He Only Wants You for Your Body

Courtesy of l0ckergn0me

Courtesy of l0ckergn0me

On my flight back from LA, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by quite a few of the Seahawks cheerleaders. I say accompanied, but really, they just happened to be sitting a few rows behind me. . . a boy can dream though.

Anyway, they were all dressed to show off their bodies, had their hair done up pretty fancy, and were covered in make up from head to toe, or so it seemed to me. Now, I actually heard one of them say, “He’s cute, but he only wants me for my body. Why can’t he like me for who I am?” Here’s the big lesson of the day that she was obviously missing out on. . . People interpret you based on the characteristics you emphasize.

If you dress to show off your body, are constantly applying make up, and generally are found with people that are concerned about their appearance, people will perceive you through the lens of aesthetics. She may very well have tried to accentuate her intelligence or perhaps her hobbies, and he may have just wanted her body, but more than likely, the only thing she truly advertised about herself was that she was physically attractive.

Wherever you are in life (applying for a job, on a blind date, giving a speech to a new group, etc), remember that how you present yourself can set the tone for an entire relationship. Just because you think someone should value you for your perfect SAT scores or your success at raising the next Einstein does not mean that that will actually happen. You have to both show and tell people, so next time you’re in the cheerleader’s shoes, forget your appearance for a bit and actually talk about what’s important to you so that you can determine why he only wants you for yourapp body.

Have you ever run into a situation in which you had to try to turn someone’s impression of you around? Or, when something just did not work out due to how you first presented yourself?

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