You Might be Great, but Are You Replaceable?

Last Monday, I went to see the Kings of Leon , We Are Scientists , and The Stills at the Paramount in Seattle. The show was awesome, but as I was watching, I started to wonder how much any of these seemingly dedicated fans would really miss the bands if they no longer existed. Chances are that 99.9% of the fans would just move on to another band and not look back. Agreed?

How replaceable do you think you are? At work, at home, among your friends? If you specialize in photography, would people miss your art if it was gone? What about your blog? Your witty sense of humor?

My point here is that everyone wants to feel needed, but have you examined how much others truly need you? Just for example. . . This is a tough time economically. Wouldn’t we all be well served by making sure that our bosses felt we were indispensable?

I was at the Bigfoot Blogging Conference a few weeks ago. Someone asked the panel what blogs they would miss if they no longer existed. The answer was none. I don’t know about you, but I find that to be a little scary. Yet, it is also great motivation to work harder to create content that is compelling, to make myself a valuable asset at work, and to ensure that I am friend on whom my friends can always count.

I know a lot of people will tweet, call, or email responses, but if you have good ideas or examples of how to not let yourself become replaceable, please share them.

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  • That's kind of why I gave the Stitch Witch blog the heave ho. I knew it was replaceable....and I don't want to do something that's being done to death. I'm content to work on myself, behind the scenes for the moment, and build up to something that will be worthwhile.

    There is one band that I still miss, to this day.....Saigon Kick. :)

    <abbr> Miragi’s last blog post.. </abbr>
  • Saigon Kick? I'll have to look them up.

    I can completely understand ditching a project, but in defense of Stitch Witch, I would say that it may have had a voice or certain appeal that similar blogs don't. Sometimes, that's enough, right? ;-)
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