NOTE: I consult and advise companies as my schedule permits and only when it does not conflict with my work at Spring Creek Group. SCG is my primary focus, and somewhere that I thoroughly enjoy working. I suggest you check them out, and if it seems like the right fit, tell them I recommended them. ;-)

Are you leveraging Twitter for yourself and your company?

  • Is it converting visitors to buyers?

Twitter is one of today’s best tools to create evangelists for your brand. In order to take advantage of that, you first need your profile set up correctly, and that includes a meaningful avatar, bio, and background.

Second, you need to use it in such a way that people want to connect with you and want to read your tweets.

What is right for your brand? Should you be using an automatic direct messager, an RSS feed, or an automatic follower?

Find what is right for you: Email Me . Tweet Me .

Are you making the most of Linkedin?

As one of the internet’s most valuable free networks for both individuals and businesses, Linkedin stands ready to expand your network, build your client list, and even facilitate job hunting and recruiting.

Linkedin is not just a place to put your online resume. In the Questions and Answers section, it is possible to not only build your reputation, but also find useful business contacts. Not only have I used these tools myself, but I have guided hundreds of individuals in Linkedin’s best practices toward their eventual goal of that one Dream Job.

As a former executive recruiter for large, world changing technology firms like Google, I have made extensive use of Linkedin search and introductions to both land jobs and to sell products and services.

Learn how to use Linkedin to get a leg up on your competitors. Email Me . Tweet Me .

Twitter and Linkedin are just two examples of where you might not be making the most use of Social Media, Web 2.0, whatever the buzz term of the day is.

Imagine if you had an expert come in, teach you how to do it yourself, and then be there for you when you needed advice in the future.

Don’t have time to manage a social media marketing program yourself? Shoot me an email or tweet me , and let’s talk. There’s no reason your project should not leverage all of the resources available to it on the web.

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