Conference Season Gets Going

I’m in my second month in Atlanta and my second month as Associate Director of Digital Strategy and Analysis at Grizzard Communications Group , the US’ leading direct response marketing firm for nonprofit fundraising. Take a look at the website if you like.

This week, I will be lucky enough to attend the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference here in Atlanta and then also the Association of Fundraising Professionals Conference in Baltimore, where I will be speaking Monday with , author of Nonprofit Websites (that’s a PDF download fyi) and Org Marketing . I say that I’ll be speaking, but really, it’s more that I’m assisting. Todd will be giving the presentation during which time he has given me about 20 minutes to discuss with him and the audience social media in relation to some of the recent impacts of events, natural disasters, etc on nonprofits, their fundraising abilities, and their opportunities to provide aid, support, and attention to the causes that need it most.

NTEN has a nice, clean Twitter hashtag of . AFP does not appear to have one, but we suggested . If you get a few too many tweets, just let me know, and I’ll try to tone it back. At the same time, Grizzard might be from both conferences.

In related news, I’ll be attending Lookingglass Alice courtesy of Alliance Theatre as part of their Twitter Tuesday event. I’m excited to see how this local theater is using social media to enhance its work. Watch out for tweets on that under the hashtag .

Since there might be a live stream of some of these events, are there any topics you would like me to cover when I speak? Anything I should ask speakers and panels at other times?

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