Raw: Week 1

A while back, my fiance and I decided to try going a month eating only raw food. Honestly, I can’t say that there was one reason or another for this. We just thought it would be interesting and hoped we would learn a bit about nutrition, the value of certain foods being raw versus cooked, etc.

We started Monday, January 11th, and the very first thing we learned was that eating raw appears to be VERY expensive. In the first week, we have spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $285 on groceries…of course, the last batch of groceries was bought Friday night, and we have quite a bit left over, so I would guess that we probably consumed around $180-$200 worth of groceries in the first week. Yikes. The grocery bill is so high in part due to us buying primarily organic foods in an attempt to lower the levels of pesticides, chemicals, etc that we take in this month.

gave me some decent ideas and made me want to buy raw “cook” book, which I did and will actually be returning later today because the recipes are too complicated and time consuming. Here’s an example of something that would be in this book:

  • 1/2 cup chopped kale
  • pinch of sea salt
  • …15 other ingredients
  • “Real” Sour Cream (refer to recipe on page 64)
  • Faux Nacho Cheese (refer to recipe on page 81)
  • Raw “Egg Yolk” (refer to recipe on page 13)
  • …and so on.

Seriously, some of these recipes have 10-15 other recipes you have to use just to make the base ingredients for the recipe you actually want.

Friday night, we went out for a raw meal at Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe . The raw nachos and pizza were quite literally nothing like what you would normally encounter, but we both agreed they were really good, and that’s saying a lot since my fiance has a pretty low weird food threshold.

One thing I started doing this week was sprouting. I have yet to try out this first batch, but seeds and a sprouting jar were a Christmas gift from my sister (vegan), so this was an opportune time to start. Even though I have yet to try them, I have to say that sprouting is extremely easy. Seriously, the only thing I did was pour some water in the jar and let it drain out twice each day. Otherwise, it didn’t really matter whether it was in light or not, what the temperature was, etc.

In the coming week, I’m hoping we’ll actually get down some raw recipes. Thus far, the only things we’ve actually made have been some pretty awesome salads, amazing guacamole (which would be normal for us whether we were trying to eat raw or not), and a half avocado with chopped mango and lime juice which my sister told me about. If we’re not able to get some recipes in this week, I’m pretty sure that my fiance will be about ready to kill me because I have no doubt she does not want to go an entire month without eating what she feels is a normal meal.

If anyone has advice on simple raw meals, general nutritional advice, or anything else related, that would be great. This week, we need to take our base of now being comfortable with raw food and expand it out to learn new recipes and about new foods we have yet to try.

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