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FriendFeed vs Flock

Friday, August 29th, 2008
I must be behind the times, because even though I had heard of FriendFeed , I only just checked it out. Now, I know a lot of people have suggested using this, but doesn't Flock respond to this need in a much simpler fashion? Read More

70,000 to see 1 Man. . . Amazing

Friday, August 29th, 2008
How amazing is it that 70-some-odd-thousand people went to see one man tonight? They traveled thousands of miles, paid untold amounts of money to get there, and then waited for hours – potentially days – on end. . . all to see one man. When Chris Matthews says, "To hell with my critics, he inspires me," I'm right there with him. When else has something like this happened? And, when will be the next… Read More

Bad Day

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

So, I wasn't yelled at, but I was berated for a long time today and had to keep my mouth shut and take it. Then, I picked the worst possible way to get back to work, so instead of being out for maybe 2 hours, it turned into nearly 4. Then, we had a birthday, and I missed the festivities. Plus, there was a little party for someone, who was promoted to corporate, and while I did stay too long there as it was, it would have put me behind schedule regardless, so I ended up putting in a lot of extra time at work, and to top it all off, I'm quite a bit over budget this… Read More
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