesmic

  624. @ Listening to @ Macklemore in ATL via Seesmic

  625. x_atomic

    @ @ ericpratum why wouldn’t you buy a car from this guy? via Seesmic Retweeted by you

  626. Haha. You gotta watch this “I Want a Goat” music video. Priceless graphic at 2:38 [graphic maybe NSFW] via Seesmic

  627. Lol. Pretty entertaining “State of the Beard” video via Seesmic

  628. GrizzardComm

    An unemployed man vows to give away $10 every day for a year via TweetDeck Retweeted by you

  629. @ askseesmic Awesome. Good to hear. Thanks via TweetDeck

  630. Pretty interesting TED talk [video] on science & moral questions by Sam Harris via TweetDeck

  631. @ Inspirationblvd Know if you can view/listen online? via TweetDeck

  632. Got kids? Got a cell phone? This post is creepy as hell via TweetDeck

  633. @ NuclearStr1der *puts on homeless hat* Hey, can you hold my iPhone while I bum some change off this guy? via TweetDeck

  634. Oh yay. Trains are delayed :-( via TweetDeck

  635. @ Twittelstaedt Yeah, pretty surprising. Sounds like they expect a lot though. via TweetDeck

  636. It must be 40 degrees & kinda windy out here. I feel bad for this guy via TweetDeck

  637. @ askseesmic I’ve still got one from meeting @ Loic at the first . I would really love if @ Seesmic incorporated MySpace & Linkedin :-) via TweetDeck

  638. @ Heh. I like the look and feel of Seesmic much better, but I need more accounts than just Twitter & Facebook unfortunately via TweetDeck

  639. @ twittelstaedt From the listing, it sounds like this might be just down the road from you ;-) via TweetDeck

  640. Hey, hey! Who gave you that sticker?! ;-) RT @ : @ AndrewDumont Congrats! Gotta showoff my @ Seesmic loyalty via TweetDeck

  641. @ edythemighty You should steal his sometime & turn it into a bowler our of spite ;-) via TweetDeck

  642. @ edythemighty No flapper could say no ;-) via TweetDeck

  643. @ arianna Welcome. IN my experience, they’re generally cheap at the airports in Europe via TweetDeck

  644. @ arianna They usually sell them at the airport…Radio Shack as well. via TweetDeck

  645. RT @ reddit_feed : Sign posted outside an Austin bar at South by Southwest Music Fest: via TweetDeck

  646. @ geekgiant doh…mislabeled that one. Sorry about that via TweetDeck

  647. @ wilw Can we also have a Facebook fan page for “The People Who Will Watch Anything”? via TweetDeck

  648. @ jessejanderson Boy. No wait…Girl. Boy. Girl….Oh, I don’t know. Boy? via TweetDeck

  649. lol RT @ reddit : And the angel said to him, Stop hitting yourself via TweetDeck

  650. Monday poll: Yesterday’s healthcare bill. Thumbs up or thumbs down? via TweetDeck

  651. @ pcaveney Agreed. Nice new avatar. Pretty cool imo via TweetDeck

  652. @ RMalayeri haha. Yeah, first thing that came to mind ;-) via TweetDeck

  653. Wow this is an amazing display. How the India-Pakistan border is closed everyday It’s like a bird mating ritual via TweetDeck

  654. So…want to see my name on a bus? Thoughts? via TweetDeck

  655. omg. I have not the words Wear the shirt & carry her piggyback or carry her on your shoulders & leave the shirt home via TweetDeck

  656. Readin people’s reactions 2 healthcare on FB, Twitter, etc is interestin, such polarization.Well, at least, I know who 2 hide, block, etc via TweetDeck

  657. I just ousted @ richaviles as the mayor of Macy’s on @ foursquare ! via foursquare

  658. Wedding registering weekend #2. How is it this wears me out but not her? ;) via TweetDeck

  659. @ janedevin I’ve only been here a few weeks, but I think it’s normal via TweetDeck

  660. @ film_girl I would think the @ baconsalt folks would be ideal for @ samuelaxon ’s post. via TweetDeck

  661. @ SkydiverKate I called in a favor and swapped your weather for ours :-P via TweetDeck

  662. lol. For better booty… [pic] via TweetDeck

  663. @ RMalayeri ha via TweetDeck

  664. @ RMalayeri Nice. Nah, I’m waiting to see if I really want one since I already carry an iPhone & an MBP everywhere via TweetDeck

  665. @ x_atomic Thought you might find this interesting Maybe you can get @ to serve it up ;-) via TweetDeck

  666. Ahahaha. You gotta see this screenshot from an episode of 30 Rock via TweetDeck

  667. @ RMalayeri Yep, awesome. Thanks, man via TweetDeck

  668. @ x_atomic @ maybe if I hold real still, I’ll blend in via TweetDeck

  669. With all of the euphemisms people use for pooping, I’ve always thought “pinching a loaf” sounded odd. via TweetDeck

  670. @ Inspirationblvd Awesome. Thanks via TweetDeck

  671. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic Beware the lure of the young ones via TweetDeck

  672. x_atomic

    I have been saying this for 10 years but now experts say Wearing Ugg boots are ruining women’s feet, via Seesmic Retweeted by you

  673. @ RyanSeacrest Just curious, but why is it a must see? via TweetDeck in reply to RyanSeacrest

  674. Congrats! That’s exciting RT @ geekgiant : Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a… via TweetDeck

  675. This balloon is amazing. It’s stayed full for 2.5 weeks so far via TweetDeck

  676. @ benparr Home Depot is very cheap if you’re buying boxes via TweetDeck

  677. @ JayGilmore Good point via TweetDeck

  678. lol RT @ RL_Wood : This is NOT a hangover… I swear it’s a strategic headache due to lack of caffeine… That’s my story. :) via TweetDeck

  679. For the record, I did not watch the Oscars and have no interest in whether Jesse James was cheating or not. via TweetDeck

  680. Yeah, nature is scary via TweetDeck

  681. Was it live? Any chance there’s a link to audio online? RT @ Inspirationblvd : Just finished interview on WDUN Gainesville via TweetDeck

  682. @ JayGilmore lol. If I recall correctly, it said he bought it the day after the final paperwork came through via TweetDeck

  683. Wow. Guy’s divorce is finalized on Friday. He wins the lottery on Saturday. Crazy via TweetDeck

  684. This pic made me laugh pretty hard via TweetDeck

  685. Wow, this TV theme song medley is amazing via TweetDeck

  686. Ugh, this sounds like a horrendous experience. Getting an illegal abortion in the 60s via TweetDeck

  687. Awesome, awesome shot of the space shuttle in orbit via TweetDeck

  688. @ x_atomic I promise…he likes heights via TweetDeck

  689. This kid’s headphones are so loud I can clearly hear the lyrics to his music & I’m listening to NPR on my headphones. Wow via TweetDeck

  690. Oh wow. NPR just played an instrumental version of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face in the background of a financial report. Ha :-P via TweetDeck

  691. @ ha. Oh yeah…flares at refineries are totally normal, dude :-P via TweetDeck

  692. Take a second and enjoy a song about being Irish via TweetDeck

  693. @ You know what they say… “Don’t drink and drill.” via TweetDeck

  694. @ ‘nother bridge fire? via TweetDeck

  695. So my friend’s kid jumped from place 351 to 231 overnight. Give her a hand and vote for her Click on her pick then vote via TweetDeck

  696. @ mattsingley Green, yes. As far as I’m aware, no Irish. via TweetDeck

  697. lol. Nice RT @ KateHannum : Men with a keg of beer just got on my bus. via TweetDeck

  698. Clever RT @ dbroward : Today I’m enjoying the incorrectness & sniggering immaturity of telling green-clad colleagues, “Dude! That’s so GAELIC” via TweetDeck

  699. awryone

    Considering the line “as far as I can throw ‘em” I bet babies are totally trustworthy. via Birdhouse Retweeted by you and 8 others

  700. What is a stereotypical reaction you get when you tell people what you do for work? via TweetDeck

  701. @ edythemighty ha. awesome via TweetDeck

  702. @ DanielJUK Nice. Congrats on the find via TweetDeck

  703. @ edythemighty I was just telling my fiance last night that I need to get rid of some tshirts, but…I really want a spider pig tshirt now via TweetDeck

  704. @ DanielJUK IS it hard to find sharpies there? via TweetDeck

  705. @ edythemighty lol. True. Those things can be tanks via TweetDeck

  706. The first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club. 2nd rule: Do not make an FB page for Fight Club! via TweetDeck

  707. @ edythemighty Nice. I’m jealous via TweetDeck

  708. @ edythemighty Yikes. Happy traffic jammin to you then ;-) via TweetDeck

  709. @ edythemighty Ha. I take the train ;-) Already in the office via TweetDeck

  710. Happy St Patrick’s Day, all! via TweetDeck

  711. @ RMalayeri Ha! Yeah, there was a lot of tweet-worthy content on that trip ;-) via TweetDeck

  712. This dog story made me laugh out loud via TweetDeck

  713. @ edythemighty Thank you :-) via TweetDeck

  714. Do a friend a favor & vote for her daughter in this contest. 1 click & you’re done via TweetDeck

  715. Not only is this my 10,000th tweet, but I just noticed I’m on 46 lists. I’m flattered. via TweetDeck

  716. I’ve been debating how to use my last tweet before 10,000. And alas @ dbroward , this is it. via TweetDeck

  717. @ geekgiant @ kennedyiam Never could get into the sport. Football, yes. Bball, *snooze…no offense to fans of course ;-) via TweetDeck

  718. @ geekgiant Dude, I need some advice on picking teams. I entered a bracket & know nothing about bball ;-) via TweetDeck

  719. Wowie wow wow wow. I just noticed that I’ve now tweeted 9,996 times. Crazy. via TweetDeck

  720. @ JaLaDesigns Could be angry typers…Or, maybe they’re having an IM argument? via TweetDeck

  721. @ marlatiara Awesome. Good to know. Thanks, man via TweetDeck

  722. @ Carl Awesome. New to the area, so it’ll be nice to check out a good restaurant. :-) via TweetDeck

  723. @ Carl Can that be purchased today and used another day? via TweetDeck

  724. I just told someone the name of a friend’s home brew beer…brewkake. She didn’t get it, and I wasn’t comfortable explaining it. via TweetDeck

  725. In preparation for tomorrow Gimme da gold! via Seesmic Retweeted by you

  726. @ AndrewDumont Could be case of “those who can’t do, teach.” Some of those teachers are awesome. However, fat PTs aren’t very motivating imho via TweetDeck

  727. By downtown, you mean LA? RT @ AnnCurry : A 4.4-magnitude earthquake rattled Southern California this morning. Eleven miles east of downtown. via TweetDeck

  728. Damnit, missed the train by seconds again via TweetDeck

  729. Just readin a Toyota camry 2010 manual on the train while wearing gun range ear protection.Nothing odd about that via TweetDeck

  730. Nice RT @ : Four bald eagles are hanging out in Occidental park! The guls are freaking. via TweetDeck

  731. Agreed RT @ bsibley : I am always perplexed when I encounter a married couple who share a Facebook profile. via TweetDeck

  732. lol RT @ jason_preston : At @ ev keynote, tons of softball questions. via TweetDeck

  733. @ DavidCrandall Let me pull up her info real quick. Will DM via TweetDeck

  734. @ DavidCrandall Talk to @ smellycents via TweetDeck

  735. Not the best musical performance, but a very, very touching version of Fix You via TweetDeck

  736. @ codykeith The Reddit comments for that story were kinda funny. Had to send it to my mom & dad since they work in healthcare ;-) via TweetDeck

  737. Lady’s tryin 2 b world’s fattest woman. How’s she pay 4 food? Runs a website where men pay 2 watch her eat via TweetDeck

  738. Ahahaha. Twilights fans, do you see the resemblance? via TweetDeck

  739. Lol. “Nice” AT&T ad via TweetDeck

  740. Do you live in Washington? Then, you should read this via TweetDeck

  741. @ x_Atomic @ Don’t be scurred. Hold on tight via TweetDeck

  742. Missed my train by 30 seconds. Waiting 10 minutes in 10 degree wind chill is painful via TweetDeck from

  743. Line at Target Guest Services is extremely backed up b/c this lady is more interested in playing with the scanner gun than in helping people via TweetDeck from

  744. Internet….beware the wrath of Catman! via TweetDeck

  745. Registering for wedding. Interesting experience via TweetDeck

  746. @ janedevin lol. Yeah, I think the rain followed me from Seattle…At least, it’s in the 60s though here, I guess via TweetDeck

  747. @ janedevin It’s downpouring here at the moment :-( via TweetDeck

  748. @ eh, I turned it off after a minute via TweetDeck

  749. @ edythemighty Yeah, I liked the monkey joke…I know I know, simple but funny ;-) via TweetDeck

  750. @ eh, never liked Nas via TweetDeck

  751. @ edythemighty I see you came across that Reddit thread as well ;-) via TweetDeck

  752. @ jessejanderson Yeah, I’m not a gamer, but find that really cool via TweetDeck

  753. Wow. Check out this game simulator via TweetDeck

  754. Tell me about it ;-) RT @ smellycents : dont you hate when it’s windy and your hair sticks to your lips in the lip gloss???? via TweetDeck

  755. Not seeing it here RT @ VBalasubramani : the web interface is cluttered with a bunch of mouse-over pop-up thingies .. not good :-( via TweetDeck

  756. *Starts the slow clap* RT @ RL_Wood : I’m very pleased to announce that I no longer have a MySpace account. *takes a bow* via TweetDeck

  757. @ x_atomic @ Beware Death Metal Cat via TweetDeck

  758. lol RT @ harrymccracken : Error I got from seems Jobsian: “This is an error message. You have failed in some way.” via TweetDeck

  759. WTF. This guys beats and rapes his 5 teenage daughters for a decade…horrible via TweetDeck

  760. Am I the only person that can’t get to ? In every browser, brings up a Windows Live sign in page via TweetDeck

  761. @ IreneKoehler ;-) via TweetDeck

  762. This is one of the best @ Reddit threads I’ve read in a while via TweetDeck

  763. @ jessejanderson Ouch, that really sucks. Can you roll it back in Time Machine? via TweetDeck

  764. RIP RT @ janedevin : – MacDead MacBook. via TweetDeck

  765. lol RT @ edythemighty : ♫ They see me trollin, they hatin ♫ via TweetDeck

  766. @ saulcolt Would you consider buying it a monitor? ;-) via TweetDeck

  767. I recall seeing a sort of stand that goes on the back of Apple monitors to hold things (laptops) out of view, but can’t find it. Help? via TweetDeck

  768. Matt_Vance

    RT @ morrischris : @ stacyliz this is the only good that comes out of people telling us where they are at. via BeTwittered Retweeted by you

  769. Am I the only one having trouble pulling up the @ mashable site? via TweetDeck

  770. When you’re on the 14th floor in fog, it kinda feels like you’re in the clouds…or in a Rupert Wainwright movie via TweetDeck

  771. hey @ buckheadpizza . You wouldn’t happen to have gluten free pizza, would you? via TweetDeck

  772. @ trainright My mom bought my fiance and I some nice, heavy Hula-Hoops for Christmas. I wouldn’t have thought so, but it’s a good workout via TweetDeck

  773. W.O.W. These 2 brothers are taking their 81 year old mother on a 4500km trip via a homemade carriage via TweetDeck

  774. Wow. Check out this creepy little girl in a predator costume I’m still impressed though via TweetDeck

  775. The Engagement Console from @ Radian6 looks impressive via TweetDeck

  776. I’ve just found the best command line utility for finding a bit of text and replacing it via TweetDeck

  777. I have a birthday wish….this cycling jersey Now, I just need to start riding again :-) via TweetDeck

  778. Lol. OH: “What is your major malfunction?!” [from a former member of the military] via TweetDeck

  779. @ janedevin how long’re you in Atlanta?I was at the @ tweetup In Seattle & now live in Atlanta :) via TweetDeck

  780. Awesome quote. “We didn’t stormtroop them [the Greeks] into the euro. They did, and they didn’t read the rules!” via TweetDeck

  781. I just became the mayor of MARTA – Buckhead Station on @ foursquare ! via foursquare from

  782. Nighty night, world. via TweetDeck

  783. Talk to @ ;-) RT @ StevenMatsumoto : Must have coffee, I am really off my game today. Mind is else where. via TweetDeck

  784. That would be awesome! RT @ : If this is for real @ will push hard to get these beans: via TweetDeck

  785. lol RT @ reddit : Large Fist Paperweight [PIC] via TweetDeck

  786. @ seattlewinegal Probably best to not have them over…too many stalking opportunities ;-) via TweetDeck

  787. Work in Social Media/Marketing? How much do you make? ;-) (via @ ) via TweetDeck

  788. This site is very cool via TweetDeck

  789. @ arianna Hmm…can’t recall. I haven’t checked my account in forever via TweetDeck

  790. @ arianna Feedburner makes it easy…if you’re talking about a blog via TweetDeck

  791. I really need to find some more Atlanta people, news resources, etc to follow. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? via TweetDeck

  792. @ TheDerekJohnson I hear the place is a ghost town :-P via TweetDeck

  793. Thunder and lightning 14 floors up is pretty cool. You can really feel the thunder up here :-) via TweetDeck

  794. Wowie wow wow wow. Check out the size of this ant colony via TweetDeck

  795. @ DavidCrandall Looks about the same here right now…wishing I had brought a rain coat today ;-) via TweetDeck

  796. skydiver

    Confirmed by LAPD: RIP Corey Haim. via TweetDeck Retweeted by you and 20 others

  797. Now, who can’t appreciate a remake of The Final Countdown in Mario Paint? via TweetDeck

  798. I’m impressed by this window farm idea. I’m sure there are other options, but has anyone ever tried this? via TweetDeck

  799. Ahahaha. This is the Best. Plant. Ever! via TweetDeck

  800. Amazing. 20 long exposure pictures via TweetDeck

  801. Lol. Some graffiti in a womens bathroom via TweetDeck

  802. Still adjustin to bein home for a few hours, seein my friends online still, & realizin they’re still at work since they’re on the West coast via TweetDeck

  803. @ lisasolomon oddly they recognized sum1 they knew & ran off the train at the next stop. The mom had BOTH coach & Louis vuitton purses w/her via TweetDeck

  804. 1st they stepped on my feet cuttin me off gettin into the metro.Then took up 4 seats during rush hour Nice ppl via TweetDeck

  805. Better tell the people @ ;-) RT @ Shih_Wei : Zmells like burnt butter at Zeitgeist. via TweetDeck

  806. @ StevenMatsumoto Definitely ;-) via TweetDeck

  807. @ StevenMatsumoto Non-profit marketing mostly. I’m working in the digital marketing dept via TweetDeck

  808. @ StevenMatsumoto I’m with now. Started here last week. Pretty awesome so far via TweetDeck

  809. @ StevenMatsumoto Awesome. That’s good to hear. via TweetDeck

  810. @ StevenMatsumoto pretty good. Still getting used to Atlanta. How about you? via TweetDeck

  811. @ StevenMatsumoto Now, I gotta laugh a little bit b/c it’s been in the 20s down here for about 2 weeks and suddenly it’s in the 60s :-) via TweetDeck

  812. @ saulcolt Very welcome :-) via TweetDeck

  813. @ saulcolt Understandable. I think focusing on being genuine, transparent, etc as a measure of success (as you do) is a good thesis in itself via TweetDeck

  814. @ invoker I tried that for 2 months while doing my MBA. I got into it and then fell right out of it due to too many long days w/o naps via TweetDeck

  815. @ saulcolt I agree w/you. It’s so easy in SM to claim to be the best b/c you have more fans/followers…which is due to gettin into SM early via TweetDeck

  816. Hmm…Another argument for gun control? Maybe via TweetDeck

  817. Just getting my new 15″ Macbook Pro set up. This computer is a tank, but awesome. Just now ordered a case too :-) via TweetDeck

  818. RT @ reddit : Meanwhile in Russia [PIC] via Tweetie

  819. @ RMalayeri Wow. Looks nice. Might be too professional for me ;-) via Tweetie

  820. @ RMalayeri Awesome. I’ll take a look at the KC website. Happen to know if the bag has a specific name? via Tweetie

  821. I need suggestions for a bag for a 15″ Macbook Pro. I love my timbuk2 messenger bag, so I might get another, but am not certain yet. Help? via TweetDeck

  822. I too am anticipating a good lunch via Tweetie

  823. @ VBalasubramani Glad you enjoyed it :-) via TweetDeck

  824. @ x_atomic what’re you doing over there? via TweetDeck

  825. Ha! This review of Avatar on YouTube is awesome. Definitely worth a watch via TweetDeck

  826. @ RMalayeri Thanks. I’ll semd the recipe over sometime if you like ;-) via TweetDeck

  827. @ SkydiverKate They were :-) I can send you a recipe sometime if you like ;-) via TweetDeck

  828. The fiancé & I made mini potato pancakes w/creme fraiche, salmon & chives Mine’s the big 1 in the back ;) via TweetDeck

  829. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. You gotta watch the Kazookeylele cover of Final Countdown via TweetDeck

  830. Wow. Very clever logo via TweetDeck

  831. Sooo…Leno added canned laughter to make Palin seem funny? Doesn’t surprise me via TweetDeck

  832. @ ronschott heh. I have to cross some pretty major streets on the walk home…kinda scary sometimes. Pretty different from Mercer Island ;-) via web

  833. Just saw a cop run a red light & cut off a Ferrari as I was nearly run over in a crosswalk by a guy driving & talkin on his cell phone. Fun via TweetDeck

  834. @ SkydiverKate Damn, and I have 3 of those at home, but never thought of that. Thanks for the reminder :-) via Tweetie

  835. Oh, Eric. Why can’t you eat or drink without spilling on yourself? Today, you went big & stained your shirt & pants in 1 shot. Good job via TweetDeck

  836. Lol. Nice headline! via Tweetie

  837. Gotta luv how this article about the CA Republican Senator arrested for DUI after leaving a gay bar w/a man was written via Tweetie

  838. @ smellycents Soooo….Can you tell me about your life? j/k ;-) via Tweetie

  839. @ briancrouch In Bothell? Hmm. Methinks it’s a U-Haul store or McDonalds restaurant or mayb a Jiffy Lube! Getting close? J/k Congrats, Brian! via Tweetie

  840. ha RT @ jeffdaviscourt : RT @ nickjacob_116 : UW students cutting class to protest budget cuts don’t know how to spell via Tweetie

  841. @ You staying on someone’s couch or something? via Tweetie

  842. Only if u want ppl 2 constantly swipe it thinkn it’s sumthin valuable ;) RT @ paolojr : MUST.GET.THIS. (Canon coffee mug) via Tweetie

  843. @ lancearmstrong iron and wine, maybe? via Tweetie

  844. @ musicbizkid Pssshhh…You should see how slow it is in Topeka…I mean Google, Kansas via Tweetie

  845. @ musicbizkid Darnit! I’m so behind ;-) via Tweetie

  846. What the deuce is going on on Twitter today? Did I miss the memo about confucius-isms, fortune cookie-isms, and lame saying-isms Thursday? via Tweetie

  847. @ SkydiverKate Baby ear plugs should solve the problem of loud noises in that case via Tweetie

  848. @ ronschott How’re things there? Looks like you’ve been busy if you had to skip your buddy’s party ;-) via Tweetie

  849. @ ronschott heh. I suppose you could also start up Biter, an exclusive service for content stealers :-P Pretty cool. F-in cold though via Tweetie

  850. @ SkydiverKate I bet a few feet of bubble wrap would protect him well enough :-P via Tweetie

  851. @ ronschott Sounds like you need to start up Bitter…sorry, couldn’t help it. That 1 just jumped out at me ;-P via Tweetie

  852. @ AndrewDumont must be all of those hardcore keywords you’ve been using lately…work, focus, smart, porn, etc :-P via Tweetie

  853. 2nded. Add FB events nowhere near me & LI Groups RT @ unmarketing next person sends me a FB grp invite after I click ignore once gets paddled via Tweetie

  854. Ha! Nice “Presidential Reunion” video with Will Ferrell, Darrell Hammond, Jim Carrey, Dan Akroyd, etc, etc via Tweetie

  855. lol. nice. RT @ x_atomic : @ ericpratum @ Slow down son! via Tweetie

  856. @ dustinwielenga ha! I’m glad someone appreciated that joke ;-) via TweetDeck

  857. I have a continuing life goal of trying to be more concise, especially when writing. For some reason, I find it extremely difficult to put i via Tweetie

  858. @ bocurran Nope. I don’t ever do that sort of stuff. Was just sort of an odd question someone asked and I was curious to find the answer ;-) via Tweetie

  859. @ bocurran Is there some service w/in it for clients to it it 2 send email newsletters and whatnot? Someone asked if I knew, but I’ve no clue via Tweetie

  860. @ DavidLeedy Do companies use it for newsletters, email lists, etc? Is that a web-based service? via Tweetie

  861. @ rethinkmonday lol. No worries. I’ve never done bulk email or anything, but was asked about it and had no idea, so you helped ;-) via Tweetie

  862. @ rethinkmonday Awesome. There is a web-based version, right? Do people use it for mass emailing? via Tweetie

  863. I need someone to explain the specifics of Lotus Notes to me. I have a few questions about how it could affect email via Tweetie

  864. Hey @ . What’s the average time I can keep roasted beans b4 they go bad? Just wonderin b/c I’ve some old 1s on my counter via Tweetie

  865. Why does iCal on 1 of my macs show events in east coast time & the other shows events in west coast time? Both are set to eastern time zone via TweetDeck

  866. Agreed RT @ reddit : If she doesn’t go back to him after THIS, she never will via Tweetie

  867. [email protected] wevillage No worries. Wasn’t an inconvenience at all. It was just annoying to unsubscribe so many times w/o success. Thx for your help :) via Tweetie

  868. Wow. RT @ reddit : What do you do with 2 years and 420,000 matchsticks? You build something awesome via Tweetie

  869. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how many times I unsubscribe from @ wevillage ’s e-newsletter. I continue to receive it…annoying via Tweetie

  870. @ pcaveney Awesome. Thanks. And thanks to @ too :-) via Tweetie

  871. @ pcaveney Keep the recommendations coming though ;-) via Tweetie

  872. I hate to use the word fail, but this really is a Survival Fail. lol (via @ ) via Tweetie

  873. @ pcaveney probably not too far really, but too far for lunch today. I’m in Peachtree Center downtown via Tweetie

  874. Why did I wear a white shirt on a day I wanted to bring spaghetti for lunch? Looks like I’m finding somewhere to get food. Suggestions? via Tweetie

  875. RT @ ronschott : Darn! Should’ve brought green eggs and ham in for observance of Dr. Seuss’ birthday! via Tweetie

  876. @ smellycents Yep, both of us. She’s been tasked with the unfortunate work of unpacking & organizing our place ;-) There’re boxes everywhere! via Tweetie

  877. I just became the mayor of Grizzard Communications Group, Inc. on @ foursquare ! via foursquare from

  878. @ smellycents Pretty good. Moved to ATL last week. It’s snowing really hard here right now :-) How’s life in SF? via Tweetie

  879. @ smellycents I don’t watch it, but from what people have been saying, I’m guessing it ended last night. What was so bad about it? via Tweetie

  880. What the heck is going on… I don’t see snow once this winter in Seattle, and now, it’s snowing in Atlanta?! via Tweetie

  881. I decided to try @ caribou_coffee this morning. Why the deuce does it cost me $2.29 to get a large drip? It tastes good, but that seems steep via Tweetie

  882. Nice post from @ andrewdumont about why you might want to “waste your time” blogging via Tweetie

  883. Dear, Facebook. I don’t want to have to “hide” each and every application. Give me a freaking “Hide all” button via TweetDeck

  884. The view from my new office via TweetDeck

  885. Jiminy Christmas, Atlanta is a lot freaking colder than Seattle right now via TweetDeck

  886. So, I finally watched the season (or is it series?) finale of Heroes last night. Really? That is how they’re going to end it?! via TweetDeck

  887. @ @ x_atomic @ frenchtron300 Just sneaking up on you, dog. via TweetDeck

  888. Why are all of the onions in Kroger naked? via TweetDeck

  889. Wow, who knew there was a twtrcon vid of me talking about Twitter for non-profits in 140 seconds or less via TweetDeck

  890. Wow, this North Korean traffic lady is like a robot via TweetDeck

  891. @ ronschott Ha! Was nervous as it was since I was pretty much makin it up as I went.Would’ve bn more nervous if I’d known I was bn taped ;-) via TweetDeck

  892. @ janellevadnais Thanks for the suggestion :-) via TweetDeck

  893. @ Hamburglar Thanks. I’ll check it out. We’re about .5 miles from the interstate & my allergies are acting up a bit already ;-) via TweetDeck

  894. I need recommendations for an air purifier for a 960 sq ft place. Would be best if it was quiet enough to run day and night via TweetDeck

  895. @ musicbizkid lol. So far, it’s been a disappointing first-look ;) via TweetDeck

  896. @ mortgageporter ha! Nice via TweetDeck

  897. Is it appropriate to yell “oh crap” when u realize u just locked urself in the bathroom? via TweetDeck

  898. @ pcaveney ha. Thank you. I think I’ve washed my hands more in the last 2 days than I had in the last 2 months ;-) via TweetDeck

  899. 1 of the 1st things I’ve learned about the south – the menus at every restaurant have food caked all over them. via TweetDeck

  900. @ yeah, trying to talk my fiancé into it. Then, just gotta find a good one in the area ;-) via TweetDeck

  901. So, it turns out that my bank’s closest branch is 141 miles from Atlanta. “awesome.” Guess I’m changing banks via TweetDeck

  902. Wow. You know something is touching/sad when even the commentator for the is crying via TweetDeck

  903. @ EricOverman Lucky! I was told ATL is supposed to get more snow or at least rain ;-) via TweetDeck

  904. Ugh! Due to packing and moving, I haven’t checked my RSS reader since Feb 6th. Here’s goes a slog via TweetDeck

  905. Oh, wow. This is an awesome pic. “Probably the last time I’ll be allowed to give my dog a haircut” via TweetDeck

  906. @ micberryman Thk u. Seems pretty nice so far but I’m hoping I’ll have some time to slow down and enjoy it after the movers deliver our stuff via TweetDeck

  907. @ nsmitha Thanks, man. I created so many places on @ foursquare , @ whrrl , & @ gowalla during that drive ;-) How’re things there? via TweetDeck

  908. @ Thx! Yea, had 2 beat the mover here & find a new place 2 live b/c the mover was on his way & we didn’t have a place yet :) via TweetDeck

  909. So, I drove 40 hours Seattle to Atlanta, picked a new place to live, move in tomorrow. Now…I collapse for at least 12 hours…tired via TweetDeck

  910. @ RMalayeri Thanks, Reza. Found a place to live today too :-) via TweetDeck

  911. @ briancrouch Yikes. That sounds like a real adventure ;-) via TweetDeck

  912. @ geekgiant heh. I’m going to tonight. We had to get up early again so that we could find somewhere to live ;-) via TweetDeck

  913. @ ha! Thx, man. Got in @ 3am. Picked our apt today. Eating sushi & then crashing. How’re things there? via TweetDeck

  914. Rise & shine, Atlanta. Time to get up. 43 hours of driving to get from Seattle to here, but there’s no time to waste via TweetDeck

  915. Hello, Georgia, my new home. 100 miles to Atlanta. Then, I start settling in. via TweetDeck

  916. What is w/ the mile markers every .2 miles in IL, MO, & KY? In the west we have only 1 every mile. via TweetDeck

  917. @ geekgiant lol. No worries. Thx, man. Sooo tired of driving right now ;-) via TweetDeck

  918. [email protected] making lots of coffee stops but have honestly come across very few quality cups. I’ll have to order some from you soon :-) via TweetDeck

  919. Finally entering St Louis. Really tired. 17 hours of driving yesterday did us in. Gonna have to power through though via TweetDeck

  920. I just saw a guy buy Schlitz beer at a gas station. I thought that beer was a joke…silly me. It exists via TweetDeck

  921. @ rollabarnessa heh. True. After 17 hours of driving yesterday though, I’m almost ready to accept that unfortunately ;-) via TweetDeck

  922. @ yeah, appears so. Ended up settling for something from a machine unfortunately via TweetDeck

  923. Can’t a guy get a decent coffee in the middle of Missouri? The iPhone says there’s nothing along I70 :( via TweetDeck

  924. St Joseph, MO: the wrecked-and-abandoned-cars-on-the-interstate-due-to-ice-and-snow capital of the world. Counted 50+ in less than 5 miles via TweetDeck

  925. @ DannyMinick heh. Roads have been clear so far, but what is with all of the cars in the median on the interstate? :-P via TweetDeck

  926. @ DannyMinick ha! Nice. Too bad we won’t get to see them. We starting heading east once we hit Kansas City via TweetDeck

  927. @ x_atomic heh. We’re closing in on Kansas City, MO at the mo…searching for a good place to eat ;-) via TweetDeck

  928. Rock Port, Missouri must be the fireworks capital of America. We saw no less than 6 malls, emporiums, & worlds from I-29 as we passed via TweetDeck

  929. Waking up in snowy Iowa. 14 degrees and clear blue skies here :-) via TweetDeck

  930. @ not there yet. Stopped in Iowa last night. We’ll get to Garlic Jim’s in TN tonight ;-) via TweetDeck

  931. @ garlicjim I drove 8 hrs Fri Seattle-Missoula, 17 2day Missoula-Sioux City,& 10 2moro to Nashville.Pls tell me ur TN store does gluten free via TweetDeck

  932. @ cpedraza heh. Yeah, I’ve only been once but it seemed bad. I’m hoping to get a place on the rail line tho so I can avoid driving :) via TweetDeck

  933. Made it thru Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, & passed Sioux City, IA in 1 day. Lots of nothingness to see. Pretty amazing tho via TweetDeck

  934. driven most of the across South Dakota & what have I seen so far? Very little. amazing how such large stretches of the state are unpopulated via TweetDeck

  935. Not the best example pic, but after Vegas, Rapid City, SD must be the billboard capital of America via TweetDeck

  936. @ ThomAbbott heh. Good point. I’m driving/moving to Atlanta :-) Just about to cross into South Dakota via TweetDeck

  937. How many times do I have to try McDonald’s mochas before I realize they taste horrible every time?! via TweetDeck

  938. So, I may be mistaken but I think Gillette, WY’s high school is in a strip mall via TweetDeck

  939. Things I’ve already noticed about Sheridan, WY: it’s a toasty 32 degrees & gas is really cheap via TweetDeck

  940. @ cpedraza driving/moving to Atlanta. Should get there Tuesday some time :) via TweetDeck

  941. wow, Billings has a ton of smokestacks. What’s being produced in this town? via TweetDeck

  942. @ TheDerekJohnson lol. Thx, Derek. Just driving thru Billings now. It’s warmed up to 25 degrees ;) via TweetDeck

  943. Despite it being 12 degrees F this morning here, I gotta say that what I have seen of Montana is beautiful via TweetDeck

  944. Up and at em. Leaving Montana & 1,998 miles from Garlic Jim’s in Tennessee via TweetDeck

  945. Hey, Bellingham. Guess what I found in Montana ;) via TweetDeck

  946. @ RMalayeri awesome. Congrats on the change ;-) I still need to check out pipio. I’ve only had my iPhone & no laptop for a few days now via TweetDeck

  947. Getting to be overcast in Missoula. Does this mean snow for the rest of the trip? “Yay” via TweetDeck

  948. Man, I had the weirdest dreams last night. I normally don’t remember my dreams but it feels like I dreamt an entire lifetime last night via TweetDeck

  949. Nice view here in Montana :-) via TweetDeck

  950. @ Twittelstaedt yeah, I’ve only had access to the net thru my iPhone for a few days so I couldn’t really check out the link via TweetDeck

  951. Just realized that we’re now 2,058 miles from Garlic Jim’s in Tennessee via TweetDeck

  952. Arrived in Montana. Meeting the movers in Missoula tomorrow. Then back on the road Sunday via TweetDeck

  953. @ DavidCrandall thanks, David. You still have to fill me in on your plans ;-) via TweetDeck

  954. Just entered Montana & it’s snowing :) via TweetDeck

  955. @ TheDerekJohnson thanks, buddy via TweetDeck

  956. Starting the drive to Atlanta now. Currently, we’re 2,453 from Garlic Jim’s in Tennessee via TweetDeck

  957. @ garlicjim Startn the drive/move from Seattle 2 Atlanta 2day.Heard there’s GJ’s in TN so stopn there.Any gluten free specials we should try? via TweetDeck

  958. @ any specials on gluten free pizza? My fiancé & I are orderin our last pizza before startin our drive to Atlanta tomorrow morning via TweetDeck

  959. I’ve come to realize that 90% of the things I & my fiancé have I neither own nor use. Interesting. Packing it all up made that clear ;-) via TweetDeck

  960. All new Boeing planes being shipped by trane thru Seattle via TweetDeck

  961. @ RMalayeri thx, Reza :) via TweetDeck

  962. @ arianna Went well. 100% raw doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea, but we learned how to make some pretty cool things via TweetDeck

  963. @ KaitlynAliano SAD, I suppose via TweetDeck

  964. On Linkedin, stranger sends a nasty msg re:my status. I tell him would’ve bn easier to disconnect than be mean.He replies w/another mean msg via TweetDeck

  965. @ KaitlynAliano Just an experiment w/my fiance. Did raw for 6 months 2 years ago, vegan for 4 years, vegetarian for 5 before that. via TweetDeck

  966. @ RL_Wood That was a trip. Apparently, it’s a psychological problem…something like OCD via TweetDeck

  967. @ RL_Wood No, but I’ll have to check it out. Recently saw an old 60 Minutes report on Orthorexics (ppl who are obsessed with “healthy” food) via TweetDeck

  968. Today is my last day of eating exclusively raw food. It’s been a month…interesting experience. via TweetDeck

  969. Ha! Bender sums up US foreign policy via TweetDeck

  970. Hmm…I’m curious what Razorfish is planning for its SM dept…New SM Director position open (via @ KevinUrie ) via TweetDeck

  971. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic And….he’s outta there! via TweetDeck

  972. Ah, I get it now. This is how this get accomplished in Washington, DC via TweetDeck

  973. Ha! Someone found this in a Korean ESL book via TweetDeck

  974. @ Thanks for pointing that out. We’re driving through TN, so we just might stop :-) via TweetDeck

  975. @ Thank you. We’re going to try to get one last pizza or two before we take off on the 19th :-) via TweetDeck

  976. For some reason, when anyone says the band name Linkin Park, I think they’re saying Drinkin Shark…Honestly, that sounds so much cooler via TweetDeck

  977. @ My fiance and I will miss your pizza when we move to Georgia. She’s allergic to gluten, and you make the best gluten free pizza via TweetDeck

  978. Wow, this guys really hates his job The Reddit responses to him are awesome via TweetDeck

  979. Efficient kitty storage for @ frenchtron300 , @ , & @ x_atomic via TweetDeck

  980. just realized I had my last Friday in Seattle 2 wks ago. Was outta town Friday, outta town this Friday, startn the drive 2 Atlanta next Fri via TweetDeck

  981. @ jeannabarrett Ha! True. Thank you very much via TweetDeck

  982. King County Metro, I’m sorry to tell you this, but this bus smells like ass via TweetDeck

  983. @ jeannabarrett yep, heading down to Atlanta in 2 weeks via TweetDeck

  984. @ deucehartley wow. Crazy via TweetDeck

  985. Ugh. When you’re moving across the country, there’s too much to do in too short of a time. I’ve been up past 12 9 nights straight via TweetDeck


  987. @ RL_Wood Yeah, it rarely crashes on me, but when it does, it’s tremendously frustrating via TweetDeck

  988. @ kg_creative Yep. It’s weird what it did save too…all of the stuff that I can redo quickly, nothing that took time via TweetDeck

  989. Ever have 1 of those moments when Excel crashes, doesn’t autorecover your file, so u wanna throw ur comp out the window? Yea, that’s me now via TweetDeck

  990. Ahahaha! The iPoo iPhone app. Priceless (from @ ) via TweetDeck

  991. The wine seller on 6th in Seattle is pretty cool via TweetDeck

  992. SpringCreekGrp

    We’re pulling back the SMM analytics curtain in our latest blog post from @ xjimenez – via CoTweet Retweeted by you and 4 others

  993. I just became the mayor of Mercer Island High School Track on @ foursquare ! via foursquare

  994. @ x_atomic Ha! via TweetDeck

  995. Blog Post: Raw: Week 3 – As of the end of last week, I had lost ~10lbs. At the end of this week, I was hovering aro… via HootSuite

  996. 3 weeks of eating raw down. 10 days to go. via TweetDeck

  997. Have you voted in the Shorty Awards? If not, give a vote to @ danzarrella for via TweetDeck

  998. I vote for @ danzarrella for a Shorty Award in , b/c his research is amazing & impressive. via Shorty Awards

  999. I hit the end of week 3 eating raw last night. Just gotta write the new post now. Week 1: Week 2: via TweetDeck

  1000. @ x_atomic heh. And Chick-fil-a. I’ve only had their nuggets, but I head the chicken sandwich is delicious via TweetDeck

  1001. Read this story and then vote to fight childhood obesity via TweetDeck

  1002. @ x_atomic Sorry, my friend. Cute animal attacks can always happen online though ;-) via TweetDeck

  1003. So, in case you haven’t heard, I’m moving to Atlanta via TweetDeck

  1004. Blog Post: I’m moving to Atlanta – Just last week, I accepted a position as Associate Director of Digital Marketing… via HootSuite

  1005. @ codykeith potentially via TweetDeck

  1006. I assume this is supposed to be a painting of Jesus…What however is sticking out of pants? via TweetDeck

  1007. This’s starting 2 piss me off. Bus driver 4 seattle’s rte 202 left a stop as a guy was sprintin 2 catch us & he slams the brake @ each stop via TweetDeck

  1008. Oh, man. This ‘Probably Bad News’ made me laugh pretty hard via TweetDeck

  1009. Ha! Onboard unveils Onboard Mag. Take that iPad! (via @ x_atomic ) via TweetDeck

  1010. I just joined the Mercer Island High School Track Regulars Society by checking in on @ Whrrl via Whrrl

  1011. Breaking news out of Cupertino – has just announced the IP Freely. via TweetDeck

  1012. I just joined the Spring Creek Group Regulars Society by checking in on @ Whrrl via Whrrl

  1013. Out for a morning @ MIHs track. In my @ socks. Been a long time since I ran in cotton socks. Pretty comfy tho via TweetDeck

  1014. x_atomic

    Hey iPhone, sorry, Ima let U finish, but the is the greatest technological advancement of all time! via UberTwitter Retweeted by you and 2 others

  1015. @ yeah. Transparency is awesome, but that level distracts from the whole experience. via TweetDeck

  1016. 7 of us in the back of the bus. 5 w/iPhones out. & the distant droning of a crowd saying, “Steve Jobs, we’ll buy anything you’ll sell us.” via TweetDeck

  1017. @ abbypatten Ha! We’re only beginners, but that sounds delicious. via TweetDeck

  1018. @ frenchtron300 nice via TweetDeck

  1019. So, @ just got a first look at the They’re a bit clunkier than I thought they’d be via TweetDeck

  1020. An insider friend confirmed that Steve Jobs will appear tomorrow w/1 in each arm…a la Moses. I think Jobs is losin it via TweetDeck

  1021. Sounds like @ codykeith & @ x_atomic have had similar days. Problems with electronics and customer support ;-) via TweetDeck

  1022. @ codykeith That’s 1 ? too many :-P via TweetDeck

  1023. @ Twittelstaedt Thru February 10th. 16 days and 10lbs down so far. It’s a weird experience. Kinda cool though to learn what all you can make via TweetDeck

  1024. @ Twittelstaedt lol via TweetDeck

  1025. @ I think it’s no different from ghost authoring a book. Don’t have to say it’s not you unless it somehow becomes an issue. via TweetDeck

  1026. @ Twittelstaedt I’ve started doing it while I’m doing my warm up walk or jog before my run ;-) via TweetDeck

  1027. @ x_atomic Little miracle machine on the way:-P via TweetDeck

  1028. I just got a DM from @ AAA_Washington , following up on a complaint I had from a few days back. Refreshing to see a response. Thank you! via TweetDeck

  1029. Blog Post: Raw: Week 2 – Last week, we got a raw dinner at Chaco Canyon. The food was pretty good, but honestly, no… via HootSuite

  1030. Here’s to my 2nd week of eating raw food: via TweetDeck

  1031. Interestin I found this when I’m eatin only raw food. Doubt I’ll be winning sexiest woman over 50 anytime soon tho ;) via Seesmic

  1032. @ x_atomic @ I like how the cat appears to have a massive overbite :-P via Seesmic

  1033. Wow, this Batman thread is pretty awesome :-) via Seesmic

  1034. Sooo, I finally know who Heidi Montag is…well, I mean by that that I now know what she looks like. I still have no idea why she’s famous via Seesmic

  1035. Dear Facebook. Wtf? I needs your insights, but they’s not there. Why you play with me like this? via Seesmic

  1036. Ha! This is a pretty awesome way to handle not hearing back from a company you’ve applied to ;-) via Seesmic

  1037. @ KennedyIAm I don’t tend to mind the “Hey, just leaving. See you in 15 minutes” calls, but ppl who just rattle on can get annoying ;-) via Seesmic

  1038. @ pcaveney heh. Yeah, I’m hardcore ;-) via Seesmic

  1039. @ DavidCrandall Ha. True. I find the shows entertaining, but it seems weird that that’s on something like 4 of the 16 or so TVs ;-) via Seesmic

  1040. Got up @ 6am for a run. I’ve never been a fan of exercising before work, so even though I’d like this to continue, we’ll see if it does ;) via TweetDeck

  1041. Gah! Stupid tweetdeck just reposted something from 2 days ago. Eh, oh well via TweetDeck

  1042. I find it amusing that I’m on the elliptical @ 24 Hour Fitness watching some Food Network show about a BBQ contest & I’m on a raw diet ;) via TweetDeck

  1043. @ RMalayeri Thank you :-) via TweetDeck

  1044. @ harmonymatters Yeah, I think that the fact it’s winter is really making this raw month super expensive :-( via TweetDeck

  1045. @ harmonymatters The co-op in B’ham is awesome. I haven’t checked out one in Seattle yet though. Good suggestion ;-) via TweetDeck

  1046. I find it amusing that I’m on the elliptical @ 24 Hour Fitness watching some Food Network show about a BBQ contest & I’m on a raw diet ;) via TweetDeck

  1047. Everyone says to go to costco for fruits & veggies. $100 later. Ouch via TweetDeck

  1048. @ VBalasubramani Selfstructured.Just googled a bunch about raw diets.If u ever have the urge, go to Thrive in the Greenlake area.Awesome food via TweetDeck

  1049. @ VBalasubramani Heh. My fiance and I are doing a month raw. It’s been pretty interesting thus far. via TweetDeck

  1050. It took me a few months, but I’ve finally gotten everything set up on my mac mini. Now, to conquer the world! Oh yes, and it’s raw day 13 via TweetDeck

  1051. @ TheDerekJohnson taco salad, really hardy miso soup, nachos, 2 kinds of smoothies, 2 kinds of chocolate pie, and gelato.Really amazing stuff via TweetDeck

  1052. Wow, just went to an all raw restaurant called Thrive. Blown away. It was awesome food! via TweetDeck

  1053. @ rethinkmonday heh. I think I was probably low on calories, so my body was craving energy…just a guess though via Seesmic

  1054. I’ve eaten raw 4 12days now.Yestrday’s the 1st time I felt tired durin the day.2day I had some pretty immense cravings for fried food. Weird via Seesmic

  1055. RE: Looks to me like an old Powerbook via DISQUS

  1056. Haha. So, they let their little brother dress himself for a wedding via Seesmic

  1057. @ jtopal heh. Sorry about that. You’re just not sending anything like that out anymore ;-) via Seesmic

  1058. danzarrella

    Raise your hand if you get tired of “engage in the conversation” type social media advice. via TweetDeck Retweeted by you and 2 others

  1059. Correction – make that Safe Towing. Finally showed up an hour after they said they would. No explanation for the delay via TweetDeck

  1060. Ordered a car tow from Safe Tow thru AAA 2 hrs ago. Still not here. “Just 15 more minutes.” Yeah right. Your service blows, buddy via TweetDeck

  1061. @ @ frenchtron300 I’ve been flipped upside down via Seesmic

  1062. RT @ johnbiggs want a sexy new timbuk2 laptop bag? RT this. via Seesmic

  1063. It blows my mind that people pay to “watch” invisible wrestling via Seesmic

  1064. This is pretty cool. I gotta make this for dinner someday soon ;-) via Seesmic

  1065. @ @ frenchtron300 Cat ties. Need I say more? via Seesmic

  1066. Blog Post: Raw: Week 1 – A while back, my fiance and I decided to try going a month eating only raw food. Honestly,… via HootSuite

  1067. My fiance & I are doing a month raw. Yesterday, we hit 1 week via Seesmic

  1068. This is pretty cool. Why the Army has helicopters and the Air Force does not via Seesmic

  1069. This is crazy! This is what school kids eat nowadays? A teacher blogs about horrible school lunches via Seesmic

  1070. Mind = blown. I knew there wasn’t much football in football, but turns out the normal game only has 11 minutes of play via Seesmic

  1071. @ @ frenchtron300 At first I was like…then I was all via Seesmic

  1072. Oh, wow RT @ musicbizkid : @ ericpratum @ annettemargaret comes in just behind the geektastic a cappella version for me. :) via Seesmic

  1073. Agreed RT @ annettemargaret : @ musicbizkid @ ericpratum Dare I say this acoustic cover is better than the original?Hmm…Yes, I dare to say it via Seesmic

  1074. This Russian dude is blowing my mind with his acoustic cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face via Seesmic

  1075. Just so that everyone knows, Leggings Are Not Pants! via Seesmic

  1076. Crazy. ’s The Big Picture shows us Haiti 48 hours after the earthquake. This is heartbreaking via Seesmic

  1077. Wowee wow wee wha…check out First Person Tetris via Seesmic

  1078. Oh, how I love the stupidity of Nedroid via Seesmic

  1079. Haha. Nice, old Conan segment via Seesmic

  1080. @ RL_Wood Nice. Cute cats. I’d love to have a cat if I wasn’t allergic to them via Seesmic

  1081. @ RL_Wood @ Ha! We have a sort of “one up” competition going ;-) via Seesmic

  1082. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic Who could say no to this little guy? via Seesmic

  1083. Oh, wow. This is one of Conan’s best interviews ever via Seesmic

  1084. I couldn’t agree with this more via Seesmic

  1085. @ Hamburglar And a good talker. I could just imagine his inspirational halftime speeches ;-) via Seesmic

  1086. Yikes RT @ Hamburglar : Rumor of the day: Conan will replace Pete Carroll at USC. You heard it here first. via Seesmic

  1087. Wow RT @ reddit : Conan is out, won’t do show following Leno via Seesmic

  1088. @ ElwoodJBlues Agreed via Seesmic

  1089. Gamers, you should check this out. This guy hooked his exercise bike up to his xbox 360 via Seesmic

  1090. @ Hells yes! via Seesmic

  1091. @ @ frenchtron300 Gato entubado via Seesmic

  1092. @ AndrewDumont Thanks, dude. via Seesmic

  1093. @ AndrewDumont Anything by Rise Against and The Stills’ “Oceans Will Rise” via Seesmic

  1094. @ mightymegasaur Yeah, the last two hung around for quite a while, but I only had minor congestion after days 4 or 5 via Seesmic

  1095. @ AndrewDumont @ ronschott @ peterghorrill Thanks for the advice. Gonna try to nap it out of me ;-) via Seesmic

  1096. @ RL_Wood Heh. definitely possible. Someone told me “It’s b/c ur stressed,” To which I replied “I’M NOT STRESSED” j/k :-P via Seesmic

  1097. Ugh…3rd cold in 2 months. This is fun via Tweetie

  1098. Oh, wow. This is quite the picture… yikes via Seesmic

  1099. If Jesus Had A Cat [PIC].. via twiggit

  1100. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic Beware. Do not eat via Seesmic

  1101. Pretty interesting chart correlation of books read and SAT scores via Seesmic

  1102. Wow. This guy’s reaction on the Antiques Roadshow is great. That’s an amazing treasure he’s got via Seesmic

  1103. This is quite the touching story Tired of news about the world going to crap? Read this instead via Seesmic

  1104. @ danzarrella What’s the trend look like? via Seesmic

  1105. @ x_atomic You could sell him to the Roadkill Grill ;-) Nothing like fresh possum via Seesmic

  1106. @ x_atomic Whoa. Yikes via Seesmic

  1107. Wow! I’m really happy train/bus stations in the northwest aren’t like this. Crazy via Seesmic

  1108. @ @ frenchtron300 Try not to respond to this ;-) via Seesmic

  1109. @ coffeeshopchat I like how it functions & the theory behind it, but so few ppl I know r on it. Haven’t used foursquare yet via Seesmic

  1110. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic Getting ready to head to the office via Seesmic

  1111. @ x_atomic Ha! Nice. I’ll see your alligator and raise you a beach log via Seesmic

  1112. @ coffeeshopchat I am ;-) via Seesmic

  1113. Oooh that’s tempting. RT @ Soup of the day @ = Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle. Lunch is served; Come and get it! via Seesmic

  1114. ’sup, baby! via Seesmic

  1115. @ AndrewDumont Seesmic. Its FB integration is better than Tweetdeck’s imho via Seesmic

  1116. Read this & the 1st comment. Makes you wonder how any of us make decisions :-P via Seesmic

  1117. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic The hardest thing to wrap via Seesmic

  1118. I’m not sure which is better, this video or the last one via Seesmic

  1119. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. Someone found a way to make listening to Nickelback bearable. lol via Seesmic

  1120. Aha! Ahahaha via Seesmic

  1121. It’s taken me about a year to realize my alarm was set on CD. I felt like every day was Ground Hog’s Day…same song every time via Seesmic

  1122. I need to be able to input addresses & have something tell me how to get from 1 to the next most efficiently. via Seesmic

  1123. @ Really? Weird. A few explosions of stars and the text “Happy New Year!” popping up all over the page via Seesmic

  1124. Wow, that is a pretty cool trick. Go to and click “I’m feeling lucky” without entering any text via Seesmic

  1125. @ How was your night? via Seesmic

  1126. Oh, wow. I was just asked “what day is it”… Seriously via Seesmic

  1127. Happy New Year, everybody! All the best in 2010 via Seesmic

  1128. How things have changed…10 years ago, I hadn’t lived overseas, hadn’t played in a real serious band, hadn’t had a job I loved via Seesmic

  1129. This is really cool. A visual height and weight chart via Seesmic

  1130. @ x_atomic Is this a pic of what you got for xmas? via Seesmic

  1131. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic It’s cold out there via Seesmic

  1132. All the best in the new year, everybody via Seesmic

  1133. @ geekgiant Use Seesmic ;-) via Seesmic

  1134. @ kg_creative definitely via Seesmic

  1135. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic You guys still tired? via Seesmic

  1136. I love the “logic” in this person’s argument…and by “love,” I mean that I find it hilarious via Seesmic

  1137. Time for a morning tear jerker? via Seesmic

  1138. Oh, wow. @ just asked me if I thought the full length LEGO movie (debuting in February) will be a “blockbuster”? *zing* via Seesmic

  1139. @ harrymccracken Just tell someone you need to pay with cash ;-) via Seesmic

  1140. @ geekgiant I will take you up on that sometime in the future. This week, the future in-laws are in town ;-) via Seesmic

  1141. @ bsibley I’ve unfriended ex-girlfriends. It helped me to get some mental space via Seesmic

  1142. @ TheDerekJohnson Nice. Congrats on the growth via Seesmic

  1143. @ TheDerekJohnson who’s new @ tatango ? via Seesmic

  1144. @ ronschott anything serious? via Seesmic

  1145. @ codykeith 2 day week last week. 3 days this week. 4 days next week ;-) via Seesmic

  1146. @ codykeith heh. Yeah. I’ve had 5 days of vacation, so I think that messed with my system via Seesmic

  1147. Ugh…been trying to sleep for 3 hours. Can’t :-( via Seesmic

  1148. Interesting…43,600 year-old, self-cloning plant via Seesmic

  1149. @ To be honest, I haven’t paid attention to teams other than the Seahawks this year so I’m not sure via Seesmic

  1150. @ geekgiant Yeah, this is painful. via Seesmic

  1151. @ geekgiant Watchin the hawks rite now in HD on fox.Most antenna channels r in HD.Drawback’s mainly that I don’t get cable channels I’d want via Seesmic

  1152. @ geekgiant $0. I use an antenna and hulu mostly ;-) via Seesmic

  1153. @ cpedraza I’ve heard it was good. Let me know what you think via Seesmic

  1154. Gonna say it now just in case I don’t get online tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it’s a good one. via Seesmic

  1155. @ valdezign Same thing my dad said ;-) via Seesmic

  1156. @ SkydiverKate Thank you. You too :-) via Seesmic

  1157. Now, let’s not overhype Avatar or anything, but was I impressed? Absofrickinglutely! Might be the most immersing movie I’ve seen. via Seesmic

  1158. @ SkydiverKate I liked it a lot. My dad was super impressed. I liked it enough to potentially see it again :-) via Seesmic

  1159. @ RL_Wood Oh, man. I would love to, but I’m just heading out the door for my parents. Thanks for the invite. Have a merry Christmas! :-) via Seesmic

  1160. About to watch Avatar :-) via Whrrl

  1161. @ x_atomic heh. I took the day off ;-) How’s your home day treating you? via Seesmic

  1162. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic Is someone sad? via Seesmic

  1163. Hahaha. This FB message belongs on . via Seesmic

  1164. ahaha RT @ IreneKoehler : Top female athlete of 2009 – Serena Williams. Coming in 2nd place – A horse. (AP) via Seesmic

  1165. Ha! RT @ SpringCreekGrp : Dear world… quit makin predictions 4 SM in ‘10.U weren’t good @ the 1s u had 4 2009. Luv, me & @ foleymo . via Seesmic

  1166. @ Agreed. I’m not see the value in the @ insight changes. via Seesmic

  1167. @ danielbru Never even heard of @ blippy , but I’ll check it out. Before I do, any suggestions? via Seesmic

  1168. @ garyvee Probly 1 of the many reasons people gravitate toward your brand and message…making yourself available, approachable, and present via Seesmic

  1169. Interesting. With how big of an @ garyvee fan @ andrewdumont is, I’m curious to see how this conversation develops ;-) via Seesmic

  1170. ahahaha. ahahaha. ahahaha. Oh, man! BEEFCAKE! [pic] via Seesmic

  1171. @ andriynoble @ gpittman Success. Did a system restore. I’ll let the owner figure out the rest :-) via Seesmic

  1172. @ andriynoble Yeah, looks like this 1 did too, but being a mac person, I had no idea what to do with it. Argh! Fixin other ppl’s computers! via Seesmic

  1173. @ gpittman I guess that I’m just used to Macs. They always come with discs. I guess PCs don’t. Seems weird to me via Seesmic

  1174. Do some PCs really not come with OS software discs? If so, that is mind blowing. via Seesmic

  1175. @ @ x_Atomic @ frenchtron300 You better watch your backs via Seesmic

  1176. @ codykeith oops, meant to say that I decided to go, bought my tix, and left all within 24 hours via Seesmic

  1177. @ codykeith lol. No worries. Sydney and Canberra. I decided to go, bought my tix, left the next day, stayed with friends for 2 weeks via Seesmic

  1178. @ ronschott Congratulations :-) via Seesmic

  1179. @ codykeith My trip there was my best trip yet. It’s a pretty cool place via Seesmic

  1180. @ You’re starting to sound like @ x_atomic :-P via Seesmic

  1181. @ BenBridgeGirl Thk u. Actually looked at ben bridge for her ring. She’s still looking for mine, but liked 1 at ur Alderwood location via Seesmic

  1182. @ pxls2prnt lol. Thanks, Mitch. I was pretty lost when it came to price, quality, shape, etc, etc. They should teach classes on this stuff ;) via Seesmic

  1183. @ pxls2prnt @ andrewdumont @ shih_wei heh. I got engaged Nov 6. Ultimately got the rock from blue Nile & the ring from Shane via Tweetie

  1184. @ AndrewDumont You and me both ;-) And, I actually had to make all of those jewelry store visits not too long ago :-P via Seesmic

  1185. @ JessIzFresh Very welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it. :-) via Seesmic

  1186. I gotta say that this post on dating being competitive manipulation is spot on via Seesmic

  1187. This post clearly demonstrates one of the reasons I like Reddit via Endless Tweets

  1188. This is a pretty cool pic of Obama watching a bit of football ;-) via Seesmic

  1189. Haha. You gotta love Burger King’s sense of humor here via Seesmic

  1190. @ x_atomic Screw a Ginger Bread House. It’s bacon house time via Seesmic

  1191. What the deuce?! This is quite the baseball catch via Seesmic

  1192. Hahaha. No, this is not condescending at all [comic] via Seesmic

  1193. Crazy. Check out this Seattle area high school’s 1 shot music video filmed completely in reverse via Seesmic

  1194. @ codykeith I think it’s a Fail Mr Splashy Pants today :-P via Seesmic

  1195. RT @ : The Christmas Can-Can (sent to me by @ x_atomic ) – via Seesmic

  1196. @ Shih_Wei And, should you be required to pay gratuity on groups of that size if your service is horrible? ;-) via Seesmic

  1197. Oh, man. I always get a kick out of the FB group dedicated to my uncle via Seesmic

  1198. Agreed. very cool RT @ paolojr : just saw this AMAZING short video by Ryan Lewis starring @ macklemore – “Fake Empire” #206 via Seesmic

  1199. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic It’s nap time via Seesmic

  1200. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic I need a new chair via Seesmic

  1201. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic Someone’s getting a little heavy via Seesmic

  1202. @ @ frenchtron300 @ x_atomic Bath Time! via Seesmic

  1203. @ CoolGuyGreg Part of me was thinking “Wow, with all of the Tiger Woods news, I wonder if he’ll end up like this” via Seesmic

  1204. Just finished “Funny People.” Weird movie. It’s good, but it’s so long and has a peculiar story, so I’m not sure what to think about it via Seesmic

  1205. It’s about freaking time. I mute the TV anytime commercials come on because they’re so loud via Seesmic

  1206. @ thx 4 the update. I appreciate the help via Tweetie

  1207. Semi hit Porsche 911 & jackknifed in Bellevue, closing lanes. Saw ambulance loading someone up via Tweetie

  1208. What the deuce is going on on Seattle’s 405?! I’ve bn stopped dead for 10 minutes via Tweetie

  1209. @ zachware ha. Yeah. I was finally able to get through to @ reddit . @ Mashable still won’t load. Last time, I got a 503 error via Seesmic

  1210. What the deuce is going on?! I keep getting errors from @ mashable & @ reddit ? Are they both down? I doubt it. Is it my connection? Probably via Seesmic

  1211. @ paolojr Yikes. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully, it’s just at home or something via Seesmic

  1212. Wow! You win RT @ : @ x_atomic @ ericpratum @ frenchtron300 I bet we’ll see this little guy on the podium in Vancouver via Seesmic

  1213. @ arianna Sorry to hear that via Seesmic

  1214. @ bpw good luck via Seesmic

  1215. Wow. Blown away by this lady’s cover of System of a Down’s “Toxicity” via Seesmic

  1216. Guy behind me on bus listenin 2 speed metal really loud. I won’t knock the technical proficiency of the musicians but that music gets boring via Tweetie

  1217. Posted on Whrrl: at temple via Whrrl

  1218. RT @ hotel_max : Are you ready? Drawing the winner for the 1 night stay @ hotel_max & dinner for 2 at @ RedFinJapanese in 5 min! via Seesmic

  1219. Yikes RT @ reddit : Winter arrives to Minnesota, pays careful attention to traffic signs via Seesmic

  1220. Wow, this is quite the music joke/pun/story for those of us that know a bit about music theory via Seesmic

  1221. @ arianna lol. Yes, you make a good point via Seesmic

  1222. @ jeannabarrett @ paolojr I’ve only ever had 1 peep. Imho, disgusting. I’d never heard of them until I was in college via Seesmic

  1223. @ arianna People care more about pictures? via Seesmic

  1224. lol RT @ reddit : “To the guy in my closet, you don’t have AIDS” [ ] 36 points, submitted by chapter16 via Seesmic

  1225. @ jimmyrey lol. Yeah. One of my officemates just had an old man “why they gotta do that?!” moment about it :-P via Seesmic

  1226. ahahaha RT @ mattsingley : Worst Christmas eCard ever…camels singing Black Eyed Peas for the Christ child. via Seesmic

  1227. @ adrianpike Like me? :-P via Seesmic

  1228. RT @ HootSuite : Better than pellets! HootSuite iPhone app launches in 13 hrs. RT for a chance to win a free app. via Seesmic

  1229. @ StevenMatsumoto So that you can stay warm? via Seesmic

  1230. Wow! I’d never heard of this guy, but what he did as an astronaut was amazing imho via Seesmic

  1231. Ok, noisy upstais folk. You can stop your nighttime, rhythmic pounding activity. I get it…midnight, every night. via Seesmic

  1232. haha RT @ reddit : If I had one hour to live… [funny] 39 points, submitted by sameolpimp [i. ] via Seesmic

  1233. Win a Macbook Pro from @ DealsPlus . Details here: via Seesmic

  1234. @ jordannilsen Congratulations! via Seesmic

  1235. @ DaveMinella Had it in your scrambled eggs yet? Delicious via Seesmic

  1236. @ @ frenchtron300 @ jtmaven @ x_atomic I want this via Seesmic

  1237. @ @ frenchtron300 @ jtmaven @ x_atomic Batman to the rescue via Seesmic

  1238. ahahaha. ahahaha. ahaha. whew. Man, that was a good blooper video via Seesmic

  1239. @ TomOB Probly will. Just not sure I feel like botherin 2nite. Won’t actually need it 2moro but I’d like to tell the dealer what’s up via Seesmic

  1240. @ TomOB Hmm…weird. Pretty sure nothing was left on. I’ll probably pull the battery tomorrow and check the charge if it still won’t start via Seesmic

  1241. @ TomOB Yea I think it’s due to it being 32F here for days and me not driving for 4-5 days. Never had that happen though. Not sure what to do via Seesmic

  1242. @ Josh_Smith about 32F. Haven’t driven in 4-5 days via Seesmic

  1243. Hmm…Just noticed that my car battery is dead. Bought the car new in April. Is that normal? Is it just the cold? via Seesmic

  1244. RT @ michaelreuter : Google’s Eric Schmidt “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know…” @ yigg via Seesmic

  1245. yikes RT @ : Who says working from home is without its hazards? I boiled a pot of water dry this morning. via Seesmic

  1246. @ IanBragg Thank you :-) via Seesmic

  1247. @ ScottLansing @ IanBragg Ha, yeah. That just came through as an RSS suggestion :-) via Seesmic

  1248. No matter what. You will never party this hard via Seesmic

  1249. Check and mate, @ @ frenchtron300 via Seesmic

  1250. These Fox Seattle commentators for the Seahawks-Niners game are atrocious. Who hired these guys? via Seesmic

  1251. Now, you can’t tell me this isn’t at least a little funny…in a childish way of course via Seesmic

  1252. @ edythemighty Yeah. I’ve got maybe 14 long boxes begging me to not sell them. Practical me says “sell,” but the other side says “I want em” via Seesmic

  1253. @ edythemighty I’m jealous. I had to give up my comics addiction about a year ago :-( via Seesmic

  1254. @ ElwoodJBlues ahaha. Nice via Seesmic

  1255. Fascinating. Uranus may have a titled orbit due to an unusually large moon via HootSuite

  1256. WTF?! This horrible little girl cooked a cat in the oven during a burglary via Seesmic

  1257. Oh, man. That was great! RT @ jasonp107 : Twilight, explained (hilarious): via Seesmic

  1258. @ codykeith heh. Nah, looked good as long as I craned my head to the side ;-) via Seesmic

  1259. @ codykeith Too horizontal imho :-P via Seesmic

  1260. Hey @ x_atomic . Did you see my latest Reddit submission? via Seesmic

  1261. hahaha RT @ : @ x_atomic Will the final product look like this? – via Seesmic

  1262. @ paolojr Check out @ SeattleWineGal . She’s fairly social media savvy and has been tweeting quite a bit more recently about local wine via Seesmic

  1263. Fascinating listening to ppl on the bus talk about considering buying macs so they don’t have to deal w/viruses via Tweetie

  1264. Very good point. I hadn’t thought of that RT @ grwebguy : @ ericpratum Shared online accounts are used by some to attempt to fix trust issues. via Seesmic

  1265. Why do some couples share online accounts? via Seesmic

  1266. Looks like @ frenchtron & @ should check this out via Seesmic

  1267. lol RT @ reddit : The results of Slate’s “write like Sarah Palin” contest via Seesmic

  1268. hahaha (or is it “hohoho”?) RT @ reddit_feed : santa must be drunk: via Seesmic

  1269. This is a heart-breaking story via Seesmic

  1270. I’m at AMC Pacific Place 11. 1 update in my story so far. via Whrrl

  1271. @ paolojr Let me know if/when/where the pics go up via Seesmic

  1272. I’m at Spring Creek Group. (testing out @ whrrl ) via Whrrl

  1273. Bus driver just shook his finger @ me b/c I haven’t gotten my December bus pass yet via Tweetie

  1274. @ yikes via Tweetie

  1275. Pretty cool tweetup tonight @ . Was very impressed by @ janedevin , @ connieburke , & @ whrrl via Tweetie

  1276. @ Inside and outside? We did our tree last night. It was quite the experience ;-) via Seesmic

  1277. @ , @ frenchtron300 , @ x_atomic , @ jtmaven Ball time via HootSuite

  1278. Ahahaha. Twilight en Espanol via HootSuite

  1279. @ , @ jtmaven , @ x_atomic , @ frenchtron300 Sleep. Now. via HootSuite

  1280. No one is safe @ , @ frenchtron300 , @ jtmaven , @ x_atomic mwahahaha via Seesmic

  1281. I’ll be there :-) RT @ : Join us, @ chevrolet , & @ janedevin tonight at the tweetup via Seesmic

  1282. Ha. This Reddit thread really made me laugh (Despite appearances, it’s completely clean) via Seesmic

  1283. @ , @ jtmaven , @ x_Atomic , @ frenchtron300 Surprised? via HootSuite

  1284. I’ll be there RT @ paolojr : Need a post-holiday breather? Join @ chevrolet & HuffPo blogger @ janedevin for free wine/coffee via Seesmic

  1285. Not shopping today. Probably not leaving the house unless I decide to go for a run. Some frolf might be nice… via Seesmic

  1286. Wow, this is amazing. The Big Picture – photos from the International Space Station via Seesmic

  1287. Wow. Guy designs transformer-like wheel suit and shoot down a mountain headfirst at 60mph via Seesmic

  1288. @ , @ frenchtron300 , @ jtmaven , @ x_Atomic all for you guys ;-) via Seesmic

  1289. can’t sleep. After 3 hours of trying, I gave up and grabbed my laptop. What should I occupy myself with? via Seesmic

  1290. @ tube = television. Didn’t even realize I’d used that word until you asked ;-) Hope you had a good Thanksgiving via Seesmic

  1291. Macy’s Parade on the tube. Switching over to football. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone via Seesmic

  1292. [email protected] TheDerekJohnson post a video from the new office via Tweetie

  1293. Haha. @ 27bslash6 and his discussion of what’s kinda like Twitter via HootSuite

  1294. What a way for a designer to quit his/her job via HootSuite

  1295. Wow. I am impressed by this guy’s conversion of a garbage truck into an apartment via HootSuite

  1296. wtf…this guy has breast and shoulder implants via HootSuite

  1297. @ , @ jtmaven , @ x_atomic , @ frenchtron300 What was that? via HootSuite

  1298. @ Twittelstaedt Heh. I’m probably headed out early Sunday. The word “surprise” worries me a little in this case ;-) via Seesmic

  1299. @ Twittelstaedt Nope. I’ll be relaxing in Bellingham ;-) via Seesmic

  1300. @ thelittleidiot It’s a variation on a Chapman Stick via Seesmic

  1301. Heh. A bit different from the norm, but all for @ frenchtron300 , @ jtmaven , @ , & @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1302. @ jeannabarrett I think they call it a Boston Tug ;-) via Seesmic

  1303. RT @ reddit : No Photoshop Necessary [Twilight] [pics] 281 points, submitted by slimscane [ ] via Seesmic

  1304. RT @ adrianpike : I’ve got this great idea. Wait for it. Seven. Minute. Abs. via Seesmic

  1305. @ smellycents Doing well. How about you? Yeah, definitely. Coming after the new year starts or in between holidays? via Seesmic

  1306. @ frenchtron300 , @ jtmaven , @ , & @ x_atomic You likes my sweater? via Seesmic

  1307. Getting sleepy @ frenchtron300 , @ jtmaven , @ , & @ x_atomic via Seesmic

  1308. @ smellycents how is it going? via Seesmic

  1309. @ NuclearStr1der It was hoax? Really? They were just talking about it on NPR via Seesmic

  1310. Wow. This is horrible. This guy was mis-diagnosed as being in a coma for 23 years. He was awake, but paralyzed via HootSuite

  1311. @ jimmyrey Definitely. As long as it’s not midday Wednesday, I should be free via Seesmic

  1312. @ Twittelstaedt Heh. Yeah, sorry about that. Was just playing with you ;-) I’m a Star Trek fan via Seesmic

  1313. *Gets out nerd glasses* RT @ Twittelstaedt : Bought Star Trek on DVD. Never watched a full episode of the show, that’s how great this film is via Seesmic

  1314. @ ElwoodJBlues nice new post. That last question is priceless via Seesmic

  1315. @ michaelreuter Awesome. Good to hear via Seesmic

  1316. @ donmball Ha. nice via Seesmic

  1317. Is it just me or does this look like a complete piece of junk? I’ll run, walk, or lift weights instead via HootSuite

  1318. Ahahaha. What a subtle message to send to your neighbors with your wifi signal via HootSuite

  1319. @ michaelreuter what’s causing it? via Seesmic

  1320. @ geekgiant gotta skip it tonight :-( via Seesmic

  1321. Haha. Here’s your nickname flowchart via HootSuite

  1322. Oh, great! Now, we’ll start seeing bra doodles everywhere via HootSuite

  1323. Wow. This is a pretty cool method for finding your stolen laptop via HootSuite

  1324. Oh, wow. What a scam. And, you gotta love the headline via HootSuite

  1325. Sleepy kitty for @ jtmaven , @ , @ x_atomic , @ frenchtron300 via HootSuite

  1326. Wow. Crazy Russian “flying fortress” fighting off a Nazi flying saucer via HootSuite

  1327. Wow. World’s tallest model is on an Aussie magazine cover. She’s only 6′9″, but looks gigantic here via HootSuite

  1328. Not tired at all, but going back to bed anyway just to see if I can fall asleep. *crosses fingers* via Seesmic

  1329. Can’t sleep due to a headache. I feel tired, but this stupid thing is keeping me up. “yay” via Seesmic

  1330. @ ElwoodJBlues What movie? via Seesmic

  1331. @ pcaveney @ ClintonSkakun I usually use via when I’m sharing something that was shared w/me outside of Twitter via Seesmic

  1332. @ uFlySeattle @ empresscortana I was seen somewhere? via Seesmic

  1333. @ ronschott it was really weird to watch but ao hard to turn off ;) via Tweetie

  1334. @ DanielJUK ha. Thank you very much :) via Tweetie

  1335. Went to the doc this week. I’d always thought I was 6ft tall. Turns out I’m 5′11″ & 5/8ths. My world has been rocked! via Tweetie

  1336. @ ronschott heh. Something about them going on a “friends forever” tour. Same as you? via Tweetie

  1337. I can’t believe it. I’m actually watching “Saved by the Bell” right now. This is too weird via Seesmic

  1338. Ha! Nice RT @ frenchtron300 : @ jtmaven @ x_atomic @ -i [email protected] ericpratum make sure to check out the otters @ the bottom via Seesmic

  1339. @ AndrewDumont Heh. @ colinac and I went to high school together ;-) via Seesmic

  1340. Amputee opens Half Price-Half Man store. I don’t know if I should chuckle or just be impressed via HootSuite

  1341. Ahaha. This cop is trying to write a ticket and a cat crawl up his leg and eventually onto his head via HootSuite

  1342. Say hello to playful baby otter, @ frenchtron300 , @ x_atomic , @ , & @ jtmaven via HootSuite

  1343. Say hello to high-speed kitty, @ frenchtron300 , @ x_atomic , @ , & @ jtmaven via HootSuite

  1344. Hmm. Tough one. You’re in a big group at a restaurant & get horrible service. Should you be required to pay a tip? via HootSuite

  1345. According to , my name is “Master Ericulus, The Monumental – Earthquake Whisperer of Tectonia” Ha! via Seesmic

  1346. nice RT @ frenchtron300 : @ jtmaven @ x_atomic @ ericpratum @ Not sure if this qualifies as cute – via Seesmic

  1347. Join me at “ChevySEA” on Nov 30th. RSVP at via Tweetvite

  1348. Bad day to move, huh? via Tweetie

  1349. Happy birthday, buddy! RT @ AndrewDumont : It’s my birthday… big 22! via Seesmic

  1350. Take a good long look into those beautiful soulful eyes, @ x_atomic & @ via HootSuite

  1351. Haha. I’m glad that none of my bosses have ever resorted to this level of efficiency via HootSuite

  1352. Haha. Nice comic about asking people to take your picture ;-) via HootSuite

  1353. Glad that @ shared this video w/me. Lab creates iphone app to drive a car via HootSuite

  1354. How could @ x_atomic say no to bacon maple bars?! via HootSuite

  1355. @ x_atomic @ And now for something completely different via Seesmic

  1356. @ chrisbrogan Ha! Did you see this pic of you as a bodybuilder? Just cam across it on Guerilla Freelancing via Seesmic

  1357. @ x_atomic Haha. Not that I’m aware of, but now that you mention it, I could really shake a fist at those dixiecrats! via Seesmic

  1358. Facebook just suggested that I add Al Qaeda as a friend. Curious… via Seesmic

  1359. @ pcaveney Thank you :-) via Seesmic

  1360. ouch RT @ EricOverman : RT @ mashable TWITTER SACKED: Larry Johnson Released by Chiefs After Inflammatory Tweets via Seesmic

  1361. Wow. This is pretty cool, impressive, inspiring. This guy took a pic everyday to track his progress with exercise via HootSuite

  1362. @ mightymegasaur Thank you :-) via Seesmic

  1363. @ Ha. She swept me off my feet and carried me away is a carriage shaped like a pumpkin via Seesmic

  1364. @ x_atomic Thanks :-) via Seesmic

  1365. @ DonAtPoundCS Thank you :-) via Seesmic

  1366. @ kg_creative Thank you :-) via Seesmic

  1367. @ Sweeney2009 Thank you :-) via Seesmic

  1368. So, I got engaged Friday. Cool experience via Seesmic

  1369. ahahaha. All of your favorite web video hits remade into 1 video via HootSuite

  1370. Laptop steering wheel on . You gotta check out the submitted pitcures via HootSuite

  1371. Japan came up with a pretty cool and impressive public storage system for bikes via HootSuite

  1372. What are you talking about?! That site looks “awesome” RT @ nathancarnes : Terrible website design of the morning: via Seesmic

  1373. Wow. Crazy (apparently) Japanese Dole Banana commercial via HootSuite

  1374. Ahahaha. Apparently, being Canadian is enough to make you suspicious via HootSuite

  1375. RT @ SpringCreekGrp : The SCG team is looking for an Engagement Lead to join our team of SMM enthusiasts – Info here: via Seesmic

  1376. Kitty gets owned by door, @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1377. Out of nowhere…BANG This is stuck in my head for some reason via HootSuite

  1378. Have you ever thought to yourself “I need to find some application today that will work magic and get everything done for me”? *searching* via Seesmic

  1379. @ pcaveney Hmm…Now and then, I search for ppl talking about topics I’m interested in. But mostly, I check out pppl whom the ppl I follow RT via Seesmic

  1380. @ codykeith exactly via Seesmic

  1381. Wow. Who needs a sauna when you can have sauna pants?! via HootSuite

  1382. When I hear a politician say “The American people want…” or “The American people are angry,” I think, “You’re full of crap” via Seesmic

  1383. Wow RT @ pcaveney : woman’s weave stops bullet! via Seesmic

  1384. Yes, I would have to agree. Always set your parking brake via HootSuite

  1385. [email protected] jeffpulver I’d love to attend London b/c I was lucky enough to attend the 1st 140conf & haven’t been to Europe in over 5 years via Seesmic

  1386. @ x_atomic Did I ever send this to you? via HootSuite

  1387. @ ronschott I am, but I haven’t done anything with it yety via Seesmic

  1388. @ NuclearStr1der Yeah. Quite the interesting read via Seesmic

  1389. Whoa. This lady turns to Yahoo! Answers to see how to convince her daughter to do porn via HootSuite

  1390. ahahaha RT @ : The day after Halloween… via Seesmic

  1391. Wow. This is quite the backflip. Amazing via HootSuite

  1392. Ha. I don’t know if this is really the funniest PSA ever, but it’s still pretty good via HootSuite

  1393. Ha! “Home Alone” meets “Saw” trailer via HootSuite

  1394. @ michaelreuter Check out Lake Chelan area during the summer. Small, but popular area for wine tours. Also, some places just east of Seattle via Seesmic

  1395. RT @ mashable Happy Halloween: Flickr’s 10 Best Halloween Houses [PICS] via TweetMeme

  1396. @ michaelreuter is right around the corner and popular. Most anything in the Lake Chelan area is good via Seesmic

  1397. @ AndrewDumont Add this one via Seesmic

  1398. @ michaelreuter yes, there are. We’ve got a great, small wine area here :-) via Seesmic

  1399. @ Katie_Moreno Thank you very much. Looks to me like your company does some pretty cool work via Seesmic

  1400. Jiminy Christmas! That was loud [vid] How did she not break something? via HootSuite

  1401. Someone really created a red Star Trek uniform version of a wetsuit?! Is this a death sentence for anyone who wears it? via HootSuite

  1402. Someone just wants a hug from @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1403. Someone strangled Nancy Grace? Not surprised via HootSuite

  1404. Lol. When life gives you lemons, make Lemonstein!!!! via HootSuite

  1405. @ geekgiant How many variables in your dedupe? If it’s just 1 cell per row, use an Equals formula and then sort via Seesmic

  1406. RT @ codykeith : – Just stumbled upon this, and lol’d via Seesmic

  1407. RT @ : RT @ Tatango : After watchin does @ thederekjohnson not look like Justin Timberlake? via Seesmic

  1408. Wowie wow wow wow. This really does look like the greatest tree house ever via HootSuite

  1409. Just so that you know, @ x_atomic & @ jtmaven , I love this stick (pardon the language) via HootSuite

  1410. More for you @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1411. What gauge? RT @ AndruEdwards : Can someone bring me a bunch of speaker cable?? :P via Seesmic

  1412. gross, but Ahahaha. “My wife thinks I’m gay” via HootSuite

  1413. RT @ ronschott : Captains Blog… via Seesmic

  1414. lol. What Disney princes teach men about attracting women via HootSuite

  1415. [email protected] ElwoodJBlues You should continue these serialized tweets.It ’s like reading Charles Dickens…if he worked in a comic shop…and tweeted ;) via Seesmic

  1416. My costume is better than yours @ x_atomic @ jtmaven @ frenchtron300 via HootSuite

  1417. RT @ AnnCurry : This is what love is. 6yr old dying of cancer who leaves hundreds of love notes for her parents to find. via Seesmic

  1418. RT @ Twittelstaedt : Email campaigns r under8d.Yea we all hate SPAM but when a co nails a solid newsletter w/good content it’s def appreciated via Seesmic

  1419. lol. Cops hide here via HootSuite

  1420. So, this is why we haven’t found intelligent life via HootSuite

  1421. @ JeffSays Oh, ok. Hmm…yeah, not sure why that’s set up like that via Seesmic

  1422. @ JeffSays You should be able to just do it in your browser via Seesmic

  1423. Mind = blown RT @ reddit_feed : Replace the word “watch” in a YouTube video’s URL w/”warp.swf” – hit enter & see what happens via Seesmic

  1424. @ Springcreekgrp ? RT @ JamesProps : I’ve a work cart that needs some sprucing up.U guys think u could send me stickers to help decorate it?! via Seesmic

  1425. Watchin this’d make me lol RT @ : Chase away yr blues: 3rd to utter “My cup runneth over” @ counter gets travel mug w/drink via Seesmic

  1426. Nice RT @ geekgiant : This is how a real fan gets down! Size 18s! via Seesmic

  1427. Wow. Check out this bird hunting bats via HootSuite

  1428. Hmm…Does this pumpkin go “too far”? via HootSuite

  1429. Incredible shot of bird hunting bats.. via twiggit

  1430. lol. You gotta love church signs sometimes via HootSuite

  1431. Poor Kitty Pwned By An Evil Man [GIF].. via twiggit

  1432. Tavis Smiley & his guests over-enunciate far too often imho. It’s a good show but that part is annoying via Tweetie

  1433. So, “tranformers: rise of the fallen” really followed the action scene every 5 minutes mantra. That was a long movie via Tweetie

  1434. @ Heh. I find the content interesting. It’s just that seeing the same thing 15 times in 3 days is an odd change of character via Seesmic

  1435. Cool RT @ amitapaul : GM’s OnStar put to very good use – catches car thief – via Seesmic

  1436. @ StevenMatsumoto Never heard of them, but then again, I’m sure there are a lot of great opportunities I’ve never heard about ;-) via Seesmic

  1437. @ AriBurton Seein sum big personalities tweetin exact same content 2-3/day for days on end. like the content but so many gets tirin via Seesmic

  1438. @ jessejanderson Can’t you add your work computer to your iTunes “household” or whatever its called? via Seesmic

  1439. Today’s topic: Twitter accounts that tweet the same links many times each day or week. Good? Bad? Discuss. via Seesmic

  1440. @ SkydiverKate Ha! Thank you. Rectum Pair & I Rap Rectum made me laugh too via Seesmic

  1441. Wowie wow wow wow. Anagrams of my name I like “Ream Cut Rip” via HootSuite

  1442. Pretty cool XKCD video. Catchy song too (via @ edythemighty ) via HootSuite

  1443. @ trainright That happened to me.I hit the guy’s car at 35 mph.He drove off.I’d done nothing wrong.He either didn’t see me or was just a jerk via Seesmic

  1444. TubeMogul RT @ sarahstanley : What is the best site to upload and share video’s? Besides Youtube via Seesmic

  1445. Oooo….good point RT @ bcahill : @ chrispirillo Is this just a veiled attempt to trend on Twitter??… :) via Seesmic

  1446. @ TheDerekJohnson I’m looking forward to it. On another note, when does the punk’d video come out? via Seesmic

  1447. @ TheDerekJohnson Dude, I wrote this a few months back The MLM ppl weren’t happy ;-) via Seesmic

  1448. RT @ ElwoodJBlues : Here’s your daily dose of *AWWWWW* (via @ pvponline ): via Seesmic

  1449. @ chrispirillo I hope I make the cut ;-) via Seesmic

  1450. @ arianna Was it teaching an elephant to ski? Because that would be AWESOME! via HootSuite

  1451. @ VBalasubramani Don’t know, but thanks for mentioning that account. I hadn’t seen it before, but am now following ;-) via Seesmic

  1452. Heh. Amen to that ;-) RT @ KateHannum : Thank god I’m surrounded by heathens. WA is 6th least religious state! via Seesmic

  1453. Wow RT @ reddit : Moon and Planets in the Morning [PIC] via Seesmic

  1454. RT @ geekgiant : RT @ SeaHawk59 : Welcome to the World..Maxwell Thomas Curry..born 10/22/09 @ 10:22am… ~ Congrats! Good for you guys… via Seesmic

  1455. @ briancrouch Yeah. Mostly, I just wanted a reason to say “Mind=blown” ;-) via Seesmic

  1456. MIND=BLOWN! Travel faster than light? Yes, it can via HootSuite

  1457. @ paolojr Awesome. I look forward to it via Seesmic

  1458. Great sidewalk keynote from @ garyvee (via @ andrewdumont & @ tatango ) via HootSuite

  1459. @ paolojr Maybe something like “The Fine Wine Line”? via Seesmic

  1460. Heh. Me too ;-) RT @ BillWixey : Feeling good about myself. I just had my best self-review ever at work. I ace the self-evaluation every time! via Seesmic

  1461. Kinda cool. Longer video would be better RT @ MSWindows : Neat Windows 7 wallpaper created using sand art – ^JS via Seesmic

  1462. Clever RT @ geekgiant : @ paolojr re: wine blog. How about “The Grape Press” News/wine etc… via Seesmic

  1463. Might be a good one for @ paolojr RT @ AndrewDumont : @ ericpratum “The Grape Vine” via Seesmic

  1464. “University of Wine”? “Let it breath”? RT @ paolojr : Thinking about starting a wine blog with the Mrs.-to-be. Name ideas? via Seesmic

  1465. “Wine is born”? RT @ paolojr : Thinking about starting a wine blog with the Mrs.-to-be. Name ideas? via Seesmic

  1466. This pictures from Nikon’s Small World competition are amazing via HootSuite

  1467. RE: @ thatinstant Hmm…interesting point about weighting. Honestly, the skills to do something like that are a bit bey… via DISQUS

  1468. Very touching what this WW2 veteran says about equality for all people in America [vid] via HootSuite

  1469. Hm.I figured it would’ve been other way round ;-) RT @ AndrewDumont : Heard Google went down on Comcast for awhile last night, scary times. via Seesmic

  1470. Definitely agree RT @ archiERICtect : The bottom line…be a real person! [on Twitter] via Seesmic

  1471. Thanks for sharing :-) RT @ RL_Wood : RT @ ericpratum : So, your company wants to start its Twitter presence.. via Seesmic

  1472. So, your company wants to start its Twitter presence.. via twiggit

  1473. My understanding is roughly 90 degrees is good RT @ smellycents : I really hate tricep it better to go deeper or shallow when u dip!? via Seesmic

  1474. Wrote last night “So, you want to start your Twitter presence” via HootSuite

  1475. The difference between pirates and bankers [img] via HootSuite

  1476. RT @ KateHannum : My life is a little emptier with Gail Collins on book tour. via Seesmic

  1477. Seen this story tweeted by this account 3x already. Nice RT @ GuyKawasaki : Spinning drills bits can create square holes? via Seesmic

  1478. Agreed RT @ chrisbrogan : Talking to Microsoft and appreciating their Office Facebook implementation. Beautiful – via Seesmic

  1479. RT @ danzarrella Want More Clicks? Tweet Less via TweetMeme

  1480. This is really how CSI and those shows work. How can people watch them? via HootSuite

  1481. hahaha RT @ paolojr : To the man watching iPhone porn on the train: I applaud your courage. via Seesmic

  1482. Wow. I’m completely flabbergasted that the King County Metro site has such horrible navigation. It should be much easier to find things via Seesmic

  1483. Lol. Storm Large’s song made me laugh. Used to watch her on Rock Star [maybe nsfw] via HootSuite

  1484. “I’m in a box” music video via HootSuite

  1485. RT @ adrianpike : Curious: How much would you or your organization pay for a Redis, Memcached, or NDB caching appliance? via Seesmic

  1486. Ahahaha. Probably the funniest portrait set up I’ve seen recently via HootSuite

  1487. Watch out, @ x_atomic . It’s slippery when bacon via HootSuite

  1488. Just chatted w/@ danzarrella . Looking forward to his research on Twitter CTRs. :-) via Seesmic

  1489. @ danzarrella Yep. gtalk: [email protected] . AIM: ericpratum. MSN: [email protected] . Any of those work? via Seesmic

  1490. @ danzarrella I just went through a few weeks of similar analysis on some pretty large accounts. Would be interesting to compare notes via Seesmic

  1491. OH, SNAP! @ x_atomic @ jtmaven via HootSuite

  1492. It’s horrific what happened to this woman…I have not the words via HootSuite

  1493. Wow. Beautiful night shot from Cannon Beach, OR via HootSuite

  1494. ouch RT @ x_atomic : Just left my lunch on the bus. Monday fail…… via Seesmic

  1495. I think I just ate the world’s largest apple…almost the size of my head. Wishing I had taken a picture :-( *full tummy* via Seesmic

  1496. I just started using a 32″ external monitor with my laptop. I have to move my head just to look from one side of Seesmic to the other :-) via Seesmic

  1497. RE: Thanks for the link, Jim. I like the variety of applications InvolveSocial has available. via DISQUS

  1498. Ahahaha. I won’t name what the cat is doing, but it made me laugh [pic] via HootSuite

  1499. Cool. A space shuttle launch as seen from the space station via HootSuite

  1500. Holy moley! That’s a hot dog! @ x_atomic @ jtmaven via HootSuite

  1501. Nice RT @ arianna : “you can pay for school but you can’t buy class” via Seesmic

  1502. Welcome :-) RT @ nsmitha : @ ericpratum haha thanks eric via Seesmic

  1503. Du bist nie allein ;-) RT @ nsmitha : I’m so jealous that @ cynthj is going to Berlin for two weeks. Ich werde allein sein. via Seesmic

  1504. :-( RT @ KateHannum : Finding a huge moth hole in the arm of one of my warmest and dumbest looking (pink) winter sweaters = downer. via Seesmic

  1505. @ DaveMinella lol. Thank you :-) via Seesmic

  1506. Haha. Way better with music RT @ : @ ericpratum @ x_atomic @ jtmaven cute dog comp. via Seesmic

  1507. Blog Post: So, you want to start your Facebook presence – Facebook and Twitter are the two most-overhyped social me… via HootSuite

  1508. lol RT @ x_atomic : @ Less than 24 hours later I present to you the via Seesmic

  1509. @ 314media Thanks for the RT :-) via Seesmic

  1510. RT @ MSWindows : We are giving away 32GB Zune HDs tomorrow at 12pm PDT. You must be following @ MSWindows to , so follow now and RT it! via Seesmic

  1511. Wow RT @ ElwoodJBlues : Really? via Seesmic

  1512. Thanks for the RT :-) RT @ lindasea : @ ericpratum RT “So, you want to start your Facebook presence” via Seesmic

  1513. “So, you want to start your Facebook presence” Might be some good notes for companies considering Facebook fan pages via HootSuite

  1514. Crazy RT @ x_atomic : @ ericpratum BAby Yoda raised by Monkees via Seesmic

  1515. LOL. Must read. 50 annoying things about the internet via HootSuite

  1516. Thanks for the mention RT @ antdiggitty : its Friday! @ @ mariaburks @ ericpratum @ sdeveny @ eastsidebiznews @ drewfromtv via Seesmic

  1517. Nothin says good morning like good ol’ rickroll in the hay :-P RT @ geekgiant : The Hilton is currently getting Rick Rolled.Good mornin via Seesmic

  1518. ahahaha RT @ RyanSeacrest : The ballon boy puked live on gma than again on today show!!! via Seesmic

  1519. Wow. A bird (king fisher?) diving to get a fish [pic] via HootSuite

  1520. @ ThatKevinSmith Are you doing a show at Benaroya this weekend? via Seesmic

  1521. @ AndrewDumont For fan pages, you can get video views via Seesmic

  1522. RT @ : BREAKING NEWS: Image of scared as he clings to police officers @ via Seesmic

  1523. @ JamesProps Congrats on the changeover from public to private ;-) I hope wasn’t too difficult to deal with via Seesmic

  1524. lol RT @ policymonk : @ ericpratum I heard that he was sold for medical experiments (let the Monty Python references begin…). via Seesmic

  1525. ouch RT @ : It is now being reported that the wolves are eating the boy. via Seesmic

  1526. lol. RT @ : BREAKING NEWS. First image of officer and : via Seesmic

  1527. lol RT @ : RT @ : My dad does, loser RT @ : @ gametopius ? Who keeps a filled helium balloon tied to their roof? via Seesmic

  1528. Ha! This has got to be a media stunt RT @ 314media : RT @ : Ha! Find me now, cops! LOLZ via Seesmic

  1529. Breaking news: Falcon uses helium assisted ascent to achieve space flight. Authorities reached conclusion after not finding him in balloon via Seesmic

  1530. lol. Video of the helium balloon boy’s dad (via @ x_atomic ) via HootSuite

  1531. RT @ SpringCreekGrp : New SCG employee accountability/review plan enacted: 8-hour forced projections of all daily work. via Seesmic

  1532. Congratulations! Happy birthday! RT @ bsibley : NEWS: Sibley Public Relations is One Year Old Today! via Seesmic

  1533. Ha! This is awesome. All of your favorite NES games now with jazz soundtracks! via HootSuite

  1534. @ BenParr 10k tweets doesn’t seem like so many when you’ve been on Twitter for a long time via Seesmic

  1535. @ SeattleMaven welcome :-) via Seesmic

  1536. You know, @ seattlemaven & @ hotel_max , @ is on Twitter. They hook up their followers with cool stuff now and then via Seesmic

  1537. Lol! Micro managing – Hire intelligent, competent people and then watch every move they make via HootSuite

  1538. RT @ SpringCreekGrp : Clay McDaniel is up in your @ mashable breaking down the 18 Essential Tools for Every WOM Marketer: via Seesmic

  1539. RT @ mashable 18 Essential Tools for Every Word-of-Mouth Marketer via Endless Tweets

  1540. Nice. Too bad I don’t golf…or live in Florida RT @ michaelreuter : Tricked-Out Golf Carts Swarm Florida Communities via Seesmic

  1541. @ AndruEdwards I believe it has to have a vowel sound to be a syllable so the “errr” sound at the end doesn’t count via Seesmic

  1542. Ahahaha….so I guess LARPers have turned into the class bullies?! :-P via HootSuite

  1543. @ musicbizkid Yeah, figured that’d b the case. Didn’t look into it myself but am glad to hear they weren’t just voting against it to be jerks via Seesmic

  1544. Nice music video from Fleet Foxes. My favorite part is the beginning acapella via HootSuite

  1545. Maybe I don’t know enough to judge but 30 GOP senators voting against support for gang rape victims is irreprehensible via HootSuite

  1546. As if we all didn’t already know this. “Want better service? Just complain on Twitter” via HootSuite

  1547. Dreaming of a Hawaii getaway from @ marriotthawaii ! Hope one of the 25 trips is mine! via API

  1548. Definitely RT @ jeffliwag : @ ericpratum I want to say that to all phone owners… clicks & beeps at that. via Endless Tweets

  1549. @ tallin32 lol. Good point. I tried to keep my clicks to a minimum to eliminate the chance of being spotted ;-) via Endless Tweets

  1550. Ha. Thank you :-) RT @ DanielJUK : @ ericpratum lol! <3 the Ericp! via Endless Tweets

  1551. Note to all owners: Turn off the click noise when you’re typing in a public place. It’s really annoying via web

  1552. @ ElwoodJBlues How do you like it so far? I was pleasantly surprised via Seesmic

  1553. Hey @ mothersbistro . I’ll be in bright & early for breakfast tomorrow. Any specials I can look forward to? via Tweetie

  1554. Ah food poisoning, my old not-friend. Ystrday u came round & reared ur ugly head. In w/u. Out w/food & 2day I feel like a very weak dude :( via Tweetie

  1555. @ bpotter Ahahaha. That is an awesome idea. via web

  1556. @ Heh. Yeah, I considered that correlation when tweeting, but went ahead. In this case, fluffy white cloud muffin tops… :-) via Seesmic

  1557. Ages since I took the bus. Did that this mornin.10 Months since I took a train. On 1 to Portland, OR now. Any train pranks I need to try? ;) via Seesmic

  1558. Just got the most beautiful views of Mt Rainier I’ve ever had.5 distinct layers fluffy wide clouds hangin over the top like lil muffin tops via Seesmic

  1559. RT @ : @ jeffdaviscourt does “Blue Steel” – via Seesmic

  1560. Sounds to me like this female carpenter may have responded appropriately to sexual harassment via HootSuite

  1561. Traffic barrel monsters? These are awesome. How creative via HootSuite

  1562. Hmm…So, if someone pees on a bar and you assault him, you’re fine. Works for me via HootSuite

  1563. Yikes, quite the Photoshop job on this Ralph Lauren ad via HootSuite

  1564. @ ungaro yeah. If it didn’t double my normal commute, I’d do it often via Tweetie

  1565. @ enjaysauce ha. Nah, just asked how to get somewhere, where to transfer, etc via Tweetie

  1566. Sound Transit’s Mr Bus Driver Man was very helpful this morning. I haven’t taken a bus in forever via Tweetie

  1567. @ jessejanderson Good point. I hadn’t considered the reflectivity of the skin vs fabric via Seesmic

  1568. @ pcaveney Definitely via Seesmic

  1569. Seriously, how can she dress like this and not realize her ass is exposed? If she does, why’d she wear it? I’m confused via HootSuite

  1570. Oh, man. This list just got better and better as I read it. Top 10 Most Superstitious Athletes via HootSuite

  1571. @ jessejanderson Welcome :-) via Seesmic

  1572. The Google Street View van catches the most interesting stuff via HootSuite

  1573. Unfriend your spouse/partner/gf/bf. You might just become better friends irl via HootSuite

  1574. My new favorite meal finding tool “Wheel of Lunch” via HootSuite

  1575. Gentlemen, commence *nom nom nom* @ jtmaven @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1576. When it comes to home & personal uses of computers, I’m a mac guy, but this new Sony Vaio is gorgeous via HootSuite

  1577. Why bacon is > love @ x_atomic ? via HootSuite

  1578. Heading to Portland Friday-Sunday. Would be nice to find a rideshare? Save some gas money, save some time (carpool lane), etc, etc, etc. via Seesmic

  1579. Ahaha. So, I was right. Life after college looks the same regardless of whether you actually went to college or not via HootSuite

  1580. I’m right there with you. Just poured the first cup ;-) RT @ kg_creative : Good morning everyone! *drags* coffeeee via Seesmic

  1581. If this ever happens to you, your coworkers clearly do not care about you! [must read] via HootSuite

  1582. This Cracked post on 5 self-destructive acts that saved lives blew my mind – no pun intended via HootSuite

  1583. @ srantz Ha. Yes, good point ;-) via Seesmic

  1584. NFL team logos (if they were updated based on performance). Seattle…thoughts on your Seahawks? via HootSuite

  1585. Just checked out “Mission(s) to Mars.” Wow, you Russians have a horrible record via HootSuite

  1586. Amazing. Brain activity surges just before death via HootSuite

  1587. Ahahaha. The poem this girl wrote for her boyfriend is priceless via HootSuite

  1588. I’ve seen this list of the world’s most expensive objects a number of times, but it still blows me away via HootSuite

  1589. ahaha. Can’t believe I hadn’t seen this vid. He’s not the father (via @ ) via HootSuite

  1590. lol RT @ : Brilliant minds at North Carolina State Univ. discover way to reduce breast cancer by up to 40% via Seesmic

  1591. @ pcaveney Heh. No response from them ;-) via Seesmic

  1592. [email protected] KING5Seattle You think that shark’s impressive?! Check out my bear shark! via Endless Tweets

  1593. Thanks for sharing :-) RT @ SMCSeattle : So, your company wants to start a blog? @ ericpratum offers good pointers: ^VS via Seesmic

  1594. Ever listen to someone talk about something really boring & just imagine them yelling “Jazz hands!” *hands out, fingers waving*? via HootSuite

  1595. RE: Hey, Fenril. Thanks for the comment. I’ll have to check out HeySpread. You make it sound very enticing :-) via DISQUS

  1596. RE: Definitely. You make a great point about engagement. I’ve been very satisfied using truVOICE for both monitoring an… via DISQUS

  1597. ahahaha. It looks like one little person riding on another’s shoulders via HootSuite

  1598. Me too :-) RT @ NuclearStr1der : Had a haircut. About time too. via Seesmic

  1599. Thanks for sharing :-D RT @ : RT @ ericpratum : Just posted “So, you want to start your blog” via Seesmic

  1600. Blog Post: So, your company wants to start a blog – So, your company wants to start a blog? You’re saying, … via HootSuite

  1601. So, your company wants to start a blog.. via twiggit

  1602. Just posted “So, you want to start your blog” via HootSuite

  1603. A real school answering machine. Unbelievable they had the balls to do this. I say “good on them” via HootSuite

  1604. Is this tweet over the line? via HootSuite

  1605. Awesome picture from a rocket launch via HootSuite

  1606. @ amykate lol. Took me a few minutes to figure out it was her shoulder via Seesmic

  1607. This is what kittens must feel like via HootSuite

  1608. It looks like an NSFW illusion, but it’s really an SFW illusion via HootSuite

  1609. @ bsibley Whoa. Twitterfeed explosion via Seesmic

  1610. Ahahaha. This is the best hockey team intro video ever. It was rejected b/c it’s “too 80s” via HootSuite

  1611. RT @ reddit_feed : What Stormtroopers do on their days off via Seesmic

  1612. @ enjaysauce Yeah, pretty surprising. via Seesmic

  1613. Mike Blowers makes one of the best baseball (Seattle Mariners) predictions ever [vid] via HootSuite

  1614. Proof (not really, it’s a fake) that Mcdonalds purposefully left your apple pie out of your drive-thru order via HootSuite

  1615. Need a new place to live? Try this bike-drawn trailer via HootSuite

  1616. Hmm…This does not sound like much of an excuse for hitting someone with your bike via HootSuite

  1617. Take a look at this romantic wedding proposal on the highway Wait, that wasn’t romantic at all via HootSuite

  1618. What does this remind @ of? via HootSuite

  1619. For @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1620. Need some inspiration? Take a look at these Winston Churchill motivational posters via HootSuite

  1621. @ tomfosgard @ valdezign @ christinelu @ TheBackpackr Thanks for RTing. Impressive stuff, no? via Seesmic

  1622. WOW RT @ reddit : Guy paints himself to blend with the surrounding. No trick photography, not photoshopped. via Seesmic

  1623. Hmm…what she wants might be slightly more difficult to attain than what the other to want via HootSuite

  1624. lol RT @ GuyKawasaki : 15 most stupid forehead tattoos (Are there any not stupid forehead tattoos?): AC via Seesmic

  1625. @ Courtneyfiona Definitely. Good to see you. Like @ claymcdaniel said, we’ll get you eventually :-P via Seesmic

  1626. @ pcaveney Welcome. I laughed and was in awe all at the same time ;-) via Seesmic

  1627. Impressive RT @ pcaveney : flight of the bumble bee on the trombone. as hard as this guy worked its still funny via Seesmic

  1628. Wow. This wikipedia post (pardon the expression) blew my mind An explosion drove a “crowbar” thru the guy’s head via HootSuite

  1629. @ paolojr You can Skype Out ;-) Nice cn u ystrday. Sorry we didn’t get to chat more. We’ll have to grab coffee when my office moves downtown via Seesmic

  1630. @ paolojr Not going to , but I’ll catch you @ tonight via Seesmic

  1631. @ nathancarnes I once tried to chug a glass of OJ so I could run out the door to the office. I found it impossible. Good luck.Feel better ;-) via Seesmic

  1632. All the tea for @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1633. Ahaha. Well, these ladies might have a point when it comes to this one guy via HootSuite

  1634. Easy Mac with bacon? How could @ x_atomic turn it down? via HootSuite

  1635. @ ChefBud Thanks for RTing, Bud :-) via Endless Tweets

  1636. @ feedly Am I the only one that’s been getting “Unable to access… [core][0001] HTTP timeout during auto-login test” all morning in feedly? via Endless Tweets

  1637. @ jonloomer Thanks for the RT, Jon :-) via Seesmic

  1638. Whoa, ladies. Check out this shoe. A single piece of twisted fabric via HootSuite

  1639. Blog Post: So, you want to start your social media presence – The more that CNN shows Rick Sanchez’ twitter f… via HootSuite

  1640. So, you want to start your social media presence.. via twiggit

  1641. Posting: “So, you want to start your social media presence” (it’s really for companies) via HootSuite

  1642. 1 kitty’s response to cat nip All for @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1643. I know that @ x_atomic would like a “Hail Bacon” shirt via HootSuite

  1644. Wow. Check this out. This astronaut got to float free, 100m from the shuttle via HootSuite

  1645. @ AndrewDumont It was good. @ thederekjohnson got to sit up at the front and relax pretty much the whole time ;-) via Seesmic

  1646. Awesome RT @ AndrewDumont : New pic! : ) via Seesmic

  1647. @ natashajarmick Nice meeting you yesterday. Next time, they’ll have to get you on the front of the boat ;-) via Seesmic

  1648. Just got done whitewater rafting w/@ thederekjohnson & @ twittelstaedt courtesy of . Awesome time via Tweetie

  1649. lol RT @ ShannonElizab : – Happy Casper-clean teeth, clean anals, clean fur! Hee hee… via Seesmic

  1650. RT @ : Be on the look out Monday morning for a super secret treat @ for 20 lucky followers via Seesmic

  1651. Wowee wow wow wow. Check out this AMAZING sand sculpture via HootSuite

  1652. @ Twittelstaedt @ ronschott Heh. @ and I played nice and managed to avoid any major altercations with @ AndrewDumont :-P via Seesmic

  1653. Yowza. A naturally half-red, half-green apple via HootSuite

  1654. Holy moley! GIANT BABY. No, really. It’s huge. 19lbs via HootSuite

  1655. @ SkydiverKate lol. I think that tweet just made my day. Ha. Would probably make me a bit queasy too ;-) via Seesmic

  1656. @ awesome. Very welcome via Seesmic

  1657. Wow. Impressed by this auto-tuned song “by” Carl Sagan & Steven Hawking via HootSuite

  1658. RT @ : RT @ james_gunn : I swear to God I laughed so hard at this I cried- Hamster Mug Shot – via Seesmic

  1659. RT @ ronschott : InformationWeek reports on @ MSWindows twitter campaign and giveaways. Free Windows 7? Yes please – via Seesmic

  1660. @ dansimard Reasons for not blogging could be pretty widespread, but in your opinion, is it really that bad if someone takes a month off? via Endless Tweets

  1661. Heh. I like this chick’s reaction to Kirk Cameron’s special version of Darwin’s ‘Origin’ via HootSuite

  1662. @ briancrouch Heh. Sounds like watching you guys would’ve been a riot ;-) via Endless Tweets

  1663. Guy shoots at a steel plate. Ricochet hits him in the head. Wow via HootSuite

  1664. Gmail crashes & then bring downs Twitter. It’s the Bear Stearns of the internet. (via @ ) via Seesmic

  1665. Next, we’ll be going to the moon for wakeboarding (via @ x_atomic ) via Seesmic

  1666. @ edythemighty I still see it via Seesmic

  1667. @ edythemighty Huh?! The down arrow is gone? via Seesmic

  1668. Used to hate walking, thought it was boring. Realized recently the beauty of walking is really in spending time with my walking partner via Seesmic

  1669. Another case of porkulosis RT @ : My office is afraid I might have swine flu. Repeatedly reassured them that it is a swine cold. via Seesmic

  1670. I hope you’re talking about coffee :-P RT @ x_atomic : Thank god for VENTI, when Large just doesn’t cut it. via Seesmic

  1671. Can’t believe I’d never see a pelican eat a pigeon via HootSuite

  1672. @ edythemighty heh. True via Seesmic

  1673. @ dogwalkblog Yeah, definitely. He went to my dad’s high school. When I told my dad that, he said the news depressed him ;-) via Seesmic

  1674. Glenn Beck throws a live frog in boiling water…hmmm… via HootSuite

  1675. @ alexipharmic Welcome. Pretty good. How’re things for you? via Seesmic

  1676. RT @ alexipharmic : Helllllll yes America!! I have a feeling only Toby Keith and Puddle of Mudd play in this piece: via Seesmic

  1677. @ pcaveney That’s pretty cool. A friend just showed me his…not too many followers, so not that great, but yours is pretty close :-) via Seesmic

  1678. I’m impressed w/@ . Take a look at mine It build a mosaic of my avatar out of my followers’ avatars. Cool via HootSuite

  1679. @ AndruEdwards Awesome. Good to hear via Seesmic

  1680. @ AndruEdwards How’d it work out with @ MSWindows ? Were they any help? via Seesmic

  1681. @ r_e_on_a Thanks:-) via Seesmic

  1682. I gotsta get me one of Rick Ross’ necklaces :-P (courtesy of @ saulcolt ’s twitpic account) via HootSuite

  1683. @ ShaunaCausey Does this qualify? via Seesmic

  1684. IM xchange w/sis: Her”Whadya call a guy who’s single his whole life?” Me”Lifelong Bachelor” Her”Oh ok. In Portuguese they say Beached Whale” via Seesmic

  1685. @ AndruEdwards tweet @ mswindows for some help ;-) via Seesmic

  1686. OH: “It tastes like nuts, and I don’t like the taste of nuts.” The child in me says….”BWAHAHAHAHAHA” via Seesmic

  1687. @ _Haakon_ never? I see it maybe once/month via Seesmic

  1688. A rocket just passed me on the road via Tweetie

  1689. @ paolojr Go for Seesmic ;-) via Seesmic

  1690. Panda FTW! @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1691. lol. Lady declares she’s a 56-year old virgin in a meeting she THINKS is about sex ed. It’s not via HootSuite

  1692. ahahaha. Oh, man. I love the name-picture combo here via HootSuite

  1693. RT @ x_atomic : RT @ GuyKawasaki : Why protesters need spelling checkers: (this makes me laff) via Seesmic

  1694. @ TheDerekJohnson Heh. I’m a hugger, but it was a weird change to hug someone so much taller. I’m used to people a bit shorter than me via Seesmic

  1695. @ edythemighty heh. Yeah, my cousin is something like 6′7″ via Seesmic

  1696. My cousin got married yesterday. Hadn’t seen him in forever. Gave him a hug at the wedding. I’m 6ft. Weird hugging someone taller than me. via Seesmic

  1697. @ lol. Nice RT earlier ;-) via Seesmic

  1698. @ x_atomic Heh. It’s so funny that it’s really THAT bad via Seesmic

  1699. This looks funny, but horrible too. Here’s to hoping Keanu Reeves is funny in it via HootSuite

  1700. Hmm…who knew…A bear shark. Looks dangerous via HootSuite

  1701. Wow, this is amazing. These look like photos of people in the shower, in a pool, etc, but they’re actually paintings via HootSuite

  1702. Oh, man! You gotta listen to this. Worst Autotun Ev-er! via HootSuite

  1703. Hmm…Cool idea from McDonalds. Check out this street light via HootSuite

  1704. Heh. Dirty headline via HootSuite

  1705. Heh. Screw the kid. I wanna play the claw game! [pic] via HootSuite

  1706. @ briancrouch It’s a system glitch. @ mashable had a post on it yesterday. Not clear why it’s happening, but it’s across the board via Endless Tweets

  1707. Hmm…a snake with a foot found in China. Fake? via HootSuite

  1708. lol RT @ reddit_prog : I knew it was time to look for a new programming job when they said…. via HootSuite

  1709. Yeah, I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few times. Never been there to that spot tho :-( RT @ briancrouch : @ ericpratum Love Norway via Seesmic

  1710. For years, I’ve been pushing my parents to go to Norway and see things like this [pic] via HootSuite

  1711. @ pixel8r Heh. Leave it to Twitter to ruin the ending for me ;-) Actually, hadn’t planned on watching, but i was curious to see if he’d win via Seesmic

  1712. RT @ : grant making the magic happen behind the bar! via Seesmic

  1713. Ahahaha. 4 Awkward Moments in Facebook Likes via HootSuite

  1714. I like this comic. You’re laid off until you start spending and pay off most of your debt via HootSuite

  1715. Nice. My favorite coffee bar in Seattle (@ ) just got on Twitter and already got some love from a customer via Seesmic

  1716. Lol. Need a drink? Need to get somewhere? Take the Beer Bike @ nsmitha via HootSuite

  1717. @ smellycents Maybe “Calling All Skeletons” by Alkaline Trio. Was just listening to it via Seesmic

  1718. Yes RT @ codykeith : made an AMAZING soup. It took 3 days to make, but was totally worth it. Thinking of posting a recipe. Anyone interested? via Seesmic

  1719. Anyone down for a surfing vacation this winter? @ x_atomic ? via HootSuite

  1720. Cold? Let this warm you up, @ x_atomic . via HootSuite

  1721. A whole pack of bunnies for @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1722. lol RT @ Josh_Smith : @ ericpratum You may want to put that bike on your neighbor’s property in case the police come looking. via Seesmic

  1723. Finding the randomly abandoned kid’s bike on your doorstep when you leave for work makes you wonder what happened to the kid overnight via Seesmic

  1724. I get em all the time RT @ geekgiant : Is there such thing as a spam trackbacks? via Seesmic

  1725. Kanye really ruined this one! RT @ ElwoodJBlues : Awesome. RT @ Glark : On Patrick Swayze: via Seesmic

  1726. Yikes RT @ ScottMonty : 107 year-old woman seeks 23rd husband, thinks current one will leave her for younger woman. via Seesmic

  1727. RT @ x_atomic : @ Uber spy crab strafing back and forth! guns taunt! via Seesmic

  1728. RT @ ronschott : New post up on the @ springcreekgrp blog – – Writing for the Social Web via Seesmic

  1729. @ Twittelstaedt Maybe you could talk to this guy then ;-) via Seesmic

  1730. Ahaha. The response to “Who feels like making a video?” is good, but the webpage he created might be funnier via HootSuite

  1731. Hey, @ BingCashback ! Can you help me find a 28″+ monitor with a resolution of 1920×1200?, 2 inputs – 2 HDMI or 1 HDMI & 1 DVI? via Seesmic

  1732. Take 2 minutes and give this game a go. Sure, it’s a waste of time, but it’s fun & probably a good distraction now & then via HootSuite

  1733. All for @ x_atomic via HootSuite

  1734. bwahaha. I nearly spit my coffee everywhere when I saw/read this via HootSuite

  1735. RT @ RonSchott Are you going to @ TwestivalSEA ? @ SpringCreekGrp crew @ ShaunaCausey @ jeannabarrett will be there **join us! via Seesmic

  1736. Workin from the @ SpringCreekGrp Boise office today is awesome, butI think they need new chairs. This one’s killing my back. via Seesmic

  1737. lol RT @ KateHannum : via my father: Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other, “Does this taste funny to you?” via Seesmic

  1738. @ jessejanderson Yeah, I was surprised, but I guess it was the weight and shape :-( via Seesmic

  1739. @ jessejanderson Big fx board for guitar. Really cool piece of equipment but haven’t played live much in last yr, so not worth holding onto via Seesmic

  1740. On a bright note, bought a router for $100, used for 6 mths, sold it on ebay for $128. Same day, saw Radio Shack sells it new for $99 :-D via Seesmic

  1741. Doh. I sold something for $225 (+ $20 shipping). Wasn’t thinking about the odd shape/size. Shipping cost me $115 :-( via Seesmic

  1742. Wow. A great read about why asking professionals to give you an opinion on your amateur work might not always be the best via HootSuite

  1743. AMBER ALERT! 3 yr old girl taken by a man driving a new silver truck plate 72b381 from Stockton, CA keep it going. (via @ Weezul ) via Seesmic

  1744. lol RT @ x_atomic : @ ericpratum surprise! Tag your it. via Seesmic

  1745. RT @ GuyKawasaki : Blind man amazes researchers with what he sees: via Seesmic

  1746. @ baconsalt You guys should hook up @ x_atomic . It’s his bday today and he loves your stuff :-D via Seesmic

  1747. @ jasonmancebo Won’t be making this one due to my aunts’ 50th bday, but I’m hoping to get down there before the end of the year. :-) via Seesmic

  1748. @ paolojr lol. And, I see you’re taking after Shel with your use of periods before at sings ;-) via Seesmic

  1749. Read this story and tell me you don’t get at least a little teary-eyed. Sad stuff via HootSuite

  1750. @ handmade2_0 I don’t really use anything like that via Seesmic

  1751. There’s little more annoying than a person using the term FAIL online. It’s today’s equivalent of DUH. via Endless Tweets

  1752. Lol. Some reviewer’s pic submission for the Sony Walkman on via HootSuite

  1753. Ugh. I think I just vomited a little in my mouth via HootSuite

  1754. I retract my prior tweet. I do not however retract my tweet about crappy sound at the Broad Street Stage via Endless Tweets

  1755. @ well done via Seesmic

  1756. Hmm…Well, now we apparently know what Hitler’s “O” face would have looked like…weird [NSFW] via HootSuite

  1757. @ Good but not my style of music. Jason Mraz was a letdown. Common Market was the best show of the day, but should’ve played longer via Seesmic

  1758. Would have loved to watch USE @ but the sound blows. Gave up via Tweetie

  1759. @ briancrouch true. Good point. Haven’t been able to find the wordsmiths in me recently unfortunately via Tweetie

  1760. @ briancrouch took a break to work on other projects. Somehow, I’m not as good of a musician as I thought ;) via Tweetie

  1761. And now that i’ve waited in line, I find out Nick swardson cancelled. via Tweetie

  1762. I already got a ticket 4 the @ bumbershoot main stage but I have to get a separate ticket to see Nick Swardson?! via Tweetie

  1763. Rain fest @ bumbershoot today. via Tweetie

  1764. RT @ danzarrella : Apparently, using Linux is a crime at Boston College via Seesmic

  1765. If you’re in the Seattle area, you should definitely @ Bumbershootnews . Big festival this weekend. I’ll be there via Seesmic

  1766. Wow. Untweeps is an awesome Twitter tool, lists tweeple who haven’t tweeted recently, but also lets you unfollow them via HootSuite

  1767. I would love to see this kid breakdance now. 3 years on, he must be the best child breakdancer ever