Raw: Week 2

Last week, we got a raw dinner at Chaco Canyon . The food was pretty good, but honestly, nothing to really write home about. This week, we went to an all raw restaurant called Thrive and had our minds blown . Not only was the owner (or manager or whoever he was) extremely friendly and funny, but he made awesome suggestions for smoothies, appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts…Yes, we ate it all :-) One thing that really knocked our socks off was a very hearty, hot miso soup. It was the first hot thing either of us had had in 12 days, and not only was it raw AND warm, it was also one of the best soups I’ve ever had.

To add to this, the desserts really impressed us – especially my fiance, who has a bit of a sweet tooth. We got a chocolate pie, a strawberry pie with a sort-of chocolate topping, and mint gelato. I think that Thrive’s desserts partially motivated my fiance to attempt making her own this weekend. We made a trip to Whole Foods (my wallet still hurts) and picked up some carob powder and dates – which she incidentally hates but likes using for sweetness. Based on a recipe from Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People that my sister got at the library, she made a chocolate mousse that she for some odd reason could not put down and therefore had to make more of the following day ;-)

The mousse was very good. However, I have a very limited sweet tooth, so am not particularly drawn to sweets for too long. One interesting thing though that I’ve begun to wonder with this diet is…how much sweetness or fat or cholesterol is too much when you’re on a raw diet? I’m perfectly content to eat fruit all day every day, but my fiance much prefers the sweetness of the chocolate mousse and the creaminess of things like guacomole. She also really likes nuts, which has made me begin to speculate about whether wants like this are old habits surfacing or if they are simply her body telling her that she needs something in those foods. Thoughts? I would tend to think it’s more habit-based than it is the body telling her something, but I truthfully do not know.

Speaking of cravings, I did not have a single craving in the first 10 days, and then on day 11, I had a nagging urge to eat something fried. I’m not sure if I smelled it somewhere, if it was just a random thought, or if I was lacking calories that day, but it was a weird feeling. At the same time, I had not been really tired once during those first few days until I got to days 11 and 12 when I was extremely tired each day. I can’t explain why because nothing had changed in my activities nor sleeping patterns, but I was really tired. Do other people eating raw experience this? I hope it’s just a phase because not being tired ever is one of the best effects of this diet if you ask me.

Another effect of this diet has been weight loss. I didn’t really need to lose any weight, but I’m sure that my heart, lungs, muscles, etc could always stand to be in better shape. At 6′ and ~170-175lbs, I was already fairly thin compared to most, but I rarely have the chance to exercise anymore, which is unfortunate. In the first 2 weeks, I’ve lost ~10lbs – the majority of which appears to be around my abdomen. “Hello six pack!” J/k It’s not showing, and I doubt it will make an appearance. ;-)

All in all, week 2 was good for me. My fiance is going a bit crazy craving things she used to be able to eat and seems to be talking quite a bit about hot Mexican food or pizza or what-have-you. I feel like I’m mostly coasting along, but I still hold a strong hope that we will both learn more about general nutrition, new recipes/dishes, and that we might just become a bit more creative in the kitchen. If anyone has suggestions though, please let me know. I can use all the help I can get.

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