Horrible Customer Service: The Logitech Way

customer Many of us have bought and returned defective products at some point in our lives. If you are like me, it’s a little annoying, but as long as the return process is simple, it’s no big deal. I mean, one or two bad products are bound to slip through quality control now and then.

About 6 weeks ago, I bought the from Logitech.com for my home media center Mac Mini. After it arrived, I noticed that one corner had somehow been damaged and that it would not charge more than 10-25%… meaning that I could only use it for maybe an hour.

No problem. I called Logitech to see if they could swap it for a new one, and understandably, I was told that they needed to receive the defective product before they would ship the new one, but then came the first of many things they did wrong. Logitech wanted me to pay for shipping their defective product back.

Only after I explained several times that I had done nothing wrong and that I should not be penalized for their mistake did the customer service rep Mark tell me that he could IM his boss to ask what else could be done. Problem #1: If you do not empower your employees to solve your customers’ problems, they will spend more time servicing you than they spend servicing your customers.

I was finally told that Logitech could arrange for UPS to pick up the item at my office that Friday. “Great,” I thought. I packaged the damaged keyboard and took it to the office Friday only to have UPS come by for some drop offs and tell me they had no pick ups scheduled. I emailed Logitech customer service to express my displeasure and received the response that Mark had simply forgotten to take care of it for me. Strike #2 against Logitech.

Mark apologized and told me that shortly he would send me an eLabel that I could print out, affix to the package, and then drop off at the nearest UPS location. The eLabel never arrived via email. Strike #3 Logitech.

I had to email again to ask for the eLabel and finally received it, printed it, and shipped the damaged keyboard. About one week later, I received an email from Logitech, telling me that my new keyboard had been shipped… And, here comes Logitech’s next big customer service blunder. They shipped it to the wrong address! Mark and his CS colleagues had never bothered to double check the address they had originally shipped the keyboard to. Strike #4 against Logitech.

I emailed again to express my displeasure and say that I would appreciate them changing the address with UPS only to be told by a different CS representative that it would just be best if I called their standard CS line. This is strike #5 against Logitech. If you have already made a mistake, do not compound the problem for your customer by telling him it is up to him to take the next step.

They could have easily called their own shipping department, but they were not willing to do that, so I emailed again to list the hassle I had already been through and say that they had made just about as many mistakes as they could to this point and that I would appreciate them fixing it themselves so that I did not have to waste more of my time. Two days later, nothing had changed, and there was no response.

Finally, I called Logitech and had the first mildly pleasant experience of the entire time. Rashad apologized and told me that he would do his best to get the address changed and would then call me back. About one hour later, Rashad called back to say that they could not change the address with UPS, but that I could try contacting UPS. Now, we’re at strike #6 against Logitech. If you have already made a mistake, do not compound the problem for your customer by telling them it is up to them to take the next step.

The one redeeming factor of the entire experience was that Rashad then told me he would put in an order for another keyboard to go to the correct address and that, if I received two, I could just refuse the second one.

I called UPS only to be told that I could not change the address until a delivery attempt had been made, but that the sender could… which I already knew since I had previously worked for both New Balance and RunningShoes.com, which both ship frequently with UPS. Strike #7. Empower your employees to do everything they can to solve problems, and make sure that they understand that they do not just need to work hard for you, but doubly so for your customers.

I emailed Logitech again. By this time, they still had not given me a direct number for anyone… Just an incident number. I included exactly what UPS told me and UPS’ customer support phone number, which Rashad could have easily gotten directly on UPS’ website.

Now, I wait.

All Logitech needed to do to fix all of these problems was: offer to pay for return shipping upfront, confirm with the original order where they were sending the package, and then call UPS to change the address. Logitech and its Customer Service managers empowered its employees to do none of those things. This is the first item I have ever bought from Logitech, and as a result of this, it will be my last until the company learns that customer service can do just as much for your business as (if not more than) great designs, big marketing campaigns, and tons of sales.

Do you find customer service empowerment slipping away? Have you lost faith in certain companies due to bad experiences like these?

I received a response to my last email.

In response to your email regarding UPS correcting the shipping address. We did contact UPS unfortunately we as tech support are not the shipper. We simply place the order to be sent to the shipper/distributor.

We don’t have any type of procedure yet where we can get in contact with our distributor to contact ups and changed the address. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Looks like using an outside distributor hurts your ability to help your customers.

15 hours after posting this blog and about 24 hours after last talking to Logitech, I received a voicemail telling me that they had re-routed the first package sent to the wrong address and that the second did now not need to be shipped. I really appreciate that, and I hope that (from this point forward) everything will go well. I’ll let you all know.

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  • lousyservice
    Let me share my very bad experience with logitech customer service....

    My harmony 525 remote failed on friday 16th apr 2010. I called tech support (mind you they make it so user friendly that you have to login to harmony software in order to find the support number to call.) and after asking me to go through some standard procedures which i've already done myself, they finally gave me an incident number 100416-003989. I was asked to head down to challenger superstore where i purchased my remote to get the replacement done.

    Come sunday 18th apr 2010, armed with receipt and the remote i went down to challenger. The customer service of challenger checked through their chain of stores and informed me that they do not have a single piece of stock for the 525 model. They were kind enough to loan me a brand new unit of harmony 885 to tide me through while they sort out the warranty/replacement with logitech. Went home with the 885, charged and programmed the remote and discovered that it did not function properly (unlucky perhaps).

    The following tue 20th apr 2010, got a call from challenger and was informed that logitech told them i've to wait 3 to 4 weeks to rma the remote as logitech also does not have stock as well. They suggested i call logitech again if i need to expediate the replacement.

    Called logitech on the same day 20th apr 2010. Was asked the same ton of pesky questions to verify my account & incident even though they have already asked me for my incident number. Anyway, after some conversation with the tech support officer marco pangilian, macro told me that there is nothing more they can do and will have to escalate to level2 support. When i asked him for an estimated timeline for a reply, he couldn't give one and just told me to wait. I wasn't pleased with that answer and asked to speak to a supervisor. Surprisely, there wasn't one available even though its their working hours. Marco managed to find a supervisor from peripherals by the name of lynnet and she assured me that she will escalate this incident to level2 and will get a supervisor from harmony to call me. She asked me when i'ld like to be contacted and i told her 7pm after learning from her the next supervisor is supposed to come in at 7pm and 9pm another.

    Waited till 7:30'ish pm and no one called, frustrated, i called back tech support as tech support will close at 8pm sharp in my timezone. joyce kalasu (or something) a technical support officer answered the call and told me there are no supervisors around and the 7pm didn't come in. She asked me to wait for the 9pm supervisor and if no one calls, someone should call me the next day.

    Waited again and at about 9:15pm, a supervisor - Mia from harmony called and at approximately the same time, i received an email informing me that i've to get my remote replaced at a ban leong which is a different company from where i purchased my remote. I asked mia to make arrangement for the replacement to be send to challenger instead because of the following reasons

    1. challenger where i bought my remote from and ban leong whom they arranged for me to get my replacement is very far away from each other, and

    2. i've to return the remote which challenger loaned me, and

    3. i shouldn't be asked to collect the defective unit from challenger and bring it to ban leong to get replacement as this should be done by logitech

    mia said that's all she can do and anyway this case is off her hands (in her own words), so i have the option to either do the legwork myself and get my replacement from ban leong OR to wait 3 to 4 wks for a replacement which logitech is not even sure to commit. I told her since its off her hands, i need to speak someone who can make the decision and help me out. Mia simply ask me to reply to that email which i received and someone will get in touch with me to help. When i asked her if i'll get a response immediate via the email channel and is it realtime because i'm done waiting, to this she replied "yes". Unconvinced, i've asked her to get someone else who can make decision to call me instead and she said she will put in a remark. I've also asked for a channel i can go to to file a customer complain, to that she said there is none available. To that end i told her off that if logitech is expecting the customer to sort out the logistics, then it is only fair that logitech compensate me with an higher end model remote for all the work that should have been done by logitech themselves, but are not willing to.

    After ending that conversation, i've replied to the email as suggested by mia and also mentioned that if they want me to hand the logistics, then i should be compensated. Waited till 1212am (21st apr 2010) and unsurprisingly, there was no reply or calls. No one cares i guess.

    About 1:51am my time, i recieved an email reply and the customer support told me that if i want an upgraded remote, then i have to call HK to sort things out. There was NO mention that logitech is going to sort out the logistics issue in that email (which i'll attached later on).

    21st apr 2010, 9'ish am, i called tech support again....this time i asked them who or which department i should ask for if i do call HK. No one knows.

    Frustrated, at 11'ish am to 12'ish pm i attempted to call HK out of my own expense. After listening to some cantonese and some button pressing, finally got through to someone from sales & customer support i think...mareen (spell correctly?) was the person whom i spoke to and after some struggling with language problems...she managed to tell me to drop an email to [email protected] as Tony Tong the manager in charge is out for lunch. She also mentioned that she will inform Tony and i'll get my reply once he is back. I dropped an email to that account and.....

    It's 4:37pm now and i've not gotten any reply either through emails or calls. I've tried calling HK just a while ago and was put on hold for more than 5mins! Who is going to pay for the overseas charges?

    Now, I'm seriously very unhappy with logitech service and the way the support personnel handles this incident. As stated previously, I'll post this whole incident to other forums and websites and keep the progress updated. From now on, i'll not be buying anymore logitech device.

    if i'm unable to get this issue resolved in a satisfactory manner, i'll make it a mission to spread this incident to all related forums.

    PS: it's 5:17pm and i've just called HK again and after putting me on long hold many times, Mareen told me she will get her manager Tony to drop me an email. Anyway i was given a HK numbre and it ended up in Guang Zhou. I spent a total of more than 22mins with her trying to figure what each other is saying....my god what an experience.
  • ppzh
    My experience with Logitech is the most horrible one I have ever had. bought a wireless headset, came in not working, I returned and requested a replacement or refund, it has been more than three months from then and I havent received any replacement yet. Ok I am at work now, cant write much. You really must be careful if you purchase anything directly from Logitech.
  • Naureen Steadman
    My advice to anyone; do not do business with Logitech. The rep I spoke to was so rude that I called the main headquarters to complain. I was promised a replacement microphone by his supervisor. Then I had to deal with the same rep again; he was worse the second time around. There's confusion every step of the way.
  • You are not alone. I've been trying to replace a defective MX Revolution mouse for over a month now. I have two huge issues with Logitech's customer service. First, they do not provide their service representatives with the relevant information to assist their customers. In addition to that, I have to wait at least thirty minutes (up to an hour) every time I call. Each person I've spoken with is ESL (English as a second language). Outsourced customer service FTL...
  • j
    what is Logitech's email????? i've been searching for it and can't find it anywhere
  • I had to call them. Then, they sent me an email to follow up. They don't appear to correspond through email, rather through an internal system you have to log in to.
  • j
    Don't they have a toll free number... all i see on their website is long distance from me?
  • Steve Yousten
    Very enjoyable rant. It reminds me of two things:
    1) If someone is either delighted or frustrated by service, they will be sure to tell as many potential customers as they can. And in the age of the Internet, that is quite a few.

    2) The old DeMotivator photo: Customer Service--if we ignore our customers long enough, maybe they'll stop bothering us.
  • Thanks, Steve. I definitely agree. To add to all this, I finally received the new keyboard, and it has the exact same issue. I'll be calling Logitech today and hopefully filling everyone in on what happens later.
  • James Branson
    Unfortunately yours is most certainly not an unusual experience. You have certainly hit upon some key issues - unempowered front line employees, organizational processes not aligned, and a tendency to move their problems onto the shoulders of the customer.
  • Definitely. I really hope that this was just a fluke and that they are normally good about this stuff... who knows, things could be going downhill due to cutbacks, the economy, etc.

    Thanks for the comment, James.
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