NOTE: I consult and advise companies as my schedule permits and only when it does not conflict with my work at Spring Creek Group. SCG is my primary focus, and somewhere that I thoroughly enjoy working. I suggest you check them out, and if it seems like the right fit, tell them I recommended them. ;-)

You are a brand.  Your company is a brand.

  • Have the right people heard your name?
  • Are you getting the right kind of recognition?
  • Who has seen your logo, your products, your face?

You have a story.  Let me help you tell it.

  • How are you getting your message out?
  • Are you leveraging SEO, SEM, PPC, or Social Media?
  • Does your network identify with you and feel engaged?

With years of experience in interactive marketing and the backing of an MBA education, I have successfully launched personal and corporate brands, focusing on new media strategy, branding, and increasingly on social media analytics. I have been lucky enough to be part of a market leading team that is creating the most innovative social media reporting, analytics, and ROI measures ever.

In many cases, my clients have seen sixfold increases in online engagement and two- to fourfold increases in internet generated revenue over a six month period.

I specialize in large and small businesses in marketing their products and services online through better Social Media Marketing, User Engagement and Interaction, and the measurement of those campaigns.

This includes consulting in blogging, leveraging Linkedin and Facebook for networking and recruiting, using Twitter for engagement, analytics, and more.

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