I’m moving to Atlanta

Just last week, I accepted a position as Associate Director of Digital Marketing and Analysis at a marketing firm in Atlanta. This unfortunately means that I will be leaving Spring Creek Group. I’ve loved working there and have honestly been very lucky to learn and grow as much as I have. I could not have done so without SCG’s great leadership and employees. For my money, SCG is still the best social media agency around, and with the thought leadership it demonstrates, it should continue to be a leader in the space for years to come.

For me though, I’m off to Atlanta and a new adventure. I’m sad to leave, but excited to go. I’m taking this step in part so that I can expand my experience and hopefully learn more about integrating online marketing into offline campaigns. As well, I will be doing a large amount of work with not-for-profits, which is exciting to me, because should I ever be in the position to truly “give back,” I feel I can learn a lot in this position about how to do that most effectively.

As we get closer to the end of February and the beginning of March, I will post more about Atlanta, but for now, I hope to be heads down and focused on my work here in Seattle. In the meantime though, if anyone has advice about the city, shoot me an email or tweet. I’m still working on shipping my things and car there and trying to find an apartment since I don’t yet know enough about the city to know where I’d like to actually look for property.

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  • joetheconnectorkennedy
    Congratulations on your new position Eric. We're going to miss you around here, but know you will be a big hit in Atlanta!
  • Congratulations on the new job! That's so exciting; so happy for you.

    I hear Atlanta is great. As someone who has lived in the Northwest (Portland) and the South (Texas), I can say that it is a great move. We have this thing called sunshine down here. Don't expect the summers to be kind though. LOL

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