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No song this week – 52 Song Project

Friday, August 21st, 2009
Another week has come and gone, and I did not post a song. I've made my decision to halt this project at this point.
It was a pretty big undertaking for someone like me, who has played one instrument or another for most of his life, but who had also fallen out of the habit of playing in the last 6-12 months. I do believe that I could have continued, but it was becoming more difficult every week to really plan out songs, so I had to rely on moments inspiration that, while great, also produced poorly thought out songs.
Luckily, this project did get me back in the habit of playing every day...even when I am just fiddling… Read More

Go Outside – Song #7 in 52 Song Project

Thursday, August 13th, 2009
Hit play and then start reading. Or, just download the mp3 HERE or from my . Notable things this week:
  • I really didn't think I was going to make it this week. I had a great guitar part for a rock song, but couldn't seem to build anything around it.
  • Only after I had resigned myself to not being able to accomplish… Read More

Song 4 – Song #4 in 52 Song Project

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
Please start playing the song before you read my comments below. I don't want to color your opinion of the song.
Last week, I was contacted by Jamie Stellini, who is doing a very similar project at The Weekly Song . Take a look at her site. I've got a bit of work to do if I want to catch up to her in terms of musical talent/skill ;-)
What did I learn from this fourth week?
  • I think there's a great beginning for a song here,… Read More
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